Mother of murdered inmate disputes former white supremacist gang member label

we begin tonight with a new depiction of an inmate killed in the bear County Jail the mother of Alexander Weis says he wasn’t the former white supremacist gang member that has been described Weis was found in his cell Thursday at the barre County Jail with head and facial injuries his cellmate Chandra Buckley is facing a capital murder charge for his death the night team’s Garrett Berninger talks to Weiss’s mother about his death and her concerns Wanda Weis only had sporadic contact with her son since he moved to San Antonio from Michigan a few years ago then this week she learned of his death in jail I was horrified you know I was put in shock but she’s also upset and how he’s been described in news conferences we chair Xavier Salazar said Alexander wise was believed to be a former member of the Aryan Brotherhood however Wanda wise says as far as she knows her son was never in the white supremacist gang she said he did have a tattoo with a Nazi symbol but it was in opposition not support well it was a swastika and he had a big red bar running through it but say no case that found photos posted to Facebook in 2016 that seemed to closely match his mother’s description of the tattoo in one and then show been incorporated into a larger design in a second photo due to the offensive nature of the swastika we aren’t showing those images and in any case Wanda wise doesn’t think her son who was in for nonviolent offenses should have been in the cell with Shandra Buckley who was in on a murder charge here’s a white boy with a the Nazi emblems but means to come in with a volatile I mean you would almost expect a clash wouldn’t you Salazar said wise had been moved to the cell with Buckley in the maximum security area after he had been involved in a violent disturbance with other inmates earlier that day and Buckley also assaulted a deputy a few days earlier the sheriff said but nothing popped up to indicate they might be incompatible cellmates there’s only so much we can do with people that have a violent history or a organized crime history there’s only so many places we can put them in this Jail just a few minutes ago I got off the phone with a BCSO spokesman he tells us that jail staff documented wises gang affiliation based on information they got during the intake interview and why’s his mother also tells us that her son once told her that sometimes you had to link up with a group while behind bars though she didn’t know if he ever had live at the Bayer County Jail I’m Gary burger case at 12 News

4 thoughts on “Mother of murdered inmate disputes former white supremacist gang member label

  1. 2:02: why does he smile when he mentions the inmates like that?? To survive in jail, races stick together. It's true. Even in foster care……. or juvenile detention centers… it's true. ***** just imagine the kids, teens that have no one to relate to, predominantly whites.

  2. Doesn't matter if he was … murder is murder. And unless your a PEDOPHILE…. No one should be murdered

  3. That's a pissy excuse because they DO separate gangs affiliated inmate's. And former or not…..

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