Moon and Saturn mutual aspect in Astrology

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  1. Thank you so much for this video! I have Gemini moon in my 3rd house, Mercury in Virgo on my 5th house, and Saturn in my 9th house. I suffer social anxiety, low self-esteem, specially when I have to be around my father or people who represent authority for me. Now I understand why, I'll try to see it that way. Thank you again! 💕

  2. This is the gospel truth, every word fits my moon Saturn conjunction perfectly! Fear of relationships, stage fright, tough mother, everything is accurate.

  3. The way the rest of my chart is …I thank heavens for this rock of reality. My mind may float away otherwise. The Madre stuff is right on my friend.

  4. My moon is in Taurus & Saturn is in scorpio. I can totally relate to this. It’s brought humility but for the better.

  5. Saturn/moon aspect i think also makes a person self critical of their own thoughts. I have this opposition and i am self critical. Also is the relationship with mother meant to be karmic in a way, which brings negativity, coldness and bickering in the relationship.

  6. i have this aspect and oh boyyy am i scared to talk about my opinions in front of a lot of people. i feel like this vid is so true skfdjf the astrology part yeah for a while until my mom told me some facts about me based on my sign and i was like wth this is so true so yeah i started liking it lol

    anyway back to my original topic, growing up, i used to ALWAYS see people get criticized for stating their personal opinions which always happened to be similar to mine, and because of that i got really cautious of what i say. it's even to the point i'm too scared to talk about my achievements cuz im scared what if ppl are gonna think im boasting

    its ok on social media tho cuz it aint face to face so i dont really care lol but when it's irl, i clam up, i mumble alot, etc. and i just akjfjsj ugh

    the judgement part was pretty true aswell. and i really wanna fix this about me. i'm trying but it's barely working. it is but i'll need patience with it lol

    i'm still kinda really traumatized by this one time where, ok, when i was in kindergarten i was VERY athletic. i might even say i was the most athletic in school. every time we had a sports event, i carried the team. everyone wanted me on their team. not only that, even outside school, every time i did an athletic game or smtn with my family, i'd always show amazing athletic abilities.

    3rd grade passed by and i hit puberty (ik its early but eh) and i was more gentle, polite, shy than usual. and i was pretty much like the typical shy nerdy not athletic girls. except i was still athletic.

    then one day, in 3rd grade, my teacher was talking about athletics and sports day blablabla and she said whoever wants to join the team can audition blablabla and i just casually told my friend that i wanted to join and she jokingly replied, "you? athletics? if u join, ur whole team is gonna flop."

    and boii was my pride hurt. it affected me alot. then the next day i was like uk what ill try again and i told her and two other friends about it and she once again made that insensitive joke and they all laughed at me and that really hurt me. then i tried again on a different day with different friends and they joked about the same thing but i snapped and i never ended up trying out for the athletics team. years passed and she still did the same thing. and every time i try recover she did the same thing to the point where my reputation is the smart musical nerd and i never tried out for any sport ever again. i only did 1% of my abilities if i was forced to do athletic stuff. i'm still traumatized and i don't think i'll get over it any sooner, seeing the quality of the athletes in my current school but uh i'll try somehow build my confidence back up..

  7. Well I believe in astral stuff and occult.
    Probably because my sun is conjunct saturn in mutual aspect with moon.

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