Monster Family Official Trailer

Emma smacks strangle say don't be scared of the pyro dad have you stood up yourself you wouldn't get beaten up don't hit your brother all right anything man kicking an ordinary family might will totally kicking Phi X everyone's got their own little problem do you know what today is not science building until missed it hello Vampira the cost is dope it is practice King knows that song came Dracula you will transform this one into a vampire only work if the person isn't happy hey Baba Yaga wins like helping you I really think we can why miss hello I'm sorry and now the problems are that sad completely new I'm gonna kill friction you will choose to be unhappy only when happy they are huge there will become again either like a 3000 year old middle and dad is a gigantic barfing easier okay that's not so new

23 thoughts on “Monster Family Official Trailer

  1. WAIT WAIT WAIT… So, this frankie dad is same jaw long as vampire man? What the fuck? Tell me you know about Frankie dad's jaw same as vampire man's jaw long.

    P.S Reply me, if you agree!

  2. THIS IS SO AWESOME yo yo yo yo yo yo if you watch this then you'll get £200 I even got the money also you get anything you want for free

  3. This movie is good animation wise but holy f**kin s**t, the lip syncing is so awful I want to punch a wall

  4. I know I should say that this is a rip off of Hotel Transylvania but it's not because I mean it kind of maybe is but the fact is that would also mean that Hotel Transylvania is a rip-off of every other cartoon ever made ever because how many times have we seen a Halloween movie or some other thing like it where there is Dracula the Wolfman the mummy and Frankenstein's monster and countless other monsters all over the place in one spooky Castle…. come on guys let's be adults here and not just throw words at something for the most arbitrary of reasons.

  5. Wow. This movie is just bad. Theres no other word for it. Heres the flaws

    The idea of a family that turn into monsters feels quite cliché
    Oh and theres more clichés ahead of you
    The jokes are just not funny
    The messages are just so forced
    Dracula is that one guy who will basically kill everyone just because he isn't married with that one woman that has nothing to do with his life except her calling him, because thats definetly a reason to freeze earth and all its life
    The ending is the most cliché thing ive ever seen
    most of the family are assholes
    And more

  6. I'm gonna watch it I really like the trailer so I think the movie is gonna be cooler

  7. I watched the preview and it was way too predictable.Its boring too and even when I went to the toilet it dosen't really gove me the fear that I missed a good part.

  8. I just saw this movie on cinema and neither a 1 or 2 year old kid laughed. The movie has no sense and very cliché. Bad movie, sorry. 👎

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