MUST WATCH! Human Animal Hybrids Exist! | Tom Horn on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

Is there a supernatural
dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over
35 years researching the strange world of
the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural. Sid: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural. I wouldn’t want it any other
way. I mean, once you taste
the goodness of God, why would you ever want
anything but that? Everything else is so far
distant. You know, my guest has found
on the U.S. one dollar bill some mysterious things
that most people, they look at and
they just ignore. Have you ever noticed the eye on
the dollar bill? Have you ever noticed the
pyramid on the dollar bill? Have you ever noticed a Latin
phrase on the dollar bill? My guest has evidence that
this is welcoming in, in code, the Antichrist. You know my guest, Tom
Horn, says something began in the year 2012 that will
reach its apex in 2016, and he’s going to
talk about that. But tell me something I was
not aware of, that the key Founding Fathers of our
nation were not Christian, but were Masons. That’s absolutely
right, Sid. In fact, as many as 44 of the 56
signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons
and they were the Freemasons really of the European order,
meaning that they were committed to building an
occult form of a democracy that was based on what’s
called the Atlantean scheme. This was coming out of Europe. What Francis Bacon believed, he
was the head of a secret society in Europe, very
popular and powerful, and had wealthy
people behind him, and they believed that there
had been an original Atlantis, and Atlantis had been great
because Atlantis had taken its orders from the gods of
ancient history. And when they turned their backs
on the gods, Atlantis crumbled. And so Francis Bacon’s idea was
we will build a new occult democracy based on this
Atlantean scheme in which we’re basically going to take our
marching orders form the spirits of these invisible deities. Okay. How does this tie in with
Masons? Well Freemasons in the
United States early on were receiving funding that was
person, there were people from Europe coming over here who
actually saw in the new continent the opportunity to
develop a New World Order that would be under essentially
the influence of these ancient spirits that political
realities in Europe was not going to allow them
to establish over there. So this was basically fresh
pickings. Okay. But what you’re
saying though is there’s something
evil about Masons. I got relatives that are
Masons. What are you saying? Actually, I was a pastor
for 25 years. I had Freemasons in my church on
my board. So but these were 32nd degree
Freemasons who they were part of a fraternity and they didn’t get
into any of that hocus pocus and occultism, and whatever
that was going on early on. However, Sid, when you get
past the 32nd degree, when you go to 33rd
degree Freemasonry it becomes something
entirely different. Okay. What if someone was
a 33rd degree Mason, what would they know
that the others don’t? Well for instance, I had
state senator tell me, ask me basically, he said, “Were you
aware that at the inauguration of every United States president
that in Washington, D.C. an occult ritual is held to
raise the spirit of Osiris from the underworld so they can take
its rightful place in every United States president? That absolutely blew
me away. I thought – This is within Masons? That’s within Masons. As a matter of fact, I went
there to verify it myself. I took my wife Nita with me. But I wanted to know if that was
a fact. Because if that’s true,
that’s an astonishing idea that an occult ritual such
as that would be held only just a little way on 16th
Street in Washington, D.C. Hold on. Who is the
god of Masons? Well the god of the Freemasons,
according their own experts, Albert Pike Mackey, the others,
they call him the Great Architect of the Universe, but
they identify him as the god Osiris, as he was known to
the Egyptians, and Apollo, as he was known the Greeks. In fact, when you look at
the Great Seal what you see in the images are Egyptian
symbols, but in the mottos, it’s prophecies about
Apollo. Look at the – Sid: And again, these false
deities are another name for the Antichrist. Now on the U.S.
one dollar bill, we have the Great Seal. Right. Tell me what’s on there. What’s on the Great Seal,
especially the obverse side, the reverse side of the Great
Seal, it’s on every U.S. dollar, and it’s a troubling
thought, isn’t it, to imagine that we carry on our person,
more often than we have the Word of God on our person, we
carry on our person a prophecy about the coming of
the Antichrist. Now you have the symbol
that is Egyptian, you have the mottos
that are in Latin. The Annuit Coeptis, this is a
Latin motto referring to the return of the god, Jupiter, who
will in the future take his rightful re-enthronement over
the cosmos and his son, Apollo, is in the
Novus Ordo Seclorum. That is a prophecy from the
Acume symbol, the most powerful of all of the Apollonian
priestesses gave the prophecy from which Novus Ordo Seclorum
is taken, in which she predicted that the end of time Apollo will
return to reign upon the earth once again at the dawn of a new
golden age. Or the Antichrist. Who put that on the
seal? Who put it there? And the reason I say the
Antichrist is because in more than one place in the New
Testament it actually identifies the spirit by name
that will seal the Antichrist. Paul says in Second
Thessalonians 2:3, “He will be the son
of perdition.” This is the Greek work “apolia”,
Apollo, Apollyon. In Revelation 17:8, “The beast
shall rise up out of the bottomless pit and enter into
perdition.” Apolia, Apollyon, Apollo. In fact, in Greek literature
the god Apollo was known as both Apollyon and Apollo. Who put that on
the U.S. dollar? Who put it on our seal? Well it happened over a
period of time. There was a man by the name of
Thomson who was commissioned by the Freemasons to
design the Great Seal. No, no. Who authorized it? Who put it on there? Well who put it on the one
dollar? Yeah. This was Franklin
Roosevelt. Franklin Roosevelt? Right. Does science have the
technology today to take the DNA of these false deities that are
being prayed for within Masons to come to Earth for a utopia,
who will be the Antichrist? Do they have, can they take
the DNA from these false gods and put it in someone today
and resurrect the Antichrist? We’ll be right back to It’s
Supernatural. We now return to
It’s Supernatural. For the first time since the
days of Noah and the Nephilim, we have the technology to
mix species, perhaps mix a human with an animal,
trans-humanism. Explain this. Well that’s absolutely
right. In fact, we’re doing it in
laboratories around the world. When most people today hear
about the stem cell sciences, they don’t realize that a great
deal of that is talking about the creation of a part human,
part animal embryo that then can be used for
experimental purposes. Now trans-humanism itself is the
idea that we’re going to use that kind of science and other
kinds of science to create a new form of mankind. Why do we want to create a
new form of mankind? Well of course, you
know, if you talk to the trans-humanists,
they’re utopians. They believe we can live
forever. We can have immortal life
without the bother of having to ask Jesus to give it to us. We can upload our brains. We can live forever inside
artificial intelligence systems. There’s a great deal that
the trans-humanists community believes. But when it comes to genetics,
when it comes to kind of repeating what happened in the
days of Noah where these fallen angels corrupted bloodlines,
they believe that we can improve our species, open new modes of
perception. By blending ourselves with
animals, we might even be able to see into the supernatural
realm. The trans-humanists, they aspire
to do that? Who is DARPA and what are
they doing? DARPA is the Defense
Advance Research Project Agency. It’s one of the largest
departments of the U.S. that uses our tax dollars to
hire other people to come up with great ideas, private
laboratories, things like that. But in last year’s operating
budget and in this year’s operating budget for instance,
they have set aside millions of dollars for rewriting the DNA of
our soldiers. Why would they want to
rewrite the DNA of our soldiers? Super soldier technology. And furthermore, they are being
advised by some of the top think tanks in the world that our
competitors, our enemies are privately developing this
technology right now, and that if we don’t
get ahead of it. In fact, the JASONS, which is
one of the top scientific advisory panels in the world,
told them that by the end of 2012, if we weren’t secretly,
privately ahead of the enhancement revolution we
would fall irreparably behind and be dominated on the
future battlefield. What about the Mark of the
Beast? How does this tie in? Well the Mark of the Beast,
I think this could play in, in the form of like a
living chip, a biochip. We are doing experiments
right now with the chips that can deliver medicines
into your system. But some of these could be
designed to actually carry payloads, to carry vectors, as
they’re called, to work almost like a virus that could
introduce a new genetic code to rewrite your genetic makeup. And some people believe that
perhaps that’s how the Mark of the Beast will alter humans so
that they’re no longer redeemable by literally
going through their system and rewriting their
genetic makeup. You’re saying a lot.
Who’s funding this? Well you are. I am? Not me. Tom: Yeah. Sid: Yeah. Tom: Yeah. As a matter of fact, well because there are
departments in the U.S. government like the National
Institute of Health, that’s the largest one in
the U.S. that doles out your money for health-related
science and research. And right now they are giving
grants to universities that actually developing the
legalize, the language that will be used for extending, for
instance, constitutional rights to human, non-humans, to humans
of the future whose genetic material has been altered
sufficiently enough to no longer even be considered to be human. Well what about the ethics
of this? Will these people be considered
humans? Will they be considered equal to
us? Will they be able to vote? Will they be like pets
if they’re half human and half animal? Well I’ll tell you, it really
gets into some madness. But like the Brookings Institute
right now is asking that question for you, and they’re
saying that, for instance, within 10 years, Brookings
Institute, number one policy think tank in the world that
bends the ear of our lawmakers, has a new series called “The
Future of Constitution” in which they’re saying within 10 years
we will be creating genetically engineered homosexual
communities, and that because their genetics are sufficiently
different than ours, we have to create the legalize that would
extend to them bill of rights and constitutional privileges. You know what he’s saying,
he’s saying our tax dollars are funding this research that’s
going on right now. Well wait until you find out the
Masonic plan is within the Washington Monument, the
Capitol, the Vatican and there are symbols and signs that
allow spiritually this evil to flood in. Of course, they disguise it as
good. We’ll be right back after this. We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural! We now return to It’s
Supernatural! Tom, how in the world
did Washington D.C. and the Vatican have these masonic
symbols and buildings, etc.? Where did that come from? Well again, it goes back to
the influences of these early Freemasons who had an idea about
how they wanted to build what we would call an occult democracy. For instance, you can go to the
Library of Congress website and read an article called,
“The Most Approved Plan”. And this goes back to early
America, where they were advertising for different
architectural firms to submit their plan about how the capitol
city could be built. And after all the plans came in
our own government website says they were all rejected because
Thomas Jefferson wanted a plan that would be based similar to
the design in Rome, where you would have a dome facing an
obelisk. And furthermore, he wanted it
dedicated to all pagan gods. That’s on our own government
website. That’s exactly what’s written. So this represents the
sexual organs that say the Washington Monument and you say
the Capitol represents that. What does that mean in Masonic
and cultic terms? Well because the Freemasons, a
great deal of their mysticism is based on ancient
Egyptian magic. And this design, a dome, which
is the ever-pregnant belly of Isis in their mythology facing
an obelisk, which is the erect manhood of the god Osiris, was a
magic utility. This was designed in ancient
Egypt for one purpose, and that was to raise from the underworld
the spirit of Osiris so he could take his place in the Pharaoh so
that the country, Egypt, could have divine representation in
their king. Well that’s exactly
the template you have laid out in Washington, D.C. It’s exactly the template you
have at the Vatican. Why is it the same things
in the Vatican? Same thing at the Vatican
where you have a dome facing an obelisk. As a matter of fact, the obelisk
in St. Peter’s Square was removed from the ancient city of
Heliopolis where it was built and dedicated to the god Osiris. And when they took it to the
Vatican and when Pope Sixtus had it put in the middle
of the square there, he actually performed an
exorcism on it trying to expel the demon of Osiris
from the obelisk. And again, this Osiris is
the same, it’s a code for Antichrist of the New Covenant. Well it is the god Apollo
to the Greeks. In fact, you see that marriage,
not only on the Great Seal? Look at the Statue of Liberty,
who was built by Eiffel, the famous Eiffel Tower
building, built by French Freemasons. That’s a cult, too? Well it is. According to its own literature,
you can look it up and read it yourself, it was built to have
the body of Isis, which was dedicated to Osiris and the head
of Apollo. So once again, it is the
marriage of the Egyptian Osiris and the Greek god Apollo, which
is one and the same, according to many ancient historians. Now you say there’s a
masonic significance even to 9/11. Well we believe there is. And without getting bogged down,
President George W. Bush, January 20th, 2001, he steps
up, he gives his inaugural and twice he refers to
the “angel that rides in the whirlwind and
directs the storm”. Where did that term come
from? That is a Freemason,
well first of all, it’s an occulti term.
It refers to Metatron. There’s various things for the
angel and the whirlwind. But for years, in fact for at
least a decade before 9-1-1, occultists said that when it
became to initiate the New World Order the code word would be
“the angel and the whirlwind”. And if you go in where I have
been, into the house of the temple, the headquarters of the
33rd degree Masons, they have a dedicatory in there
to George W. Bush for donating more than a
million dollars to help propagate Freemasonry in the
United States. And I voted for him, so I’m not
picking on him. Sid: You know, this is a very
persuasive thing. This isn’t just some random
speculation. Now why do you say the years
2012 to 2016, something very significant involving the
Antichrist will occur? Why do you say that? Tom: Well first of all, I got on
that because there is a 500-year-old Mayan prophecy that
said that in the colonial count 1776, there would be a
13-step countdown ending in the year 2012. And when you read the prophecy,
it is literally 300 years earlier describing the Great
Seal of the United States. We have 1776, 13 steps over
which is hovering the all-seeing eye, which is a prophecy
of return of that god, starting in 2012 through 2016. But also many other ancient
cultures, ancient Jews, the Hindu and their Kali
Yuga calendar, even, Sid, even turn-of-the-century
Protestant reformers like old sinners in the
hands of an angry god. Right. Jonathan Edwards wrote in
his letters, which are preserved in university, that he believed
the Antichrist would appear between the years 2012 and 2016. We found that redundancy over
and over, and the question became, what was motivating
these people? By what inspiration were people
for both hundreds of years and thousands of years persuaded
that the end would begin in the year 2012 through the year 2016. Why did they believe that? What do you believe? Well I believe when I look
around the world today two things are going to happen. One, we definitely could see the
emergence of the man of sin any time now, and that also leads me
to believe that we could have one of the greatest revivals
in the history of humanity at any moment. I’m looking forward to
that. What was one of the most amazing
things, briefly, that you found? Well one of the most
amazing things had to be that a Chilam Balam. Who? A Mayan prophet. Okay. Three hundred years. But you know what was cool
about? Because this guy converted to
Christianity as result of the – I thought the Mayans missed
it. Oh, the Spanish came in and
they brought with the Gospel, and this was university level
work that was done. When interpreting these ancient
prophecies at the university level, they found that this guy
had given his life to the Lord. So now, it put a brand new twist
on how and why would he be talking about the colonial
account, 1776, and basically describing the Great Seal
of the United States. It put a whole different kind of
fascination on the whole thing. Despise not prophesying, right? Did this young convert, at one
time, he was one of the worst pagans, did he indeed receive a
revelation from God? He may have. But I thought the
Mayans predicted and they missed the date. No, they never said that. In fact, I’m on many TV shows
and conferences that you can watch on You Tube, for
the last 10 years, saying they never said that. What they said is actually more
interesting. They said the end of 2012 would
end an era and then a new and final dispensation
of man would begin. Now that’s more interesting. Here’s the question I posed to
you. I posed to you, if you have to
have some special DNA put into you so you’ll live much longer,
so you won’t get cancer and dread diseases, and that’s
the Mark of the Beast, will you accept it? You say no. But I tell you this, if
you do not know God, do you know what Jesus said? This is eternal life, that you
might know Him. It didn’t say just I believe
in him and I also believe in Santa Claus and I believe
in lots of things or you go to a church that’s
just religious. This is eternal life, that you
might know him. Make him your Lord. Repent of your sins and start
reading the Bible, and start worshiping God by doing what He
says. You don’t know when your end is
going to come. You get right with God now. You get to know Him now. This is eternal life. Next week on It’s Supernatural. My guest is an expert
in terrorism. He is going to speak about
secret papers that show the plans of terrorist
organizations to destroy the United States of America, and it won’t be a
secret any more.

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  28. I had uncles that were freemasons and they were lovely, caring people. As he's explained here, there are people who bring down any organization. And make no mistake, even Christianity. As it says in scripture; 'not everyone who says, 'Lord, Lord,' will be accepted into the Kingdom. I want to work at being accepted.

  29. We already knew this thanks to Stephen Darby. They were receiving money from their Ashkenazi family and those are called water spirits. It all leads back to Satan. They learn that black people are not African Americans but Hebrews that’s one thing they learn too.

  30. This makes the transgender thing make more sense, because they are saying now that you can be whatever you want. To say that you are neither Male nor female.

  31. They who have laid down the foundation of fraud Their Kingdoms of Darkness shall not stand they will be broken and consumed forevermore Only the kingdom of the Lord will be forever the New Jerusalem the kingdom not made by hands Kingdom of the spirit kingdom of righteousness and he that has laid down the foundation is the Lord Jesus Christ having one entrance into the Heavenly Kingdom


  33. I’m amazed that Sid is freaking out on the plans of the Freemasons…It’s well known but very hush’ hush…
    JESUS come quickly…♥️🙏🏼

  34. The chupacabra is a genetic mutation. I believe most sightings of strange creatures are our gov’t experiments.

  35. we are losing everything that makes living here worth the bother. evil is hellbent on destroying everything that is GOOD. we are at full circle now. when 9 mo. olds are stabbed in the neck and killed, then you know there is no respect for life and that the alive young are also suffering terrible abuse. it needs to be over. whatever it takes, this whole fiasco needs to be over.


  37. Many of my family members were/are Masons..(to include some females who joined the Eastern star)..My father was a Godly man, loved Jesus…he was the treasurer of his Mason lodge. When he arose to the 33rd °…HE STOPPED. never explained why..all he said was "All is made known at the 33rd °…

  38. They stuck a mummy from Egypt into CERNthey say whatever they found needed a host and I wonder if this has anything to do with it

  39. I love watching this show but Sid has a bad habit of cutting off his guests. He does it everytime. I hope he changes this habit.

  40. God forgive us
    And have mercy on our souls
    We are actually supporting them

    Time to go litealy out of this world

  41. 4:00 all Freemasonry is demonic. This is the part of this video I don’t like. All FM is demonic and needs to be renounced and receive deliverance. End of story. Yes higher level is more demonic but lower is still not of God every time.

  42. Brother I love you but you got suckered on this one. Some of this is true but not all of it. Some things God will not allow, half human and half animal not possible. In Masonry the teaching is the truth is given to those worthy to receive, not necessarily 33rd degree. Stick with the Bible not suppositions. Masonry and Christianity is not compatible to be sure but some of what this man is saying is conjecture. Again I love you but please don't get on the bandwagon of the weird stuff. Yes Masons were in the founding of the country and at one time symbols could be found in every Federal building. They are all over Washington. The mark of the beast is clearly taught in the Bible and has nothing to do with DNA. I will keep watching you, we've met in Brunswick and I know you are a Man of God. Love you Brother.

  43. Walt Disney was a 33rd freemason. It's crazy how Christians don't see anything wrong with watching Disney movies,with all the witchcraft and casting spells. Lord, open our spiritual eyes give us wisdom and discernment,amen.

  44. I sincerely hope my Christian brothers and sisters aren't buying this nonsense Tom horn and his side kick Steve i'll tell you anything for a dollar Quayle are selling Go back right here on YouTube and look at some of the ridiculous things this man has pushed from giants taking over the world to the aliens! Its all about your money he clams to be a man of GOD maybe he should do more in the name of Jesus and less in the name of the almighty dollar! WAKE UP PUT YOUR FAITH IN GOD/JESUS NOT MONEY CHANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Sid's last question, regarding " what is the significance of 2012-2016?" That was the era of the Obama presidency, and there are prophesies that say Obama will become the Antichrist.

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