Mom Of Soldier Who Died At Hands Of Fellow Soldiers Hopes For Death Penalty

A YUBA CITY MOTHER PLEADING FOR THE DEATH PENALTY IN HER DAUGHTER’S MURDER. 3 THE BODY OF MISSING ARMY SOLDIER “SHADOW MCCLAIN” WAS FOUND EARLIER THIS WEEK… AND INVESTIGATORS SAY SHE DIED AT THE HANDS OF TWO FELLOW SOLDIERS. NEW TONIGHT– C-B-S 13’S JENNIFER MCGRAW SPOKE TO MCCLAIN’S MOTHER AND HAS THE STORY. 3 4:53″Shadow’s amazing. She is amazing and didn’t deserve this,”It was supposed to be a welcome home to celebrate 5 years of service in the United States Army, but it’s with empty hearts they’ll never again see their daughter, Shadow McClaine.2:09″It’s hell a living hell,”McClaine was reported missing in September after she failed to report for duty at Fort Campbell.That’s is until this week, her remains were found.2:44 “Holding onto hope that maybe she was still alive, even however small, that’s what I was holding onto. On Wednesday we lost that hope and lost a part of me,”Two fellow soldiers Sgt. Jamal Williams- McCray and Spc. Charles Robinson were charged in November with murder, kidnapping and conspiracy in the case. Jamal was Shadow’s ex-husband.5:55″The only thing she is guilty of is falling in love with an evil narcissist,” 3:18″I want them sentenced and I want them dead,”London Wegrzyn says her daughter asked to be transferred in fear for her life and believes something should’ve been done. 4:10″I 100 percent not only fully blame the two soldiers involved, I blame the United States Army for failing my daughter,”Her mother says McClaine would have been 26- years-old and enrolling into college this spring. TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY.. THE FAMILY SAYS THERE’S A FAKE GO FUND ME PAGE ONLINE AND NOT TO BE FOOLED INTO DONATING TO IT.. 3 NEW TONIGHT– THE COMMUNITY OF TRACY CAME TOGETHER TONIGHT– TO HOLD A VIGIL FOR THEIR NEIGHBOR AND FRIEND, JAYDA JENKINS… WHOSE CAR SKIDDED OFF A ROAD IN ALAMEDA COUNTY NEARLY A WEEK AGO, AND PLUNGED INTO A

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