MY BAND’S 1st CONCERT! Scarlet Circle Live @Blackland | Noelle dos Anjos

[Applause] hey guys it’s nyla here and today I’d like to share with you some really cool life footage from my band’s first concert here in Berlin as some of you may know I have an off in a rock band called solid circle we’ve been playing together in this formation since October last year and up till now we have released one single called addiction I’m gonna leave you our links in the description box so make sure to check them out and follow us for future updates about this concert we played a couple of weeks ago as opener band at black lands open stage Lachlan is a very cool metal and rock pop here in Berlin so big thank you to college silver dots for this awesome opportunity into the whole open stage crew for the support now I’m gonna leave you with the video I really hope you guys like it don’t forget to leave me a comment telling me what you think and I’ll see you guys later ciao [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “MY BAND’S 1st CONCERT! Scarlet Circle Live @Blackland | Noelle dos Anjos

  1. I feel it was about time to bring some original music to this channel! 🙂 You guys have been asking me for original stuff for ages! Really hope you like it!
    Would you be interested in seeing more videos like this? Maybe a guitar playthrough of one of my songs? Let me know below 😀

  2. I absolutely loved it!🤘🏻I loved the whole band and your guitar playing is fantastic as always! I look forward to seeing more videos of your band!💪🏻 Cheers!

  3. Very cool))
    Does the band "Scarlet Circle" have a channel on YouTube? (I'm Russian, sorry for broken English)

  4. Nice one! Liked it!
    I always thought you are from brazil? Now playing in germany? Kinda long trip for a show. How come?

  5. Salve!!!
    Show, um dos primeiros videos do seu canal e vc tocando o solo de Comfortably Numb, poderiam gravar um vídeo novo tocando esse solo….
    Convenhamos ne Pink Floyd nunca é d mais kkkkk

  6. Gostei do som. Coloque mais vídeos da sua banda no canal e venham tocar em Belo Horizonte. Aqui tem um festival de rock que acontece no centro da cidade ao ar livre chamado bloco dos camisa preta, que reúne uma galera que gosta de rock. Sua banda seria muito bem-vinda. Um abraço e let's rock.

  7. Love it, but it deserves a better recording, right? Ask this Canadian Metalhead for a few pointers to record live.
    His name is Glenn Fricker

  8. Parabéns noelle , sucesso ! Não vejo a hora de você fazer uma tour em vários países , inclusive aqui no Brasil !!!!!

  9. YES very good band…it time for you to sing…I think you will be an awesum singer as well…May GOD Bless You and Your Band mates…Love to see ya'll live…Rock on baby…Sexy Noelle…lol…

  10. Great job! Loved to see this live. I've seen a few of your cover videos and enjoyed them, but I subscribed to this! Nothing beats playing on stage and getting your music out there. Keep it up.
    Thanks for the vid.

  11. Noelle! Fico muito feliz por te ver se realizando. Velho, tu vai muito longe! Representa o Br ai, mana! Toca fogo nos palcos aeh! Flw! (Tu tens a blusa aindaaa! wow)

  12. I just found this channel five minutes ago and I genuinely found this really great and energetic. Honestly inspiring, given my slump in guitar lately but hey that’s going to change now.

  13. Your band got the house going!! Looks like you all had a rockin' good time! Yes, please do some more original music! 😉

  14. Nice, you and your band have some pretty groovy riffs and I dig your guitar sound. Looks like a fun show to attend. ^_^

  15. Just my $.02, but please remember it's a band. Many fail because one 'is' more important than the others. Every once in a while this is true (Sting), but it in nearly every case you end up with one or two albums and a self destruct. Those that last are better than their parts. Couldn't hear the vocals…just have to have more than the heavy guitar track. I wish you the best! Rock On!

  16. You gal's are awesome! Solid riffs and bad-ass' feel. Dig your 'pinch harmonics' too 🤘😈🤘 (your RATM cover brought me here)
    I'm from Melbourne, Australia and would love to visit Berlin – even more so now! We have a great music scene here too, but sadly we're losing some classic pubs & venues to developers who turn them into yuppie restaurants or knock'em down to build apartments 😠🤬

  17. Very good musician. Where are you from? I would say Brazil by your bene. Your playing skill is very very good and Your English is great as well. If you 'll come to play in Italy I' ll surely come to see you playing 😉

  18. I say get a new lead vocal. sounds like 2536376 bands out there. keep up the good work. sorry if this was too harsh. just my honest opinion.

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