Mountain View Humane Society’s UnMarathon

[Music] with warm weather back in the forecast many people are looking for a way to get out and get active and we have one better for you what if you were showing support for a great local organization at the same time here to tell us more about Mountain Dew humane society and their upcoming on marathon we have Dean Reynolds welcome thank you so much for coming of course of course this is basil and a sweet basil is having a little noise he’s been a little nervous yeah some extra love here things being such a sweet pup so tell us first off tell us about Mountain View Humane Society and what you guys are doing out there in the New River Valley yeah so we’re located down in Christiansburg we’re a low-cost nonprofit spay/neuter clinic and we offer transport all throughout Southwest Virginia as well as parts of West Virginia to offer those services at a lower rate to people so everybody can afford it absolutely so you guys are definitely important down there for all pet lovers and animal owners so you guys have a little non-traditional event coming up yeah unmarriable yeah I am NOT a runner and I would not sign up for a marathon why should I sign up for the unmarred yeah so our right our unmerited is that rising silo brewery is on April 27th and the best part is you don’t have to run where you are gonna have some beer laps which are just quick runs where you get to drink in between we’re gonna have a run with your dog that you can do and some runs for kids and we’re gonna have a serious sprint for those who are interested but you got a t-shirt and you can just come hang out and drink if that’s what you want to do – absolutely so you don’t even have to be active you can just attend I support the animals and have a beverage of course you mentioned that it was at the rising silo brewery yeah and this is actually a pet friendly location yes yes that you could bring your dogs and we can actually register your dogs it’s $5 if you want to register them for one of the runs and a home and that it does include a bandana and a tennis ball and some little goodies for your anniversary suite and of course um do they need to bring anything with them vaccination records right no okay good yeah free to come and so where can we register and when should we get registered because I know the earlier you register you get some goodies yeah so you can register either on our website or on our Facebook page and if you register by Friday you will get a little bit of a discount rate the earlybird rate and you will guarantee yourself a t-shirt okay so there are t-shirts for ya so make sure you guys get on there and do you know what the cost is yeah so it’s 25 dollars until this Friday and then up to $30 so that is just what to attend the event is that included that includes the t-shirt as well yeah and then you’re coming you’re buying your own beer is there any food or any other vendors gonna be yeah so we’re gonna have rice I was gonna make some goodies for everybody you’re gonna have some sweets along with their beer and their whole kitchen there so you can kind of stay the day yeah exactly if your pup having beer and all your friends of course invite them and their pups so how does this event help you guys out at Mountain gaming so it helps us out a lot so we provide our surgeries by a lot of subsidies for keeping those cos lowers so everybody can afford it as well as we provide the surgeries for the shelters so it helps us be able to provide those at a lower cost absolutely so just attending this weekend you’re gonna be supporting a really great car yeah I’m helping out pups and their furry friends down there in the New River Valley so again the details for the event it is this weekend I’m sorry – Saturday April 27 from 11 to 1:30 at rising silo brewery in Blacksburg and of course and the H Clinic org for all the information thank you so much

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