Monarch Butterfly | Amazing Animals

and now it’s time for some more amazing animals number 49 the amazing monarch butterfly these lovely orange black and white creatures do absolutely incredible things found in North Central and South America and a few other places in the world the monarch butterfly starts life by being born on a milkweed leaf they quickly fatten up to become colorful caterpillars and it’s not long till they start the incredible transformation from pupae into something’s really rather magical then come on the Schmetterling ready for takeoff in only a matter of hours the monarch is ready to fly from baby egg to butterfly in just around a month it’s one of the most startling transformations of the whole animal kingdom the monarch butterfly can travel thousands of miles and when the wind is right even to Great Britain welcome to Great Britain some of the journeys are so long only the butterfly’s grandchildren get to make it home sometimes resting in the same tree as their grandparents before them Nathan faith on this branch coos oh great man everyone is here the monarch butterfly certainly deserves to be called amazing animal

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