Mug Shot of the Day – Grace from Winona

It’s time for this morning’s ‘Mugshot of the day’. where *you* submit photos for a chance to win one of our ‘news eight this morning’ coffee mugs. Today’s Winner is Grace from Winona. MUGSHOT OF THE DAY Grace is involved with the ‘great river shakespeare festival’ in winona. The festival is over. but grace says she’s looking forward to next year. and she has a mug to remind her that art is for everyone! our Daily mugshot winners get a ‘news eight this morning’ coffee mug. MUGSHOT OF THE DAY Email your photo to [email protected] Include your name! It’s easy to win. just take a photo with a mug in it somewhere. and e-mail it to us. the address is ‘mugshot at w-k-b-t dot com.’ Be sure to include your name with your entry. you can also mail in your entry to us here at news eight. we’re located at 141 south sixth street in la crosse.

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