Mother of 7-year-old ‘terminally ill’ daughter charged with her murder, police say

91 thoughts on “Mother of 7-year-old ‘terminally ill’ daughter charged with her murder, police say

  1. she will make herself the victim, and the american injustice system will give her a hug. well she is fugly so maybe not.

  2. Oh we all know what will happen here. Nothing will happen to her. She will be forgiven. Now if this was a man, well this would be a different story.

  3. Wow. Wapo's journalism continues to reach for new depths. There was so much more you could have investigated and told us.

  4. She had a severe form of Munchausen bi proxy syndrome which causes them to harm their child for attention …anyways a pos of the finest kind!

  5. Another white woman killing her child for attention.  Seems to be the new trend amongst white women these days or fad…call it whatever you want.  This is the reason for  the short video without much information.  If she were any other color it would have been a three hour video.

  6. People don't know anymore the true story or real news stories anymore because of these unprofessional non journalistic fake news reporters

  7. For those that dont know what munchausen syndrome is I suggest looking it up. It's clear as day that she murdered her child but, the real motive has yet to be uncovered. This seems to be a growing trend where parent(s) neglect their kids and sadly it can lead to death.

  8. So was the daughter Terminally ill(going to die because of the illness) or it was made up so the mom would get some sympathy for killing her

  9. Washington Post is great isn't it? Informs ya, Now I know there IS people out there poisoning their child for wishes from foundations. It's a great idea

  10. parents with munchausen are sick and need to seek help. in extreme cases it almost always leads to the death or serious sickness of the kid

  11. sorry, if you want the full story you have to go to the website and pay money. but instead they're just gonna clickbait everyone.

  12. I guess the Post wants us all to sign up to get "the whole story"….I guess I'll just Google it to find it on another site.

  13. You MF's whine whenever the news gets something wrong, then you whine when there's not enough info.

    When life gives you lemonade, whine!

  14. another psycho mother. would be great if the government could identify all of them—they are out there but no one wants to call psycho mothers out.

  15. How can someone just claim to have terminal illness? Doesn't doctors or hospital report need to say that. America is really fucked up.

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