Moodle Tutorial: Configuring and Using Groups in a Course

in this next session I'm gonna demonstrate how to configure groups in your course to use those groups for specific assignments throughout the course so to configure the groups we go here under administration in our course and then we go under users then we go under groups and then we first have to define how many groups were going to have in the course and give it a name for each group click here and create group and we're going to create to keep it simple just group a and then later group B so we just give it a name click on Save Changes don't worry about it other settings and this you want to think or too much with it then we create the next group as well and we'll call this Group B next what we need to do is we click on Group A here and we need to add the members to the group typically in this case I don't have that many students because it's a test course here but typically we want to keep the group's no less than three students and ideally four to five in each group so now I'm going to add the students so you can click on each student or you can give them hold down the ctrl key and select more than one student and add then to the left by clicking on the Add button here then once we are finished with a group one we go back to groups here and then we add the students to group B so we click on Group B here ads to users to group B and then I'm just going to pick a couple other students here I'm holding down the control key here and selecting multiple ones or you can do them one at a time and now we scroll down and we go back to groups my next suggestion here is to actually verify that the students belong in Group A or in Group A and Group B students are in Group B now of course I have some overlapping here which you don't want in your courses the next thing that you want to do by the way if you wanted to modify it you just click on add remove for users and you can take one out from the left to remove it and move it to the right here or to add it you just click on the right and then move it to the left so now we are ready to our class has been split into groups and now it's time for us to go into the actual assignments and tell the assignment that it's going to be a group project so you can do it either when you create a new assignment and define it it's going to use groups or you can use an existing assignment and just change it so it's going to be utilizing groups now you can look at a review the video on how to create an assignment another go through that at this point but to change it to change this assignment you can either click here on edit and choose edit settings or open up the assignment and then click on edit settings under administration by the way this option here edit settings works for pretty much any activity in Moodle so we click here on edit settings and then we scroll all the way toward the bottom here we have to come back a couple times here to this assignment to tweak it so we go here to the bottom and under grade we need to first tell the system that we are going to use actually it's under common modules we're going to use groups in the course so we're going to use separate groups so we're going to tell it that it's going to use separate groups first we're gonna save and display it and that was on the common module so again then we go back into edit settings and then we need to go here under the group submission settings and we need to change this to require group to make submission so if you're not sure what this does you can click on the question mark here it says if enabled users who are not members of a group will be unable to make submissions so basically that leaves if they are not part of a group they can't submit anything that's that option is and then we click here on save and display now we just told the system that this is going to be a group project and when it's time to grade this project and the assignment has come in and as far as grading you can review the video on grading the assignments now you can click here under view add all submissions and what you can do is to go and grade here let's say I want to go and grade this assignment submitted by the karen student but here's part of one of the groups here now once I grade this notice there will be an option here now notice I was looking there for the option to submit the grade for all students at the same time now since we reused an existing assignment that option was not there so let's very quickly go back to the course here and we are going to configure an assignment a new assignment from scratch here so we're gonna go here under add a new activity choose assignment and then we're the pollak paper called group paper we couldn't give a description can put the due dates and so on remember to reference the previous video there on that and then we go back here under group submission settings and this is where we can tell that the students need to submit in groups and then require group to make a submission we say yes well we don't want to say yes if you're not a member of a group then they can't submit and then grouping for student groups so it's going to use basically if we leave this to none this is going to use the default groups in the course then we go here under of course the grade and we can leave that and you choose a category and all that type of stuff but then under common modules this is where you say that it's going to be separate groups so again there were two settings that we have to customize here for the group mode the group submission mode which is the yes here for all the groups and then under the common module settings I wish they'll have called this something else then we change the group mode from here to separate groups then we click on save and display and at this point the students will submit the work on the assignment and they also made it in separate groups now to create it you'll go under the view grade all submissions and you can review the grading how you do grading is another point in another video that I have done and then you go here under the grade notice it tells us the different groups of the student is part of and now when I create this paper and I can put comments and feedback and so on you can apply the grades to the entire group so this is key and it this is very helpful for you to even post the grades for your course or for this specific assignment the students submit it once for that whole group you created once it applies the grade to all the students and then it will notify all the students in the course or in the group in that case then you click on save and show next they will be grading the next paper so that was basically using groups in a regular assignment you can also use groups in forums so what you can do here is if we go here under the test course I'm going to leave this page without submitting those grades and then you can go here under the existing forum and you can customize it and tell it it's going to be in separate groups or you can create a new forum and specify that it's going to be utilizing groups so to use an existing forum we can simply open it up and then change the settings for that forum so you click here on edit settings and then scroll down here under common module settings and choose group mode it's going to be separate groups and then click on save and display and then here you know this now it has changed the group a and Group B so what you can do is when you post something for your students you can now post it to all the students to all the groups so this will be in your discussion topic and notice the option here is to post to all groups in the bottom or you can post separate types of questions to separate groups and then they will work on their own with their groups now notice this is a new option here so if you're posting to all the students all participants in the course you need to also make sure you check this option and this is new to post a copy to all the groups in the course because by default and this was a problem in previous releases it was that if you had separate groups you had to post separately to each group now in this release you can just simply check this item right here and then click on post to the forum and then each group will have the same post but yet work independently so that somehow or somewhat how this works and hopefully it makes sense it's easy for you to implement and utilize in your course is to utilize groups because it's a good tool to utilize in your courses as you know

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  1. Let's say I have different students starting the same course at different times in the year. I would like to show Unit 1 and hide all other units for student A. Student B started 2 months ago and is at Unit 3 therefore it must be visible to him and still be private to Student A.

  2. Dear Dr. Kaceli:

    How come you didn't go first to the course configuration menu to allow groups in the course? Can you create groups without doing this at the course level? Is there any difference?

    Thank you very much.

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