Money Matters: Artificially intelligent toothbrush

on money matters soon a robot may tell you well how to brush your teeth and Walmart’s eliminating more greeters and some workers say they may feel targeted Jane Kim joins us now live from the Nasdaq with those stories and more in this morning’s money matters report hey good morning to you Jane good morning so Walmart is changing the job of ironmans for front door greeters that’s right precision and some say the changes discriminate against people in wheelchairs so greeters with disabilities in five states told NPR they expect to lose their jobs after April 25th of 26 this when Walmart’s gonna make this transition now it’s been eliminating the greeters and replacing them with what they call customer hosts and those are people who have expanded responsibilities so they take care of security they assist shoppers as well a Walmart is the largest private employer in the u.s. it has a lot of workers with disabilities as well a lot of apps that our kids use like tick tock yeah that’s what I get that they may not be safe yeah you know my kids were using this for a while and I heard some stuff on there I was like in a lot of blood parents the same way have Band tick tock so this uk-based organization the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children says it’s survey showed 25% of kids had live-streamed with a stranger now one in 20 kids were asked to do something in appropriate during that live stream or on the comments posted on the video tik-tok does require users be 13 but they don’t really have a way to verify age so Jane dare we say this out loud but some economists are saying that the US is due for a recession really we’ll about half of economists surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics says that they believe it’s time for a recession that we’re overdue as of June of this year this will be the longest economic expansion on a record so I think just sheer odds that we’ll be hitting a recession sometime later this year next year I’ll save and Procter & Gamble apparently working on a toothbrush with artificial intelligence yes so Procter & Gamble set to roll out this oral-b genius X electric toothbrush and it does use AI to track where people are brushing then a smartphone app will provide personalized details on the air that require additional attention the price by the way $279 Thank You Jane okay

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