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MONT חברי הלהקה – פרופילים נאראצ’אן – מנהיג, ת.לידה: 23/9/1997, סוג דם: AB
גובה/משקל: 176CM/58KG, ייחודיות: שירה, גיטרה, תופים וריקוד רודה – ראפר, ת.לידה: 10/9/1998, סוג דם: B
גובה/משקל: 179CM/60KG, ייחודיות: הלחנה, סינית, אומנות ופינג-פונג ביטסאון – זמר ראשי, יום הולדת: 4/6/1996, סוג דם: O
גובה/משקל: 180CM/60KG, ייחודיות: גיטרה, פסנתר

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  1. 안녕 thank you for giving so much love to Israel. Israeli fans are very loyal so take care of us Mont!! 당신을 사랑합니다

  2. Thanks a lot for the Hebrew subs! I highly appreciate that and thank you for acknowledging the Israeli fans! ❤good luck 😊

  3. יאווו יש לי יום הולדת ביום שלרודה יש יום הולדת אני מתה😨😱😱😻❤️❤️ (10.9) 0:22

  4. I can't believe!!!! Narachan i was born in 22/9 ~~ You are my bias ❤❤❤ Such a wonderful coincidence! I'm with a bigger love than before

  5. You are the first kpop boys to come to Nagaland ,,we are so excited and I would really love to visit you guys ,,,, love you mont

  6. first K-pop ever perform in india (nagaland) with so much sincerity and love they are so awesome they deserve lots of support pliz do help them

  7. I'm so shaken with their voice and beauty. I watched their concert tonight and am really still not myself….Bitsaeon is really really really handsome.

  8. Narachan. Roda. Bitsaeon. Thank you for coming to Nagaland!!!! You boys are so talented. This noona here will be always rooting for you. Fighting!

  9. Mont are the best beings ever
    We love and support you guys always
    And all the best for ur beautiful upcoming future's ……………Mont deserve all the happiness support and blessings
    And we want Mont 4ever and ever

  10. I love MONT…😘😘😍😍♥️💗💗♥️♥️💕😘😘♥️💕💕💞💞😍💖💞😘💞💖💖😳😳😘💝💟💓💙💙💌💌

  11. They're handsome, talented ,good looking,funny, friendly ,….sexy,hot, awesome … love love love from Manipur

  12. Just found M.O.N.T today I STAN I think Ronda is my bias they are so good you must see their music video will u be my girlfriend it's amazing love them

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