Modern Masculinity series two: talk to us

Why are we doing a second series? Because, if I do a second series I can
justify watching lots of Joe Rogan – What are you doing?
Like, what are you doing? Yeah, what are you doing
Iman at work? And I’m just sitting there watching
Joe Rogan three hours in, ‘some research’. – Who f&%king green lit this? I’m genuinely, genuinely, on a serious
level interested in this subject, that’s why I’m doing a second series. And also because we didn’t cover
everything in the first one. – What is masculine? – So is there a war on
masculinity? – A crisis of masculinity
sweeping across Britain. – What have we become
in this country? Ok, cool. So, we’re going to come back
with a series two of modern masculinity. Yeah, super duper!
That’s nice! I get a lot of messages now on
social media with people saying, ‘I’d like you to look at this or this or this’
so I’m here to ask you to give me suggestions, of people that I should speak to,
areas that I should look at. Loads of the last series came from
your suggestions and we listened to everything that people were saying.
So yeah, that’s what we’re about to do again! There are a few specific areas that
have been suggested to me, or that I’ve read up on a little bit
just to get the ball rolling. One of those areas is dads,
dads at work specifically. – What do I do? What do I do? In the
name of God you’ve got to tell me! Also, I am interested to speak to
people about ageing as a man. – You’ve just turned 50 how’s that
working out for you? – Well I did four shows this weekend and
I was tired and that never happens. I was tired from telling jokes and my
back hurt. So, maybe that is something. I don’t want to set up too many parameters
for this, they are just general areas that I and the rest of the people who work
on this series are really interested in. But yeah if you have a suggestion, pop
it down below in the comments section. Or alternatively you can look in the
description box, there’s also a link you can submit your responses there
so they won’t be seen by people and you can be a bit more detailed if
you feel like that’s what you want to do. Or alternatively you can reach out
to me on Twitter or Instagram. Like, comment and subscribe to stay
up to date and be updated when we eventually do this. Yep, that’s it!

100 thoughts on “Modern Masculinity series two: talk to us

  1. This will probably be an unpopular opinion, but maybe you can interview some mainstream feminist and ask her what do they want to do away with with regard to men's role in society. You have interviewed plenty of men in the first series, so you are uniquely positioned to challenge the feminist talking points, playing men's advocate of sorts ("OK, you say this, but the men I've talked to have told me that…"). Because as a young man, I feel like the rug has been pulled from under me when it comes to acceptable male behaviour. I am not sure what is and isn't acceptable anymore. Take controversy, for example. Is the guy guilty for knowing what he wants from that date and being assertive about it? AFAIK there was a lot of support for the writer and the accuser.

    Whatever you choose to focus on, I'll keep watching you because you are the example of what modern femininity should strive for.

  2. How much are over-woke leftwing feminists and "transgender" activists to blame for men not allowed to be real men anymore?

  3. It might be difficult to arrange and I know that you addressed Jordan Peterson to some extent, but can you please try talking to him directly this time? He’s has helped many young men face their challenges (me included) and I simply want more people to realize how and why he is so influential.

  4. As a long time single male, yes; mostly by choice, why are men only allowed to be defined in relationship. My own experience is that as soon as someone discovers I am single and living alone; I must be looking for a relationship (with all the variations involved there) or I'm some sort of damaged pervert. That can run the gamut (depending on their own view of the world) from homosexual to pedophile; to just damaged goods in general.

  5. I would like to explore masculinity and race. Does race impact a males idea of what his masculine identity should be and how.
    Look forward to the second series 😊

  6. I think it’s good to talk about what masculinity exactly is, because i think everyone has a different understanding on it

    Also a video about the stigmas and struggles that many men face, whether that be a crisis of identity, suicide or stigmas around feeling weak etc.

  7. please talk to:
    ContraPoints (Natalie Wynn) a trans woman, who covers the far right and their exploiting of the crisis in modern masculinity to recruit young white men.

  8. Delighted to see you looking at a second season. We had a mini back and forth on the last episode in the comments about what the crisis of masculinity looks like in the 30 and 40 and even 50 something year old middle class men in professional jobs.

    I feel like many of that group didn't grow up with a similar experience of manhood to their fathers and frankly, didn't have it as hard. They didn't have a war (bar Iraq), they didn't have that initiation of manual work and manly tasks.

    So now we've got this wave of beer making kits, or vegetable gardens and hobbies that are kind of faux manly. I count myself "guilty" within that group. I've got a job and a baby and a pregnant wife and I provide, but I also feel like I haven't done the kind of manly things I associate with my dad or the generations before him. I managed to put a gutter on my shed and I'm still riding that wave.

    I feel like a lot of this is driven by the change in the work that we do and the tasks required to live having changed so much, that there's a swathe of men who haven't had that manly upbringing or opportunity and feel lesser for it.

    To be fair, becoming a dad and the aging of men will touch on this, but I think the changes in how we work and get validated is causing a crisis in that same ageing dad group that hasn't been reconciled or discussed much.

  9. My favorite part about "modern masculinity" is how psycho leftists are making men pretend to become women and take everything women worked so hard for. 👌 They cry about the "patriarchy" yet watch and encourage men to wear a dress and destroy women at sports and so much more… Dumbest MFs ever building a world where men are top of mens sports and men are top of womens sports… That would be the opposite of destroying a "patriarchy" really smart people how can i reach such levels of "woke"? LOL DUHHHHHH!!!!

  10. Get true geordie and laurence for bit of a change…. Also if you get Peterson also get Sam Harris for a ballenced point of view

  11. Oliver Thorne of philosophy tube, & Vaush. As always natalie Wynn contrapoints just had a very interesting video on masculinity.

  12. I just returned from a weekend mens workshop called 'the new masculinity'-
    Would highly recommend getting in touch with these guys as they have helped me and many others

  13. Would be amazingly intresting if you where to talk about female hetrosexuality and masculinity. Like how feminist ideals about toxic masculinity relates to the sexual longing and arousal for hetrosexual women. Is it true that hetro women are attracted to more streotypcally masculine men and what do that mean for the feminist ideals of men becoming more ok to be less masculine? Like is there a dubble edged sword for hetro women there.

  14. What should be the role of men in the 21st century? In the past the expectation of what a man should be was pretty well defined (marry young and have children, be the breadwinner, have a tough exterior, fight for your country when called to). Nowadays however those notions seem outdated, so what's the alternative? Is there even such a thing as a right or wrong lifestyle choice for men? Could the freedom to chose even be a problem in itself, leading to more men feeling directionless and not knowing what they should do with their lives?

  15. Teens …some teens as young as 12 years old up to young women up to 25 years old have pledged to people of excellent influence and friends in their lives, to remain virgins…a topic to be openly discussed with men of all ages ..on understanding, respecting, encouraging, being discreet ..etc. .. moi, canada 🇨🇦 🤗

  16. More on males from different parts of society. Office workers, hipsters, actors, etc men who are more comfortable in modern society that what's been seen so far.

  17. It's not masculinity. It's behaviour. Why don't you also make a series on modern femininity? Women acting like they are men, having aggressive character traits… it seems that when there is feminism, women are less feminine. And there's lots of toxic women around, does being a woman also need to be redefined?

  18. WTF did I just watch I was looking for trash compactor reviews and I end it up watching this ooohh wait this is trash talking 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  19. You should go interview feminists, LGBTQ+ activists, and other's who might have a different perspective to the likes of Jordan Peterson etc. I think it could potentially show the disparaged perspective that many "politically charged" people seem to have on masculinity. Your last series showed men wanting to step up to the plate and be better, now it would be interesting to find what kind of challenges they face.

  20. I loved the first part and cannot wait to see the second (actually, i'd rather wait then to see this rushed – take your time!). I've seen a lot of comments about talking to famous people in the space. I think we already know what they have to say and i'd like to see a continued approach of the last series. Talking to "normal" people and groups. Maybe with different families out of different classes. I agree that talking to men affected by divorce would be a good idea (i have seen this one in the comments here), maybe even someone falsely accused by a women with something metooey, but – like in the first series – not only those voices. I trust your instincs with this.

  21. Self-care and positive self-talk is extremely hard for me (and I imagine other men?). It just seems so fake when my inner dialogue is kind to myself, which is unhealthy. I can only motivate via self-flagellation using negative words.

  22. Not sure if you've been in touch with her already, but Angela McRobbie is an academic who has looked into modern masculinity in the past.

  23. A larger percentage of men (compared to women) seek money, power or muscles. I would be interested to know why? Most of the men I have met who are emotionally mature and self aware do not seek these things and don't consider masculinity a thing

  24. The epitome of masculinity and ageing well is called Sean Connery. Talk to him for any relevant insight on the subject. Handle with care, though….

  25. Talk to JJ Bola, he has recently wrote a book about this. Also teenagers aged 18 and above. And men who are in their early 30s.

  26. Bristol band Idles touch on toxic masculinity regularly in their songs. Their recent album was nominated in the Mercury Prize and their singer Joe Talbot often sings openly about the subject and it’s effect in society and people in general. Would love to see an interview him, very insightful.

  27. redman group,eliout hulse he just had a conference describing masculinity in a way that is very eloquent, they also dissect the many major problems that men face nowadays especially the psychology between men and women. they are not relatively known but if u get in to look em up and get in touch with them im sure u can work something out.

  28. Good luck with convincing those you've completely alienated with intersectionalism willing to talk to you.

    That's about 80 percent of all men.

  29. One area that I'd love to see investigated is the stigma of male kindergarten/junior school teachers. There is a real shortage of male role model figures in these schools but the stigma and unfounded suspicion that surrounds any man who wants to be around kids is very damaging.

    Also, incel culture is quite fascinating. It's toxic but there must be reasons behind the attitudes these guys have. Maybe speaking to people who used to be 'incels' but have come through it and can explain what drove their anger would be interesting.

  30. I’m glad you all are back. I think men outside the UK need this too…🇺🇸 I enjoyed the first season. Way to go.

  31. Ahhh I definitely don't want to see a video on modern masculinity by a modern girl.. o.O

    Mgtow because the woman are sickly these days. Their ways will now stop human progress

  32. Ideas:
    how masculinity is portrayed in popular culture (conflicting ideals),
    what the supposed feminist ideal of masculinity might be,
    how trans men conceive of masculinity and display it,
    and the growth of stay at home dads.

  33. Have you tried talking to men who take part in adrenaline sports like skateboarding or mountain biking? These sports are unfortunately often male dominated and full of testosterone but they are also close knit and very supportive groups of men who buzz off pushing limits and encouraing each other.

  34. Everything was better when woman had their say in PRIVATE by shear influence of men who had power to create and destroy. (The old idea of what marriage was)

  35. I did a masters degree at a top university and its an observation among some of my friends that lots of people who I went to uni with who did PhDs and haven't been as successful finding stable work are tending to have more radical and extreme views about women, race and big 'culture wars' issues. We think it's no coincidence that its to do with their sense of masculinity at not being in the kind of work they were expecting and having the lives they were expecting.

    Thanks for doing this project

  36. You should talk about how social isolation can lead people to seek out extreme ideology (far right or far left). There's a way that ideology preys on people looking for somewhere to belong.. and I reckon it's a big part of our current ideological divide. Do we suffer from this in a way that women don't ? I wonder..

  37. Now just imagine a man doing a series on femininity? Feminists would be howling like banshees about mansplaining and entitlement, blah blah blah.
    Or even a man doing a series on the subject. We’d get “masculinity so fragile”. Some fat feminist drinking from a cup that has “male tears” written on it.

    There’s all you need to know about masculinity in 2019 – it’s sneered at and derided. Especially by far-left rags like The Guardian.

  38. The wage gap as it relates to the number of companies run by male CEO's and to biologically driven male assertiveness. Also the fact that while the "average" man earns more, he is expected to behave as if he does even if he doesn't and then ultimately dies a lot sooner than the spouse in a heterosexual monogamous relationship.

  39. OLD DOG

    Feeling stiff and sleepy like an old dog

    Chasing cars in its dreams – desultorily

    Rerunning chases from the catalogue

    Of escapes that came with the territory

    I am as they say – a bit passed it:

    Pulling up short from cats scrambling up trees

    Hopeless now at scaring postmen a bit

    Or chasing gulls lifting off with the sea breeze.

    Not the kind of guard dog you want on watch

    Or a young pup to be shocked by Pavlov,

    I’m no longer hard to keep on the porch:

    Tending to scratch awhile and then doze off.

    But every dog has its day or so they say

    And I’d be barking mad to have had it any other way.

  40. This should be hilarious. Does Cosmo, – oh, I mean the Guardian – actually have any male readership left?
    Go MGTOW – it's the only way to go

  41. As a 48 year old man I'm so glad I'm not Bill Burr or Joe Rogan or Piers Morgan. The phrase 'modern masculinity' makes my skin crawl. The idea of men 'getting together' & discussing 'what it means to be a man' is like being offered a bowl of cold sick & instructed to sip it slowly forever.

    If I could sum up my experience of being born male it would be this- an ongoing process of being required to LIVE DOWN everything other men do

  42. 1) Bruce Springsteen, he's one of the most respected and admired "man's man" in the world. He's also articulate and quite brilliant.
    2) Noel Gallagher would be a laugh. He also seems like someone who can give the subject a fresh look, having the life he's had and beign the constant abuse target from a ridicolously alpha male like his (not very) dear brother.
    3) Rogan's the obvious choice, but i guess he's coming anyway.
    4) Sean Lock, just for him to sow a bit of mayhem.

  43. Talk about dads rights because there's a lot of good dads who are not able to play a part in their kids lifes, due to angry ex partners who won't let them. and some don't even care about the negative impact it has on the children's wellbeing and upbringing…
    We need a reform in the law…

  44. I wonder what the man-haters in the Guardian are worried about? Is it because men aren't getting married; that they're beginning to stop paying for stuff; avoiding all unnecessary contact with women not just in work but also social contexts/associations?

  45. MGTOWs believe that female nature is manipulative, and that they cannot be trusted. They believe that the societal system is stacked in favor of women, and as such involvement with them is dangerous, or a diminishing return at best for any man with any woman. A common phrase is “the juice is just not worth the squeeze anymore, if it ever was.” There is no misogyny in it, just pure apathy. Anything that even resembles misogyny coming from MGTOW is the Red Pill Rage phenomenon. Men new to understanding the truth, tend to get angry and bitter. Like the stages of grief, a man eventually moves past this point at his own speed. What often passes as misogyny here is simply equality. MGTOW either don’t engage with women, or limit their engagement with them. If there is any engagement at all, it is generally on the same terms as with a man. “When you are among the privileged class, being treated equally seems like oppression..” MGTOW will not pursue women for sex/relationships, they will not wolf whistle or ogle women, they will not marry them, or invite them to move in. Casual sex is as close of an engagement that is available from an MGTOW, and it will not bear a relationship or children ever. Given what seems to be the current views and objectives of feminists, one would think that MGTOW is the perfect compliment. Casual sex, with no strings attached, and no further engagement of any kind. Given the vitriol, apparently that is not the case.

  46. Hi Iman… The Guardian posted a video today about a campaign to criminalise what they termed as "street harassment".

    Which got me thinking… Maybe you could look into the increasing demonisation/discouragement of men's sexuality (incl. in young boys) and the increasing encouragement/elevation of women's sexuality (incl. in young girls)?? And how this effects the power dynamic between men and women and what it might mean for society (or humanity, if you fancy tackling a bigger cookie)??


  47. Why women scream about being equal but always attracted to masculine dominating men that they can look up to. Basically look into hypergamy, and how masculinity is treated by women privately (they love it) and then publically (they vilify it)

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