Mo'Nique On Charlamagne Tha God: He's Caused Destruction In Our Community

I've seen and heard the destruction that that brother has done in our community I've heard the poison that he's pulled out over that air in our community has the podcast kind of helped your marriage I the the podcast wasn't meant to help the marriage the podcast was really meant to help me because before the podcast happened there were conversations that Syd and I were having because I was mentally ill and he was the only one that could have those conversations that would make me listen because he would say things to me that challenged me to my core that made me have conversations with myself and some of those conversations was very hard they were very um ego crushing it was it was it was challenging to a place where no one had ever challenged me before I was used to being the authority I was used to saying this is what it is is how it's gonna go especially when money got involved oh I'm really the boss now so no one had ever had the kind of conversations that would make me change my life and save my life do you feel like you have grown in the marriage with the podcast has it gotten better yeah yeah cuz I've gotten better okay it won't mean kind of like dealing with if you like to comment on that what does that mean you said mentally ill when you when you grow up in what's misery but it looks normal so you don't know to call it misery because it's normal behavior and I I was raised in a tension-filled home and I was raised around women that were mentally ill too and when I say mentally ill it's just a lot of things we were raised to believe and conditioned and the traditions that that's cemented in us and I wasn't willing to let it go I was I was strong in being mentally ill until my friend said let's have some conversations and there was those conversations that were taking me to my knees because no one had ever said it and put it like that before and I said to him I said daddy I know I'm not unique and I know there's a lot of people out there that's mentally ill just like me and could you please do this show so we can have these conversations because I believe it will save people's life you think the at least what you were dealing with is kind of connected to this big conversation now with african-americans and dealing with that is that kind of following that will you what you had personally going on when you said connected like them there's a big conversation now about mental illness in our community you know strong men to God he's one of the people that try to advocate it constantly I won't even accept that that he is advocating for mental illness stop it Lonard whichever camera is my known art you're advocating for mental he's big on that that's his thing why there was why that response to him on that that response to him one that is because I've seen and heard the destruction that that brother has done in our community I've heard the poison that he's pulled out over that air in our community now everyone's allowed to change let me say that everyone can wake up and say you know what I now see it differently but I think that's the only way we make change in our community is at first acknowledgeable were part of the damage so I say Lonard and we laugh but in all seriousness I think that that brother played a big part in the destruction of our community Neffe well not a big part because is his span of time doing what he's doing or has been doing I can't give him that type of negative credit but it's the equivalent of saying there's a level of perpetuation of Fame in a lack of empathy that I've seen him indulge in when I watched you know obviously Monique's interview with him now he's speaking in reference to women's rights and things of that nature where no one would question any of the Kings of Comedy the Kings of Comedy if you look at their career from the L to Steve Bernie to Cedric working consistently flowing no question you look at the Queens what's the difference and other than their women and there's a level of acknowledgement that wasn't given when you see him having the interview of Kanye and that man invites him out to his home and then after interviewing with him he's dunkey of the day there's a lack of empathy that this man gives to the community so if you're an advocate for it then that means you remove dunkey of the day and you understand that people make mistakes and or there's a level of consideration for people that I haven't seen him give because it's more about ratings it would appear somebody may have spoken to him and maybe he's opened his mind as hard and things of that nature but there's a coarseness to his energy there's a lack of connect to his people and it it it's odd to me when I hear people and see him or CNN and they talking to him as if he's some Authority he hasn't had the tenure in this life to have the authority because when you were an authority on dealing with people that same authority is accompanied by empathy and he has not yet been in the company to have accompanied empathy into his way of being at this juncture that I've seen so I don't want to say he's the reason why but it's just intriguing that you say that this is what he's a part of and hope that he's really about it and starts to be a little bit more considerate of others who may have made some mistakes along the way or what he considers to have made a mistake and speaking up for black women as she has as well as black women men which people don't know about cannot make you donkey of the day see while we're together

40 thoughts on “Mo'Nique On Charlamagne Tha God: He's Caused Destruction In Our Community

  1. I totally agree with Mo'nique and her husband when it comes to Charlamagne. Charlamagne is charlatan! He's a sold out puppet!

  2. Monique is like that aunty that you can always go talk to for advice and have great conversation with ❤️

  3. Oh the irony, a “comedian” that can’t take a joke. It’s just Donkey of the Day. Which she deserved.

  4. Wtf is this Kroger brand vlad tv garbage this lady is annoying as fuck she still mad about donkey of the day? Charlemagne and envy both got it multiple times there’s no way someone this thin skinned is a comedian

  5. Mo'Nique seem like that old grandma that says what she feels or what's on her mind. As she gets older she seems like she is losing her mind. Mo'Nique just sounds bitter because her window of fame is over. Her interviews are tired and getting old.

  6. Monique needs to stop talking about other people's money and career. We all don't have the same plan, and goals but we can't go around beating each other down because of it. That's her problem and why she doesn't get along with anyone.

  7. So well spoken! ❤️ 🙏 Now these days people put a price on everything even integrity and when you’re not among their trend you’re an outcast which is what’s happening to Mo , although she’s defending them but they’ll never understand that like Harriet Tubman says “ I could have freed A thousand more only if they knew they were slaves . Those kind of people still reproduce from generations to generations.

  8. I want a man who makes me wanna submit to him, when he's talking i soak in his wisdom… too much to ask from boys of my age tho (23) lol. i like how they are together.

  9. So let me get this right Charlemagne has poured "Poison and Destruction" in our communities….what about the US Government putting Drugs and guns and mass incarceration into our neighborhoods 🤔.

  10. To my knowledge as a people and speaking for a cause we can not be touched and there is a price we have to pay and it is death by out own kind or by a hater.

  11. FIRST OF ALL…they taking Charlemagne waaaay too serious…dude speaks truth sometimes but mostly he's trolling…RELAX!!!

  12. She tought that she was soning charlamagne, but he laughed her off and gave her another donkey of the day. Thats just funny

  13. c tha god is a hypocrite.. you can't be trying to advocate for mental illness while you personally tear down your own people but uplift a latina woman with no problems

  14. Booooooo boooooo. Charlamagne is fire. She said that charlamagne is distructive, because he gave her donkey of the day. Not because someone does not believe in your movement, it doesn't mean they are trash! Huh Monique! Huh. Idiot.

  15. They ain’t lying bout Charlamange! Couldn’t ever stand his brand of cruelty. I’ve never gotten his appeal.

  16. Monique looks good talking about integrity… but where was her integrity when she took that role in the movie Precious??? Does she actually have integrity now or is she soar that she has been blackballed and using whatever platform she has access to for striking back at Lee Daniel's and co?

  17. Man, Mo'Nique looks very much in love with her husband. And she looks SOOOO proud of him when he chimes in on Charlatan the Fraud.

  18. I respect Sydney for being the man he is. He is wise and empathetic and wisdom and empathy are traits I normally do not see in blacc men.

  19. What boggles the mind is why these two individuals believe they are an authority on how people should live/behave. All I ever hear from them is judgment upon everyone else. The same deficiencies they feel compelled to point out in others are the same deficiencies they suffer from.

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