MW4 "Free to Play" MP Aspect? (Let's Discuss)

32 thoughts on “MW4 "Free to Play" MP Aspect? (Let's Discuss)

  1. So, the current rumor from insiders is MW4 will have a “Free to Play” aspect. Could Multiplayer be going F2P while campaign and the 3rd mode stays paid?

    What do you think?

  2. I think F2P mp will be good idea, cuz activision are losing a big part od their players due to controversial problems,copying bo3 in the wrost way posible, and the bigest cencer of all time:fortnite, also every studio is fighting against epic like: bandai namco make dbx2 lite,path of exile goes to consoles and more! activision can make a big hit on epic's players cuz atleast 45% of fortnite players also are/were cod players after all!

  3. Free Play YES – Battle Pass Only Customization No Gun Advantage YES – All Maps All Guns From Call of Duty 4, MW2 And MW3 YES

  4. What they should do is release multiplayer free to play, then release campaign, co op mode and Mw2 remastered for $60

  5. Hopefully this is the final mw and they just keep working on it instead of making a new game so they can put all there time into it and make it the best mw ever and they could add in all the old mw maps and all the mw campaigns but remastered

  6. I'm more on the side of make me pay for a FINISHED game. Take your time, work out the bugs, beta test it, finish working out the game balance, then released it… None of this BS where a game is released and I'm just expecting that it won't feel good for months after that. I've bought MW1, 2, 3, Halo CE, 2 3, Reach, 4, and 5 and I'll do it again, however I despise paying for additional maps, so my vote would be anything added to the game after launch is free and funded through micro transactions.

  7. I'd for sure go back and play probably most, if not all, of the cod multiplayers if they released as f2p

  8. I actually don’t mind paying full price for a game. Everyone expects shit to be free now just because of fortnite. Hell every game pretty much is fortnite now (BO4)

  9. I have no problem with the multiplayer being free to play, as long as and ONLY IF it gives us who spend 60 dollars on the game access to all weapons and micro transactions to justify paying.

  10. Just give me a $60 game with a $50 season pass and weapon camos that cost 1.99 each.
    Cough, Cough…(BO2) Id rather have that then let them give us a free to play model where we spend $25 on a good looking skin.
    Cough, Cough…(Fortnite)

  11. I hope to god it’s not free to play mw4 if it’s going to be that game. With single player. If they bring call of duty online or call of duty mobile to consoles free to play I would gladly pay some dlc for that.

  12. I believe if they adopted a aystem like Fortnite has they would make way more money then they are now and we would be happy also. Win Win!

  13. Free multiplayer is going to lead straight to more micro transactions. More than we have probably seen in awhile

  14. I feel like if the MP mode were purchasable and they pulled back on microtransactions and made Campaign and the side mode free, that would be the best case scenario. I wouldn't spend $60, but the $30-$50 paywall would be acceptable?

  15. i’ll pay the $60 plus the season pass and whatever. Im a COD player exclusively PERIOD. if u r as well then great. i’ll have someone to kill.

  16. I honestly think they are starting to realize they aren’t making as much on a new title as they used to so “free to play” they are hoping it’s the saving Grace for the games.

  17. Maybe they would make the third mode three which could be survival mode but more expansive than MW3's version. I wouldn't like free multiplayer because it would encourage hackers, a lot of scrubs that would abuse stuff as well as terrible team mates, on top of that it will be flooded with micro transactions which will ruin the game, look at fortnite, successful and a great game at first but it's dying because they are making the game to suit the bad players so they spend more money on skins. Finally you wouldn't have the good feeling of buying the game ready for launch day and experiencing it with other dedicated players, it wont feel as good having it because everyone will have it.

  18. Before watching the video I would say that something free on Call Of Duty is never ever going to happen as Activision is in charge

  19. What if it just means there will be no season pass for MP? So anyone who brought the base game will have access to all of the multiplayer maps once they're released.

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