hi Burberry's welcome back to my channel today we are here in our family house and it's a very important day we are actually moving into our London house but will not actually move and we're just moving some things over other things that we are going to be taking there because we are still gonna be living in this house because we love this family house is basically like a little London house we have a city house and we have a country house and this is our country house and we're gonna be living in at the c1 for a while just because there's more things to do especially in the summertime and we'll probably come back here for like weekends and things like that so don't worry you're gonna be seen loads of this house I'm a definite gonna be what are you half the time here half the time there and it's a beautiful summery day which is actually putting a good idea because we're gonna be moving a lot of boxes into the van go see where they are okay Oh brush your teeth gosh I might say in fact you want Belle taming why oh yeah are you ready go your stuff in your bag yes somebody to go go nice he's my only best oh you guys say bye to you Holly laughs we are taking all the virus that he's gonna stay here for the day and we're gonna come back and get your marketing with but we why you said it'll be longer but what happens when you sell for the tank and stuff at home would you want to move him with the rest of the things that we have just because no see what it wouldn't be good for him and we'll just do it separately so we can just take care of him taking him in the car but there's plenty of food in there for him and he was fine hey what kind of you and your bag oh my I've got all my sports trophies but there's still three boxes of stuff upstairs oh yeah I could take a box a Shh no no no boys trophies my fronting trophies my football trophies we're gonna second we come on guys don't see all these don't need those okay we can just keep these here in the Attic where they belong but they exist that's good enough yeah yeah I just lie back the car up a little bit so we can get the boxes yes all right I said everything's parts in these boxes about all the things when we take in spats a news box is I'm just gonna make sure that I've shut all of the doors before we go the people not coming in robbers like before when I sit there in LA our guys that's the car forward let's roll out to our new home woohoo if with the Tunes over chicken but the chums on a car driving during the front say I leave because there it is we made it we made it wow that went on the right this one here probably not no no we're just loading all this stuff there that's true sorry people here we go I like that book is yeah that's our one open the door for you it's kind of small in our house but we're gonna have lots of things to do because we're in this city with each other train yes that cake has been Europe if a long time time I wasn't brought the carrot from from the house just drop that there it's gone off I think that one yeah how's Jack lees colored name Myron oh yes yes your rooms upstairs oh if it's roaring Wow and here is where all of us gonna go yes whole family the whole gang we hope very going yeah yeah you're just gonna go in there once the vocollect seamoth good it's a nice bedroom yeah with your clothes and now we do have some spare clothes gonna put in there Oh perfect we got unicorn here that's good mash is your backpack it does Wow right next door like this is the family bathroom so you come in here and have your baths or showers yeah nice and then the last place I'm from upstairs if you have any nightmares become an eunuch a super mummy bed oh nice to be nice living in the city have to meet the neighbors eventually will make them up high yes a PI H yeah sometime the trains on exactly the boxes in sign me back where my trophies going we can put someone here I think we forgot them you know what box a each of my trophies only did you get stung no oh my word people I bought some so you'll see my round up placement damn alright well yes and these boxes will take upstairs so these are olives toys in here loose of my clothes in there I just built bits and bobs and face I think I need just to do they got a lot of stories yeah yeah I know I was the one driving we can do it though otherwise we'll have no nothing for tomorrow it's clear this I hope we reach with this big box here okay okay this will your legs not your back you ready right one oh here we go Oh Dino yeah the entry lat yeah uncle family is across town local family forget all of dads trophies dad very absurd that then I'm gonna make us some dinner and then we're gonna go to bed I think cuz we're just so tired this is what I make something quick I think yeah it's real fast we have much food in so we'll have to go out more and get some groceries and stuff yeah this is all we have in here for now so that's a good thing about pastors that you can just go in the cupboard for long yeah it's not gonna go off that soon leave it in there for one come over I live I started up on the side it's so much going on really I easy is interesting because you're probably looking to other people's houses a bit yeah are you interested went on across the roads fine he's definitely his type is caused if you're gonna be towed I think I kinda here is just for getting here I want change change me unbelievable guy can we sit down on the sofa and eat because I want to watch unicorn oh I want to be under a nice little stools it's gonna hurt my neck watching unicorn but I'll do it breezy for all of us okay right let me wash up face plate yeah best it's such a long day was it it's like 1:00 a.m. wow she can go to bed hold on the feedback smooth beautiful simmer head in it off you to bed press such a long day tomorrow window and bakeries blah ha ha we've got the bakery we can go grocery shopping and get what stuff is so nice being so close we don't have to get car we can just wink around the corner a grocery shop here we can we can go on a bus or a name yeah the train will be so fun alright well that's exciting we do that first thing in the morning but now you need to speak okay a nice bath yes for ah there's my only clothes so I've got a washer at the same time actually I see we do I do you ever look like there's actually a launderette like round the corners lost we can actually stop washing my clothes that's good way to and it's buy some more clothes to wear in the meantime though yeah unfortunate there's no cut we can get on the train then we can go through you know central line then we can start clothes him yeah get some new outfits on they go oh I'm so tired I'm ready for bed me too me too but who is this lady I weren't supposed to be my PJs I just changed my my my weed got my guys yeah there we go watch why isn't in the game is bored I don't know buddy got rid of her hairstyle oh it's not a nice look there we go well Willie move ups I want to stand tall things that I just sleep in okay right so we have moved into my new London house and tomorrow wouldn't be doing so much fun in such a big boring town but we are so tired and ready to sleep so oh good night guys see you next time good night one look up it down decorative gargoyle it's yeah I'm a decoration

21 thoughts on “MOVING INTO OUR FAMILY TOWN HOUSE | Bloxburg Family Roleplay

  1. Hi Amber! I love your videos! But sometimes I wonder what you are saying because you talk very fast! That's really cool!

  2. Amber I love you and the people on your channel and I just wanted to make a suggestion about the family. I feel like you should add another member to your family and have some company for Olive. Maybe a boy??

  3. Just pointing out, when you and olive were looking out the window, your mic went a bit quiet and I think it glitched a bit. Just saying. You are my favourite YouTuber!

  4. This video was great! <3 If anyone wouldn't mind can anyone checking out my channel? I'm a small Roblox YouTuber just starting out in the community.

  5. Olive is so cute:3 ❤️ Btw is her real name Olivia? I heard you say"goodnight Olivia" in one of ur vids<3 ❤️


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