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cookies oh wow that's right cookies looks like some babies were born some littlest petshop babies that is ooh okay I absolutely love these love these love these these are part of the surprise families from littlest Banta okay what is so awesome about these families is that uh-oh I think one of the babies got mixed up and is with the wrong family so here we have our little baby pandas and we have some cute little bunnies there's a total of four different families in this set so here's two of them we have our puppy family all add a bunch of cute candies that were born so let's check it out and see if we can put these babies with their right family all right so let's open up this first one of the pandas alright so here her cute little pandas so here we'll start with pity link to marbled I love how she is just sitting so cutely so let's take a look at her babies so walking on in oh look at those big yellow eyes that this is little Pamela link so cute we also have these little deco bits that we can decorate them with which one should we put on Pamela hmm how would this blue cluster of flowers there we go so cute next little baby pandas landing on in is Priscilla oh I think she would love the little bamboo there we go we can put the little bamboo right on her our next little baby is Bartleby Oh perfect we should put the little leaf on bartleby little spot right there on the ears for Bartleby and our last little baby panda well looks like Elsa is holding a little baby prudence and we'll just put a little tiny flower on her hair oh look at mom and all of her babies now let's check out our little bunny surprise family so what are these babies is with the wrong mom so let's go ahead and take them on out look so bouncing on in we have our mom little Beatrice Beatrice the beautiful Bonnie look at how cute she is with her beautiful beautiful blue eyes and little fluffy Cottontail her little baby bunnies are little Keisha here why don't we put this butterfly deco bit on her she's gonna have a butterfly next little baby is blossom oh she looks like she is ready to chomp on a carrot okay then we have a carrot that go bit next little baby is baby Berkeley and little pitbulls which we have plenty of deco bits to go around there you go and a little bow for you we even have a pearl headband for Mom well it looks like the baby's got all mixed up so let's put them with their right families mom you look just like mom I think this one's a kitty oh so we'll go ahead and we'll take our little tiny kitty and put her in with this family ooh but this basket sure looks totally full with cute kittens so which one doesn't belong so here's our little kitty so there's one of our kitties here's the next one here we go whoop in the litter box and our last little kitty hop on out Oh so which one of these babies just doesn't quite belong in this family who is it which one made the barking sound oh well it has to be this baby because look at that short little tail versus these long candy tails oh that's right that puppy dog wants to be with its mom oh we have a whole bunch of puppies in here okay let's see if we can make the right match so let's open up the gate and let the dogs out and take a closer look oh well I bet she's happy to have her baby puppy back huh all right so who doesn't belong to this puppy family okay get a good look at him here next one come on out come on out they all look like they belong last little puppy wait a minute that doesn't look like a puppy that looks like a panda it's penny Ling's baby panda oh so let's take this little baby and give this baby back to mom oh but there's no room in the basket all right who doesn't spit with this mom I think this mama Bunny's looking for her baby all right let's check it out okay you look like a little cute panda you look like a little panda yeah with the bamboo are definitely a panda oh but this little baby this little baby with the long ears is definitely a bunny what the surprises continue in my next video I will hey cookies how well were you paying attention to the video did you notice that this cookie from a cookie fan was hiding out with one of the families but which family had the cookie was it the dog family the Panda family the funny family or the kitty family put your answer below in the comment section if you saw that cookie I think it was only there for just a second hi cookie fans

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