MMA Community Reacts to the THRILLING FIGHT Cris Cyborg vs Felicia Spencer,Max Holloway,UFC 240

I can obviously tell you're extremely disappointed can you just explain kind of your emotion after you know I know you really want to regain that title and obviously didn't pan out yeah heartbroken man you know it's tough stuff when you want something really I been you know I can't get it and I've been close you know so many times before I thought he did well you know I did the best I can must gotta give him hats off to max he uh he's that way kids died going into certain rounds you know everyone's I thought I was doing well you know they were for the types of hearing there one judge had him for all five rounds did you feel in there that you took a few rounds off him though don't want a couple you know it's tough to really really say when you're in there I guess I got to watch the fight but uh what team told I want a couple – it doesn't matter wasn't nothing there's all this talk about potentially fighting for can all ski in Australia and the big stadium show October does that just generally speaking feel too soon free considering how much you've audibly it or could you possibly see yourself doing that we should happen you know like I look fine I look great but you know I wait to my team i way to my coaches but we gotta get medical testing you know like you said I I fought three title fights in seven months I think it's seven and a half months something like that and you know I want to fight one more time this year but we gotta go take all the right tests and see and and we go from there but you know at the end of day I just gotta go see the doctors you know and and get checked up and we'll go from there you know at the end of days Stadium and stuff is cool but I definitely want to fight before the end of the year for sure you know UFC had this habit of putting me the first week of December you know hopefully if I get medically cleared and everything and I'm good to go by December I can get that first week because I've been max week for the last two years I think so don't be changing up on me now cuz only you get only get one card keep that same energy you see how impressed were you with with Edwards his win over RDA last week huh listen I've said to you guys many times what I think of RDA I got a lot of respect for that guy he's tough he's durable and yeah it was a good fight if Covington beats Robbie next week is it is it basically it's a three-man race for that title shut it could be Mazda Dahl Covington or Edwards is that are they coming to his next in line and he stepped up he took this Lawler fight and he'll get the fight Felisha Spencer I think a lot of people wrote her off coming into this what was your thought on her performance tonight yeah so I was imagine when this woman feels like this is really her house the UFC is her house and you know the first fight against cyborg in Canada you know when she gets a real like solid strength and conditioning program and and you know there's obviously things as girls only got seven fights coming in here tonight and you saw her chin her heart her determination her elbows impressive obviously you know especially who she was facing and I guarantee you she had a massive adrenaline dump before she even walked out to the Octagon so I think she's I think she's pretty special actually but you did say yesterday that you are giving BJ Penn another fight you said in 2013 that you felt he had taken too much damage you said a couple months ago that you couldn't do this anymore why are you choosing to promote another because he terrorized me for frigging a week and wouldn't stop texting me for three days straight and you know talk me into it so we have a deal now when looser draw this is BJ Penn's last fight you know BJ walked me through a million reasons why he needs this fight and why he has to have it and he talked me into it so we're doing this he's promised me that when losers draw he will retire after this fight how do you ensure that he's still under contract I won't give him another fight right it's very clear between us now that there won't be another fight no matter what this is the final fight our UFC deal she's already walking around with cyborg versus Nunez two shirts January 2020 I like it like it so I love it I mean that's the fight to make that's the fight I want to make so we'll see what we can do you're confident that you meet or reach a deal with her um yeah I hope so I hope so I mean if that's true that's the fight she wants and she really wants that fight I don't see how we don't make a deal I mean if you look at my history in 20 years how many deals have I not made for a fight I think it's been like one just one fight I didn't make troubles I was the we never got the Russian state or yeah I was trying to do that fatal Brock fight that's the fight I didn't make everybody knows I know I have to go the best in the greatest relationship UFC I don't have the best relationship if Adana white he's bullying me around bullying me in internet and ice offering bull everywhere because this and I don't think it's nice listens never have the same sorry for me and and it just this is continue you know it's enough finish like say I'm scared fight fight him on the newness say I don't wanna fight her this is liar because I text him the after the fight say I want to rematch and business don't help me grow in my brain this is damaged my brain and for me keeping you working for my promotion I don't want somebody damage my brain I want you growing together and because this is we're gonna have to take a little time and see what's gonna be bad for me have a lot of issues me UFC you know I don't complain about anything but we don't know just is the fight because the people media don't see anything is inside but have a lot of things you have to work for me can continue stay you're in a fucking scum here at affordable going here it was never that deal was finished it was lucky that they were psychics fitting with yours is such a fuckin place you are just such a fucking pussy [Applause] [Applause] you

47 thoughts on “MMA Community Reacts to the THRILLING FIGHT Cris Cyborg vs Felicia Spencer,Max Holloway,UFC 240

  1. I like Felicia but Cyborg done beat da bricks outta her fat ass…dat was almost a flawless victory! #CyborgNation#Blessed

  2. I really thought Felicia Spencer just like other girls. I thought she'd got intimidated once she felt the punches. Wow, I was WRONG! She is one true fighter. Truer than even most guys. hmm… truer… yeah, something like that.

    6:22 What the heck is that even mean? "Female Canadian Homer Simpson?" Is that funny? I genuinely don't know. Does she look like Homer Simpson? Is that it?

  3. cris cyborg is so damn tough….. that her saying that her brain is damaged from dana instead of saying her feeling were hurt!!!! ladyz a beast

  4. Luke Rockhold once had dream he had the chin Felicia Spencer …………..but then he woke up in A&E after being knocked out……………….again.

  5. The only thing I feel about Cyborg is that I would hug her and give her a kiss on the cheek like a family member. I don’t feel anything else about her

  6. Huge congrats Sexy Champ for a great win over a game Felicia Spencer, who gave nearly as well as she got, and clearly has an iron chin… Actually, IMHO their bout was better than the main event. But no diss to Max and Frankie who's an MMA legend!!

  7. Nunes will KO Cyborg again if Cyborg doesnt strike better next time round !! Nunes is a beast in every single part of MMA…..I dont see Cyborg winning i know she is a beast but i just feel Nunes is unstoppable

  8. Max "Adnandada Dey I gotta get testesed attendedaday onlee get on card Keep that Same energy ufc" Holloway

  9. Man these mma fighters are crazy… ain’t nothing worth getting a beating… in ten years most of these fighters are not gonna be right physically

  10. best fight of the year by far….Spencer's stock sure shot thru the roof….she took everything Cyborg threw at her and never quit…

  11. Dana didn’t make Fedor vs Randy Couture, that’s why Randy gave up the belt and left the UFC for a while. Dana has a short memory.

  12. Nina Ansaroff is like that little dog on the street that walks around with bigger dogs. Through twitter and behind Nunes', that's about the only way that girl will ever even dare talk shit to Cyborg.

  13. Feel bad for that kid Who stod there with plain face waiting for cyborg to Sign his gloves and the Way he called her when she walk away

  14. Last thing…I'm calling it now. Dustin rocks khabib with an uppercut while khabib reaches in for a takedown and from there beats on khabib till khabib corner throws in the towel

  15. Edgar is so cool. I wish he would go to 135 and give that a whirl. I think he will really shine in that division.

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