Modern Educayshun

Welcome. Ignore that. It will end. Now, our first question 1 + 1 Yes Two Incorrect Yes? Multiculturalism. Well done, Simon. Next question What is 3 x 3? Yes? 9? Wrong! Yes, Penelope. Gender equality? Very good, Penelope. Is this a joke? You think gender equality is a joke? No, but isn’t this a math class? Don’t be so racist! I just asked a question! We don’t ask questions! Questions are offensive! Yeah! Now students, I trust you have all completed your research assignments. And remember the person with the highest mark will be flying to New York to present their paper at the World Mathematic Summit. Well done, Penelope. 6/10. You too, Simon. 6/10. Hey! Be careful! You’ve been staring at her for ten seconds! What? It is a form of harassment to stare at a woman for more than 15 seconds straight! And when I use the term straight, I don’t want to offend any persons of a non-traditional sexual preference. And when I use the term “non-traditional”, I don’t mean to offend any persons who oppose… historically normalized… OK, I get it! Unfortunately, Sunshine, your research assignment is only worth a 1/10. I’ve used Fourier transform in mathematical methods in electronics to analyze the electro-diagrams of at risk patients and calculate their risk of experiencing a heart attack. I mean, it’s a new method but it could potentially save thousands of lives. 7. You barely even read it. You used red pen. What? Red is considered offensive in many religions. Why would you belittle everything down to a singular color… …when humanity is a rainbow of beauty and spirituality? Yeah! OK, fine, 7/10! But that still means I get to go to the summit, right? The marking process isn’t over yet. Now, because we live in a society based on equality The total amount of marks ought to be divided equally among our students. You’ve got to be kidding me! Well done, students, we’re all equal We’re all average! Yay! But then who gets to go to the summit? We haven’t added our privilege points yet! Don’t you know anything? That is correct. Now, Penelope, you are female, so that’s +1 privilege point. However you are white, so that’s -1. I’m also bisexual. +1, that leaves you with a total score of 6/10. Simon, unfortunately you’re straight, white and male and cis-gender… Yes, so that’s -4 privilege points, which leaves you with a total score of 1. It’s only fair. Now, you. You’re male and I don’t like you, so that’s -2 privilege points But you are brown and sexually ambiguous. So that’s +2. That leaves you with a total score of 5. Wait, why am I sexually ambiguous? And finally Sunshine! Hum… I’m gay, I’m trans, I’m asian I’m overweight, I’m lower class, I’m unintelligent, unattractive I’ve got hairs on my nipples And I also got body odor. And I can’t really run properly or tie my shoelaces by myself. And I once watched a pigeon die. Wonderful, Sunshine. That’s 13 privilege points! That leaves you with a total score of 18/10! Well done, Sunshine, you’re going to New York! Hurray Sunshine! We knew you could do it! Let me see this! They’ve just written “Equality” and drawn love hearts on a piece of paper! He expressed himself and it’s beautiful! He didn’t even spell “Equality” correctly! We don’t discriminate! This has nothing to do with mathematics! You think you’re so great with your maths and your science and your facts? What about feelings, huh? Yeah, feelings are more important than facts! Yeah! This is wrong! You’re all crazy! Stop violating me with your different opinion! I have the right to speak my mind! No, we have the right not to be offended! And that’s more important! And if you don’t stop verbally assaulting us, we will be forced to attack you in self-defense! You can’t do that. Actually, we have every right to do so. And it’s illegal for you to fight back. Yeah! This is insane. Prepare to die, and know that social justice won. Death! Sunshine! Welcome! Ignore that, it will end.

100 thoughts on “Modern Educayshun

  1. How could you dislike this? Like are you mentally ill, I’m pretty sure it’s a parody of people being ridiculous. Are some people really that dense now days?

  2. The dividing points thing made me think of back in the 70s when the Nobel prize was about to awarded to a Chinese scientist the country decided that it was everybody’s achievemement so China put everyone in that research facility in the list to be awarded. Including the janitor, China is better now but there are still problems

  3. This is what happens when you declare war upon everything masculine and elevate everything feminine above it. Feelings over facts.

    I'm 4 years late to the party but this was Brill.
    It was painful watching for the same reason that I don't watch The Simpsons (documentary… OK, well… except for the yellow submarine and evolution episodes… those were cool), it was TOO real. This must be big in China these days. Whoops… I mentioned the name of a nation…. points off since we are all the same race…. that would be the Rat Race – wouldn't it?

  5. You shouldn’t cast cis people as trans characters. There’s something to be said about not being able to find a trans person for your little false victim hood “short film”

  6. "For there is going to come a time when people won't listen to the truth but will go around looking for teachers who will tell them just what they want to hear. They won't listen to what the Bible says but will blithely follow their own misguided ideas" – 2 Timothy 4:3-4 (The Living Bible)

    "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." – Gorge Orwell

    We have been warned since the beginning of time, freedom of speech is slowing dying and telling the truth is now an act of hatred and harrassment to such people like these. We need to wake up, the end is near.

  7. This makes my head hurt I really wanna meet people like this so I can debate the shit outta them and show them how fucking stupid they are

  8. Hahaha people are trying to be more accepting and some fuckheads are taking it too far isn’t that so funny you guys

    Yeah let’s make every video on this platform about it cause it’s so funny

    It’ll never get old right guys

  9. You guys don’t get that people are saying this is scary because it’s starting to become a reality not that it’s totally real like you won’t find a teacher doing that but you will find people getting kicked out of college for just having a certain set of believed or a Free Speech zone and the rest is not etc etc

  10. I have no words to describe this utterly disgusting video it ruins the image of 2019 and the future. think about how it will impact future generations and to come I respect lgbts and less prelivged people but this cant go on forever everyone now is a snowflake fucking unacceptable. why cant we focus on problems which have a factor our environment the Amazon, ice caps melting and climate change why not get UN to change their despicable policies which affect third world countries honestly they deserve to have privileges 1st world countries already have too much privileges.

  11. Ohh I see if this was to happen humans would devolve and die out just saying this is simply to dumb, I believe everyone is great and can do what they wish, but to see this society nope it can’t exist, one reason is we will devolve, aliens or other people can overthrow us, and most importantly the human race would extinct as do to no one being able to fight back animals could kill you you know. And one thing if this continues at the end even if you don’t want your feelings to get hurt it is still going to get hurt.

  12. 2015: 100 dislikes, because "I just think it's not that funny."
    2019: 34000 dislikes, because "Dur makun fun of ma feeluns :,-( :,-(…"

    Earth is turning into the universe's half-open insanity ward…

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