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Hello guys this Varun Dubey from WBCOM DESIGNS We are keep coming you with lots of new BuddyPress features This time its BuddyPress group directory We are coming with the new directory layout With in the grid layout you have the Group avatar How many Activities you have done. What is the time of the last activities and How many member it have that is the one layout for the group directory? We have also add give you new option To choose different layout for your groups buddypress has recently introduced buddypress cover image functionality for the profile in the groups as well and to utilize these group cover images or the directory we are going to present you a new layout for that one something like this With cover image their avatar and all the extra informations what you Gives you an idea about the group activities, and who is managing them, and how many members they have What do you think about this layout We have also inbuilt Group type functionality like you can search these groups with their group type It is a inbuilt integration with reign theme you can also check it out There is a live demo and you can play with all these options at our demos you can find the link inside the video description Check out this new layout for the groups as admin. You can select which layout is good for you We have added a simple layout options like when you go to the buddypress setting tabs you have a BP layout management inside the BP layout management you have group If you have any suggestion on these layout if you want to include any additional fields Or if you are expecting something more nicer and cleaner just throw your ideas. We are here to work on them Thank You

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