Monday Morning Musings – S03E35 – Election Rhetoric

Hey folks! It me, Michael Bach, your Diversity Dude, and this is Monday Morning Musings. (♫♪) So I wore a different coloured shirt today because it had been pointed out to me that, like, eight weeks in a row I was wearing plaid, and in fact, two weeks in a row, wore the same shirt on the Monday. I, yeah, clearly needed to change it up so, welcome to pink! So the election is over. Ah…. (sings) Ah! (speaks) Thank goodness. I don’t know about you but 40 days is too long. I don’t know how Noah did it. That was enough, so… And it done, and it’s… whatever. I don’t really care who won, but a couple things I wanted to talk about with the election. First off, and I’m going to post an article down below, there was so much hate and anger and aggression and bile that spewed forward at me over the course of the entire election, but also, on E-day, and as you’ll see in the article, some of the things that were said about residents of Newfoundland and Labrador by residents of Alberta as they of course watched the Atlantic results come in an hour beforehand, before their polls closed. It’s just disgusting, and as I thought about it, like ‘where is that coming from?’, I realized, and let’s not blame Mango Mussolini to the south, it is being stirred up by our own politicians. And Andrew Scheer, absolutely guilty, but so is Justin Trudeau. The divisive conversation, and he’s owned up to it and I appreciate that, but Andrew Scheer hasn’t even stopped. He has said that his number one goal is to get Trudeau out of office. Still, today, after the election! No, your number one goal, your number one job, Mr. Scheer, is to be a sound opposition for as many years as the minority government stays in place. You have a responsibility, you are paid by people like me, to be the opposition. If you are such a power-hungry grub that all you care about is getting into office, then get out. You’re not the PMO or the PM… You’re on *in* the PMO… whatever, you get me. Not the point. It is because you are continuing to stoke the flame of anger and fear that this behaviour continues. And *all* politicians at every level need to knock it the heck off. We need to come together as a country, as Canadians. Whether you arrived on the shore 200 years ago or 2 weeks ago, we need to come together as one, because that’s what it is to be Canadian. Thanks for watching! (laughs) Please do remember to subscribe and like this video. Click the thumbs up because I’m in need of constant adoration. If you didn’t like it, don’t. Don’t click the thumbs down. Don’t. Don’t do it. Please remember to share this with your friends. Connect with me on social media. You can connect with me, I’m @diversitydudemb, and of course CCDI is @CCDISocial. Also remember to check out the podcast. Some really great episodes that we’ve been putting out there. You can go to or wherever you get your podcasts provided that it’s, you know, Spotify, Apple, and Google. I hope you have a fantastic week and I will see you next week for another episode of Monday Morning Musings. Bye! (♫♪)

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