Monster Hunter World

Watch this, guys. SUPER DINO SLAAAAAAAAA- Alright. Okay. He he he! He’s got that move too. Okay, okay. I’ll come down there. I’ll come down… Oh, yeah, yeah, actually… Better- Better idea. I’ll come up there… I’ll come up there and then we’ll do the rest of the fight up there. Good- Good thinking. Oh. Yeah, I mean… Good idea. Good idea. Let’s just do the rest of the fight down here.
We’ll both stay down here… …and then yeah. And then I’ll die. Yeah, good. Ooh! Just wait! Just wait. When I’m done sharpening this thing, you are gonna be in a world of hurt. Oh hoo hoo hoo Nice try, dinosaur. Ooh, but just wait. When I’m done cooking this food, there is gonna be hell to pay. I’m telling you, I- Heh heh heh… Holy shit! What… what… Hey! Give that back! I’m fighting that! Go- Put him- There we go. Alright, I’ll take from here. Thank you. I’ll take it from here. Oh my god… Oh my god. He just ate that one whole! I will simply utilize my rolling dodge technique. Ha ha ha! This foul beast has no understanding of this concept… Oh fuck, he can roll too. Oh fuck, I’m going to die. …back here, you little pussy! I ain’t done with you yet. Get over here! Little bit- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LEAVE ME ALONE! LEAVE ME ALONE! GOD- Hey. Where you’d go? Get off that tree. Oh- Oh! Oh… Listen… I will now allow you… to go back on the tree. Okay? Ooh, the T-Rex is here. Oh my… Oh shit! Is he gonna beat the T-Rex? Oh my go- Nope, nope. Nope. Oh… Oh, no. He’s dead. All right, T-Rex. I’ll take it from here. Don’t worry about this guy. I’ll take it… Look! It’s a nice dinosaur! He got me a little present or something. What is that? The… AAH, YOU BITCH …get up, get up, get up, get up, get up… What? What will it do? Paratoad. Heh heh! This guy sucks! Even I can beat Paratoad! Heh hah hah! Take that! You know how in uh… normal video games, a two-minute boss fight can feel like it’s 20 minutes long? Well, in this game, there’re actually 20 minute long boss fights. It’s uh- Unless you fight a dragon. And there’s a time limit. Look at this guy. When I first started the fight, it was daytime. Hmm. Now it’s nighttime. It’s still going. Jesus Christ! Here I am against the final boss! It’s a rock. You fight a rock for the final boss. What is that? Wha… Oh my god… Oh my fucking god… Yeah… I th- I think I’m gonna give up after that one, guys. Uh… You know it’s- it’s fun game, but it’s just… Too hard for me. Honestly, just too hard. Uh… you need a lot of patience to actually play this and… Ugh, I think I’m done. I think I’m… Come on, ya big bitch! I’m gonna win this. Wait, wha… What are you… What is that?! Wha… Ooh, okay. Oh, well… See, I learned a valuable lesson. I learned that he has a move that one shot kills you but also, the hitbox is bigger than the entire level. That’s valuable information to have. What’s that guy doing? Oh, he’s going up there. Oh, then you can jump off and do the uh… air attack. That’s a good idea… Put me down! Put me down right now! Yeah! That’s what I thought! Heh heh heh- Ah! Ah…. Hey, least I’m still alive, right? Shoot- Ooh! Shoot his poison! Shoot! Arg! Tah- *gasp* I did it?! I beat- I beat one! I beat a monster! Oh but wha- What is he doing now? No. No, I have to loot the corpse still. I have to get the bones! Let me get this stuff! Goddammit! Come on! Yeah, you run away now. Stupid ass… Oh god, running out of time. ‘kay, gotta… Oh my god! Come on! I’m back! Gimme the health back! Gimme the health! Gimme the- Gim- Meh- PFFT OOOOOOOOOOOOH I’m making omelette for breakfast. Stupid dog- Oh, I dropped the egg! Oh god! Now there’s two of them. Now, there’s two of that guy fighting me at the same time. This is- What the fuck- Oh good, T-Rex is here now too! This is how to make a video game. Okay! Just fight all- I’m just gonna make some bacon instead. Don’t try it, Barroth! I hold the high ground! Ooh! What the fuck did you do- What the fuck?! WAAAAAAAAHHHHH Oh. That worked out all right. Wait, let- I have to use a- I have to utilize my ghillie suit. By utili- By utilizing the ghillie suit, you can hide from monsters in plain sight, thus giving you time to sharpen your blad- Wake up. Wake up! Get out of the stun!
Get out of the stun!
Get out of the stun! Get- This game fucking sucks dick. Fuck this- *GASP* WHOA WOO This… This is the greatest video game ever created. Ha ha! That’s a good move, dinosaur, if I was the fucking ground, you stupid piece of shit! Heh heh! Yeah, this is probably the worst video game that I’ve ever played. *GASP* AWWW This is the best video game… that I have played yet. Whoawhoawhoa, SHIT! Come on, get up! Oh god, it’s coming from the ram. Ooh! Not so fast, you piece of shit! What is this? What is it? HUH! HUH! I ca- I can’t walk! I can’t walk after that attack! Get up! Get up! Shit! Oh, okay, okay, okay. It’s gonna work this time! LUNGING ATTACK!! GOD DAMMIT Nah nah nah… I’m like a fucking toy! God! Watch this. Watch this. Heh heh heh heh! This game is broken, fucker! MEGA AIR MOVE!! GOD- Oh my god, it actually connected? Wow, that’s the first- No… This fight is going on for so long that the monster fell asleep during the fight. Let’s wake ’em up. GOOD MORNING, YOU FUCKING DICKHEAD!! FUCK YOU!! DIE!! Oh, that pissed him off. He’s doing the one shot. HE’S DOING THE ONE- Ooh hoo hoo! Hoo hoo! Get up! Get up! YOU FUCK, HE’S DOING IT AGAIN!! Uwah! HOO HAH!!! I’m still alive. I’m still on this. I’m still- Fucking piece of shit! Come on! Go- FUCK YOU!! NRGH!! I did it! I beat the game! I beat Monster Hunter! Heh heh heh heh heh! THERE’S ANOTHER ONE?! WHAT THE F- Here we go again. [Outro]

100 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World

  1. Calls everything a bitch and gets killed by his so called bitches in the process. Kinda like this video ya know

  2. Dear Mr. Dunkey

    If you ever go back to your old videos and read comments, can you please do a video on mhw iceborne when it comes out? also hi I love you

  3. The game starts out rough but after a while you get stronger and stronger and 30 minute fights take 5 minutes.

  4. This the best video for me to forget my stress
    N when i back to reality, i never forget to say
    'here we go again'

  5. Never seen donkey so happy or having that much fun. I knew he would have liked it it's just a true game no microtransaction sheet

  6. Main Objective Complete!

    Seeing this pop up on my 3DS screen after many minutes trying to fight a G-Rank Brachydios felt like I was gonna nut. I cannot stress enough how many hours I put into this beautiful game called Monster Hunter. This game. Man this game, I’ve been playing since MH3U and it just gets better every newer game that they make. With new monsters and new weapons and armor, it has me coming back every time. This game is a blast to the past, I remember playing MH3U and MH4U with my online friends completing quests and maxing out on G-Rank. I remember the struggle on getting full Star Knight armor. Man, was it fun. Now my 3DS screen is broken, and I can hardly see things on the screen anymore. If my 3DS was fine, I would totally still be playing Monster Hunter Generations today. Thank you to the creators for making my favorite game, even to this day.

  7. Damn shoulda tried the insect glaive. Literally feels like you're flying sometimes with the aerial combat

  8. And this is pretty much how I learned that Stun Resist + Divine Blessing are the best augments for a new player.
    Also Lance is ez mode, you just block all the hits and almost nothing can hurt you. Can't beat a monster – use a Lance.

  9. Now listen, dunkey, I love ya but imma be real with you, you're shit at monster hunter, you're just bad, like seriousely

  10. Hmmm… It's interesting how Dunkey took the route of making his failures for this video. This game can be quite frustrating and he does a good job capturing that. Then he captures that as long as you keep trying, you will succeed. Nice job Dunkey.

  11. fun fact, MHW (or to be exact, MH New Generation) are more easier than Old Generation such as 1st Generation and 2nd Generation that some high rank monster can 1 hit you with their casual attack

  12. "you fight a rock for the final boss"
    Well, it depends.
    Either it's the typical final boss, as in the giant blue moth dragon with human hands
    Or it's the last thing you're kinda supposed to fight to make sure you're ready for the expansion, as in, AT nergigante

  13. The only way I was able to keep calm in this game was by smoking vast amounts of weed. I blame Monster Hunter World for my crippling addiction to hentai now

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