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so I'm incredibly honored to be here and the reason why is that I consider mine valley to be one of the most important players in this space in terms of accelerating the direction of humanity so thank you so much for having me so learning from Lisa I've got my snap my snap is I accelerate awakening with technology to help people feel confident and loving and in tune and to unlock their gifts and who do you know who is interested in doing that raise your hand okay great thank you Lisa so I have a couple of things that might seem counterintuitive to start out with but it will frame the talk and we're gonna move really fast I'm going to leave my slides with MindValley so you guys can get them the number one is that awakening is easy it's integration that's hard number two the problem with technology is not that it's bad it's that it's not good enough yet and this is the most exciting time to be alive and each of you is incredibly precious I'm so inspired by my conversations with people and the dedication of this group to awakening and so when we get to the who as we move through the presentation you'll see how important you specifically are the structure is what's going on as society our research on awakening and then from a technology standpoint what to expect and I have this in here so that you can really be inspired so you can see how much momentum is happening in the world around technology to support human development so one of the questions I start with is what is the next human agenda you've all her re who wrote home odious and sapiens he says that it is longevity happiness some augmentation and Happiness is sort of a interesting word in that it's it doesn't really capture it I think that it's more about fulfillment meaning belonging purpose self-awareness self-knowledge but when you look around the world today it seems like there's so much conflict going on and people wonder and they feel at a loss and it's easy to feel overwhelmed but if you look at many objective measures life is better now than it has been in many many years like this is the best time to be alive from electricity to girls in school to GDP I mean it's an extraordinary time to be alive meanwhile there is the rise of AI and the software line and you might have heard a lot about this and so we're moving into a place as we start to use more and more software and automation that we are going from doing to being but the thing is is that our school system most of our traditional infrastructure is designed designed to get people ready for this and not this and so this guy knew we weren't really good at being and then MIT just put out a report where they looked at what were the jobs what were the skills that one would need to be employable by 2030 and they were all inner skills they were all things that you get better at based on your level of self-awareness and your ability to connect with one another and so the work that you're doing in the work that MindValley is doing isn't just about your personal development this is about the future of the human race the future of work so the question that I spent a lot of time thinking about is how do we wire humanity for the future and what does that mean so all of our technologies are on exponential curves but human development is not how do we answer this question it's one of the reasons why I'm so excited by MindValley because the platform that they have in the quest system that they're putting in place are ways to put human development on an exponential curve and so the gap between the two is dangerous and it's showing up other people have talked about these stats so I won't go deeply into them but these conditions are accelerating around the world across countries across cohorts across cultures and you know some of the things loneliness is harder for has a greater implication on health then even obesity and so you know we're in the crunch and there's many people who feel well I'm not depressed I'm not lonely I'm not stressed it's you know it's not really a problem but one of the things you know there's a lot of there's a lot of things about Facebook but because they have so much psychological data at scale there's a few things that have been proven one of which is emotional contagion which essentially is when you behave in a certain way whether it's loving or aggressive it shows up and affects other people that's something that in our communities you know we've talked about and it's it's in many ways it's something that we would like to believe but I am here to tell you that it is absolutely true so he did this study where they change people's feeds to show happy post and sad post and then monitored the people with those accounts to see whether they then posted happier posted sad and they posted sad it was incredibly irresponsible because the people who are on the sad feeds if they had been on the line of something it could have had devastating results but what it did do is it proved that the way that you feel in the way that you show up makes a really big difference and so you know for better for worse that's what it did and so we're in a place where we're seeing populism sweep the goal globe when I look at this what I see is fear these people are afraid abundant beneath all of these belief systems they're afraid but the last 10 years and the last year has been one of the greatest in human achievement so it's absolutely clear that we need a scalable accessible affordable means to uplevel the psychology of the human race so this is the well-being spectrum the way that we see it at my lab and in the community that I lead and so you know there's probably areas that you're more interested in than others but you'll see on the far side is human support this is stress depression anxiety people with acute needs in the middle is what I call the human condition this is happiness loneliness connection empathy this is adulting you know becoming a human adult you deal with these things and then the far part is exponential well being what is truly possible for Humanity and I think what's really exciting is many of the contemplative traditions and a lot of the work that you do leads towards this enhanced mental and emotional capacity are gifts unlocked and persistent non symbolic consciousness which is the focus of our research a lot of our research which is the academic term for enlightenment awakeness oneness transcendence unity consciousness there's about 200 over 200 terms for it so this is our research on awakening that I'm about to take you through but first I have to tell you how I got here as was mentioned I used to work in video games and my last position Iran World of Warcraft China I operated World of Warcraft China which is the largest branch of the largest MMORPG in the world and I you know it was it was great I enjoyed it very much then I went on a meditation retreat and I had an awakening and for those of you who have had that experience you kind of know at the end of it I could not go back to what I was doing what I found for me personally was that in ten days I felt happier than I've ever felt in my life and I wasn't afraid and I was so clear and focused that I wanted to share this with the world that I want to share this with my loved ones it seemed amazing to me that something could be so close at hand and something that I had you know longed for really in my life and so I changed my life and I started I came back to the u.s. I started the transformative technology lab and conference with dr. Jeffrey Martin and we started a continuation of his research on persistent non-symbolic consciousness and so you know this is a map of the US but there's actually these people live all over the world but this is the way that they experience life some of the specifics about it the ability to focus deeply at will an experience a flow that's life flow not task flow and there's a difference and a deep deep inner quiet this is I'll let you guys read this for a second but this is the overall profile of what persistent non-symbolic experience or consciousness feels like most of the people who get here work for it through meditation and you might imagine that they look like this and they do but they also look like this and they look like you and so what many people also don't realize is that there was another part of Maslow's hierarchy he studied self transcendence he just didn't publish on it widely and this was the idea that after you've actualized after you've transformed yourself in all these different ways there's a place where you realize that the self that you've actualized you don't need it anymore and this gets into non self and all of that so just to give you a little bit of framework for the first study so Geoffrey Martin dr. Jeffery Martin who is my partner my business partner he did his PhD on the psychological profile of awakening he studied 1,200 people over eight years all traditions around the world qualitative and quantitative assessments some bio data and what they discovered was that there are essentially four locations this is not a progression pass this is not a lineage it's not intended to be it's simply a psychological profile but the thing that I found so exciting about it is that two people in the same lineage who are in different locations they have less in common than people from different traditions in the same location so to make it simple what this showed is it allowed you to compare the experience of a Carmelite nun and it's a bet in luton Buddhist monk in how they were experiencing reality in terms of emotion cognition perception and sense of self so psychological measures what it means is that awakening an Enlightenment doesn't belong to any one tradition it belongs to all of us and that's really exciting so this is I'm gonna let you read through a couple of locations really fast this is location one fundamental sense of okayness kicks in I'll provide all of this to you guys so I know I'm going fast not really triggered anymore you trust in how things are location two it's the beginning of non-duality self thoughts continue to fade you start to feel like there is a correct way to do things it's a knowingness it's the knowingness that people talk about location three it's very there's one emotion that remains that feels like a combination between loves can – and joy and it's subtly dual and then the last one is location four and this is you know no thoughts of self and I have a ton more data but I'm not going to take you through it instead I'm going to show you the second study we did so that first study only showed people who are already in the state what we needed to know in order to find a way to hack it was we needed to find people who were not in the state and pushed them into the state so we developed a program where the purpose was to see if we could create that trigger and this is an overview of it for millennia mankind has asked the question Who am I in pursuit of an eternal truth across all cultures all traditions and all philosophies with dedicated practice and commitment these explorers of the inner world would spend a lifetime just to catch a glimpse of an answer to this question and those who caught more than just a glimpse found something indescribable something beyond the limitations of the self and awakening into a persistent state of inner peace and well-being the state of flow joy yet there are no guarantees for the adventurous there are those who seek but do not find on this quest dedicating years to practices that yield no fruit having no map for awakening but in 2006 a group of scientists set out to research the phenomenon of awakening traveling across six continents and studying various lineages they cataloged over one and over the course of ten years and nine trials they isolated 26 is the most effective a millennia of wisdom distilled into 26 practices combined with the best methods that Western psychology has discovered for lasting happiness and well-being the finders course protocol is the first road map to awakening integrating ancient wisdom with modern science to safely quickly and reliably bring about transformation built using gold standard psychological measurements and the latest biometric technologies the subjective experience of awakening has finally been made objectively and most importantly the protocol works 99% of participants reported significant improvements in key scientific metrics of well-being reduce stress reduce negative emotion decreases in depression increases in overall happiness increased sense of life meaning even significantly improved relationships and for the majority seventy-three percent of participants experienced what can only be described as an awakening a shift into a persistent state of inner peace and lasting well-being for the first time in history those who seek intruded find so the purpose of this was in order to get the the data and to do the data capture we recently did our stats where we divided it by location so we can see where we tend to drop people out in this is on 421 people it turns out after people have an awakening they're less interested in doing four and a half to six hours of measures it's kind of funny so this is off of that group what it looks like and so the most important thing that we learned is that fit is absolutely important awakening is easy provided that you have the right fit and so the takeaways that I would leave you with is this so fit matters a lot try something for seven days if on the eighth day it's not working move on if you're doing something and you loved it and it doesn't seem to be working it's not move on and that fit is essential for transformation what we're doing now is over the last year we just completed it we've started taking bio data while people are going through the protocol so that's heart rate variability galvanic skin response and EEG and what we're looking for is the bio signal of awakening because the goal the true goal would be to develop a simple assessment that people can go through and then we can immediately direct them to the right the right type of meditation right now we send people through the gauntlet and see what sticks but the thing that I think is the most stunning about this work that we've done is that there is a belief that awakening is difficult and almost everything is designed to you know a lot of the things that you've heard talks about awakening as difficult but we think it's a lot like the four-minute mile and it's again why I love mine valley but we think it's a lot like the four-minute mile because before Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile everyone thought it was impossible and we think the same thing with awakening so awakening is easy with proper fit and it's the integration that's hard so what my dream is is that I my dream is that awakening becomes a basic skill that it's a basic skill and then we can spend all of the challenge and the effort and the things that we work on towards solving the problems facing mankind for really helping someone develop the skill set to uncover their gift and then work with it like I want humanity to have some new problems and you know to get past the unnecessary human suffering so then the second part which will be really fast is the problem with technology is not that it's bad it's that it's not good enough what's exciting is that we've entered the age of the brain and the mind the amount of research that's going into neuroscience and the amount of money that's going into neuroscience plus what we're now able to pick up off of the massive psychological and behavioral psych up psychological datasets it's feeding and fueling one another and we're having greater insights into what it means to be human than ever before and so with many people it's like what are you willing to do to have more blue and less gray and people are doing it these are all of the other markets that you know the effort transformative technology or the desire for change is hidden inside of these markets so for those of you who teach meditation this is the increase in searches on mindfulness and the number of people in the u.s. who meditate today plus those who want to this was commissioned by a private company so there's a natural progression for technology where you know we start off with productivity and efficiency but then we start to ask what else can it do for us this is the question of the day and so this is what transformative technology is and it's based on the idea that if technology is the thing that takes what is scarce and makes it abundant then we should have that for mental health emotional well-being and human psychological thriving we need to have things that are accessible affordable and scalable and so this is what transformative technology does at my lab we do basic research some of which you've seen we create communities so we have a conference that we do that brings together engineers and neuroscientist and practitioners and healers all kinds of people and now this year big HR and focus capital showed up and our entrepreneurs are creating products that do these three things and the idea is that you would approach things in a new way for you know what we've seen in the research is that different things work for different people and so you know I fully expect that people will have a full set of tools and I think this is what we should be going for trance tech is pushed like everything else by the exponential so artificial intelligence and machine learning and many of the things efficient has spoken about in the past so this is driving it and it's moving so fast and other things that are happening what's really exciting is for the first time corporate HR and the big private healthcare systems are absolutely invested in preventative health because they're trying to keep the healthcare cost down so they're interested in bringing in yoga and meditation and many of the types of things that you guys do and consumer demand you've seen how it's driving it and then just general technical progress so I track these 11 areas of technology this is what we look at and on a market map it looks kind of like this so what's did and you can I'll get this to you so don't try to read it but what it represents is taking out the big anomalies like Facebook and some other people because even though they're doing a lot of things they're also innovating in chatbots and you'll see how that fits in but this represents one point six billion in life to date venture investment so it means that it's moving very very quickly and so the way you should think about transformative technology is that it's a new use case it's a design intention it's a pivot of current and emerging technology towards the inner development of mankind so that we can have wellness and well and so I just want to show you a few cool things that I really like so one is a motion recognition and pattern recognition and so this are you know whether it's with voice or face or this group empath what they do is they have this in the meeting room and so the group emotional state shows up on the walls I mean you may or may not need it but it's kind of interesting because human beings do so well with feedback when we find out that something's going on we're able to fix it it's why food journals work and other things and then on the behavior recognition ginger IO uses life data to help people who are dealing with depression if they're about to go into an episode it can notify them hey are you doing okay if they've started waking up earlier or going to sleep this is done with permission by the way because if you have depression it's really important to you means a lot to you to get past it many people don't know Alexa the top one of the top requests are in the top third beginning in about March this year was Alexa help me relax so for those of you who are coaches or MindValley looking for new platforms there is very little on here to do this but you're seeing depression BOTS and inspiration bots and people using technology to support their emotional state we can make great products for this in addition there's mood management behavior change focus through pills and electrical Kermit stimulation and focus it will as music that you can listen to I use this product every single day then there's wearables with trip you'll be able to download a VR program where you can choose calm or compassion and have an experience that's just about stimulating that feeling in you it's just extraordinary what's happening and like one of the people that many people don't know about is this company called will they serve yoga and meditation into thirty five of the fortune 500 because of that they serve over half a million people in the u.s. they're one of the biggest players that many people don't know about and one of the reasons why they're able to do it is they've they've developed the data back-end that big corporate HR needs in order to bring people in to corporations of course there's V R AR one of the things that's amazing about VR is that studies have already shown the ability for VR to extend your sense of in-group and out-group it's extraordinary the ability to have empathy the ability for me to see someone who looks completely different than me lives in a completely different setting and to feel and connect to who they are that's what that's going to do for us this one's exciting expanding the capacity mental emotional capacity this woman right here is Mary Lou Jepsen she was one of the people who was instrumental in developing the $100 laptop so she has a history of miniaturizing things taking the cost out she's doing the she's miniaturizing an fMRI machine which will revolutionize health care but what it will also do is it will also with permission allow brain to brain communication it will allow me to think about something and then airdrop it to you and so and that's within our our lifetimes it will what this will do is a one of the skills people will need to develop is they're gonna have to become really good visualizers so what I send to you is you know pretty good so some of the trends you can expect to see is there's going to be a great deal of emotion that's going to show up emotion recognition more Hardware is going to go into the background there's a ton of things that are happening and I have a deliberate reason for showing you all of this tech I would say this we can solve the social problem we can enhance connection and engagement and fulfill human potential we can do this we are on the edge of the next the next age of humanity and it's incredibly exciting and that's why I say it's the most exciting time to be alive it's exciting not just because of all the stuff that's happening but because of the responsibility and this is where you guys come in we are in the moment the next 15 years decide if we have more star trek if our future is more star trek or more Hunger Games like this is the moment and to give a little bit of a frame joey Ito is the head of the MIT Media Lab like MIT is just crushing it on so many things but this is his vision of technology that technology should get us more into nature more into ourselves than the way that we think about it and this is Gary Kasparov he lost to deep blue and what he did on the other side of that is he really dug into artificial intelligence and his point of view now and he developed what's called freestyle chess advanced centaur chest and that is a human and an AI working together and he did that because he envisioned if you could combine human experience our strengths our intuition you could have the perfect game of chess and so I really encourage you to think about your relationship to technology because my mission and my goal is to amplify people like you sapien says that what makes humanity dominant is not our intelligence our ability to use tools but our ability to tell stories and to connect to one another and these are also the things that you excel in and these books if you haven't read these books read these books this is interesting Sensei was by the people who made the matrix which defined a generation and their point of view was that the connection human beings become more connected on the neurobiological level and then Nexus says that it's going to be nanobots but in any case these are visionaries that are sort of showing a pathway so and I have one more slide this is it the takeaways for you is don't be afraid it just shuts you down and don't reject you can't stop it but you can shape it you can drive it you can define what it looks like enter the arena join the conversation demand more of tech like it needs to serve us demand it expect to have a toolkit and we need this to solve the other we need technology to solve the other things that are facing mankind that's why it's the most exciting time to be alive and and then I'll just leave you with this it's the last thing as we move into this new enhanced capacity the contemplative traditions have something really right because we're moving into the ability within your lifetimes we will have the ability to turn the knobs and levers of our minds directly and if at that point we have not developed the spiritual maturity if we have not actually brought in the end of suffering then it will be a very dangerous time for us and so you know for a long time I actually didn't talk I cover a look go into a lot of communities and in a lot of tech communities as you can imagine there was a period of time where I didn't talk so much about awakening and then I read sapiens and Homo Deus and now I talk about it all the time because we must have the end of suffering they were on to it they knew what they were doing they knew what they were talking about and now as our technology has excelled some ore has accelerated so much we actually really need it and so this is why you guys as people who are on the cutting edge of human development and personal development and spirituality while you're essential to this future and this is why I say don't reject technology come in bring your gifts to it because there is no more noble or use for technology than to bring peace to the minds of mankind so that's it thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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  2. this gives me goosebumps because i have been willing this to happen all my life, had a feeling this was happening and happening to me too… Mindvalley, way to go!

  3. Surely its about understanding.
    So many people doing blind faith traditions are technically dead spiritually.
    With a true spiritual awakening being life altering. And you can't go back to a dead life once you have.
    JC said, let the dead bury the dead. Of the religious leaders, he called them the blind leading the blind.

    I think this is a very good thing. Understanding. Without it, you wouldn't know if the answers given to you are correct or incorrect. A little enlightenment to a great enlightenment would not be known. A flickering candle compared to one that is out, compared to one that is a lantern. If the lantern is not known about, all think the candle is the attainment.

    JC said, those who believe, the works I have done, they shall do these and even greater things than these shall they do…
    Which is to say, everything is easy once you know how 😉

  4. This is really fenomenal. Create a way to make awakening a basic skill. Endless
    Possibilities. Love this.

  5. End of Classic Christianity? The take away is this. The gospel is not compatible with self realization. Jesus saw this coming…he who finds his life will lose it…but he who loses it for my sake will save it. There are human principles…but its akin to teaching people how to feel good while on the Titanic while its sinking. There is a lot of good here, but the missing piece is understanding that the prophecies show that the world is on a course for a temporary peace.. as written in Thessolonians, but ultimately this episode is unaware of higher spiritual realities that have to be dealt with. You will find that humanity will come to an end where they realize the need for a personal God, who will bring a world with benefits beyond human potential…beyond our imagination….but its bought and paid for….not evolved to. The gospel of Jesus Christ transcends all of this. If you want it straight…the coming of Jesus Chrust represents the destruction of all spiritual peace that is not based on personal relationship to Him. This flies in the face of what she says. . you either believe that thare is a tragedy to life that's not reasonable and believe the gospel is the way out…or you opt for universalism. If I had not been a new age universalist before and seen that it leads away from God….I would be so down with this. It has good elements to it and a lot of truth. But that is the way of deception…using human needs and desires..good desires…to pull away from the highest good…Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. And people will say…Christianity has not brought peace…"Think not that I come to bring peace,but a sword" "Be careful that the light in you is not darkness" You can call it what you like…mysticism, folklore etc. But when I see just Israel and the prophecies around it…its staggering. "I will make Jerusalem a heavy burden around the neck of all nations" Look at what is happening. Jesus is far ahead of us on our endeavor to unite humanity in a great humanistic awakening…way ahead .. He is showing where it will end. The technology to help people not suffer is wonderful…to help mentally I'll is godly.. to want peace is a great thing….but if you don't build your house( the things that make life sustainable happy peaceful etc )on the right foundation, it will be destroyed when the storm comes. I tell you the truth, the Storm is coming. Do good works, but get on the right foundation. "I am the Way,the Truth,and the Life"

  6. such a joke … that awakening should have to do anything with anything 😀 they are selling slavery for the sleeping …

  7. After 12 years of pretty awful struggle, I don't want to be told that I should just let things "grow naturally", "it will happen when it happens" or whatever. Fuck that. I want to know how to get enlightened quickly, reliably and safely.

  8. Idk about this if a heard correctly. But technology shouldnt be apart of letting us feel emotions whether their good or bad. This idea is to artificial for me. I like to experience things natuarlly that is how you grow.

  9. Quite scary thing to make a device that "manipulates " someones brain😏 I think that Enlightenment comes to us without technology. Energy is rising and people wake up in their own way and time-wich is allso the safest way.. It is for example very bad thing if someones pineal gland gets activated without body and mind beeing ready.. Pineal gland activation may cause someone loosing their mind. This awakening path is sensitive and personal to each one of us. I feel with all respect that technology should not be part of every aspect of life❤️

  10. This was actually very engaging and encouraging as well.
    Super!!!! Thank you very much Nichol Bradford and Mindvalley.

  11. hello . conscious is space , not time . just as enlightenment is only the potentual to realise common sense . with regards

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