MMA Community Reacts to 5 Round Battle in Max Holloway vs Frankie Edgar,Cris Cyborg,UFC 240 result

[Applause] shut up [Applause] Howard do baby it's not what it do baby it's how it do baby I love Canada I'm falling over here four main events the next time they take me home to Toronto I'm at I George st. Pierre foremost headlining facing camera so GSP you got you the face is getting take it over GSP I love you my man but uh there's a new Hawaiian in town and he's Canadian eh so I love it Frankie's a legend I know he was a legend I know he's gonna be tough and he answered all the questions you know I I love the guy the guy's a legend nothing about respectful and you know and we see what happen you know he's one of the guys I really really pushed me to get to this to this point in my life and plan my career enough I'm bring for it I I can't sit back and smell the roses yet when I sit back and smell the roses you know somebody might creep up and dig this I'm not sitting back you smelling the roses and tongue done fighting but it's not fighting you can respect good on all these bills that I get I put it in a closet I don't care out of sight out of mind when it when it's done I'm putting in a trophy case but right now I don't have to look at him what uh what was the next 24 or 48 hours look looked like for you I'll go back sulk in my room a little bit and I'll get over it man of course on their mother for sure I asked for rematch after at that fight she wants to fight cyborg again I don't think cyborg wants to fight her again but she wants cyborg so if that fight does or doesn't happen you know hopefully it happens because Amanda wants it but if not no big deal she already beat cyborg look at you support for my mom [Applause] yeah [Applause] I want to use my standup more about this guy don't let me find my standup he pressed me all the time put me in the cage try to dirty boxing and try to racing with me so I do with his game so I switch and I tried to take him down and put him in the cage and control him in the cage I feel great of course like the after the winning before like I say I have a very bad time in my life three losses very bad injury my dad passed away but now I come back for the to win streaks I have a two fights like four months fight three months ago with the madoski now if I with by reality so now I want a little bit break I have a injure my show there are camp I have lot of medicine with my own soul and my body is little tough so I did a little break little holiday I go with my wife to Germany I had little bits to peter sobota for his cam we enjoy a little life after summer I think I want to come back [Applause] yeah I feel like it was the last round was a good performance I think the first two rounds I started off a little bit too slow you know the the weird running style really really threw me off but you know third round my corner my coaches they're yelling at me on my ass to pick it up and that's what I did and that's why I got the finish just by listen oh I got a after-party at um I think it's the yellow head casino or somewhere that's on my Instagram big afterparty me Cris cyborg Wonder Boy just come kick it with us come party man Davis I'm gonna stick it bigger radar [Applause] it feels absolutely amazing to finally have a crowd cheering for me it's just insane like I said my last couple fights have been on my opponent's hometown and just the vibes out there were incredible I love fighting I love going out there and just doing it like win or lose this is my passion so the fact that I get to do this and get paid for this it's just absolutely unbelievable to me I hope I get bumped up in the rankings no matter what I'm always looking for a fight I'll take any one I'm ready to go any day I was just saying to him I'm like if if I check out Dana White it gets me on the rankings I'm gonna be up there no matter what I'm gonna do anything I'll fight anyone I just want to be back in there and be as active as possible [Applause] oh man I need to go back to the drawing boards and regroup I'm not done fighting man max the best guy in the world and I fought pretty damn tough you have nothing to be ashamed of sir and you're one of the best fighters I've ever watched fight and it was an armored-car your fight [Applause] [Applause]

49 thoughts on “MMA Community Reacts to 5 Round Battle in Max Holloway vs Frankie Edgar,Cris Cyborg,UFC 240 result

  1. Belal Muhammed who the hell is Belal Muhammed……I watch every UFC event but cannot remember a single one where I was aware of this " Belal Muhammed" Yes he is there everytime in the "Fighters reacting to.."-videos. For me personally he' s only famous for his endless commenting.

  2. max holloway all the way stay blessed and stay true 👊🙏also big respect to frankie edgar both fighters have heart and both have the spirit of a champion shout out to hawaii

  3. Frankie and Max …man just don't want to pick a winner cause both guys are awesome and deserve a W. But end of the day Frankie's still a stud a Legend and tough SOB. And Max just simply the best in his division hope he doesn't go up to 155 ever again.

  4. I thought the fight was a little underwhelming. It seemed halloway did just enough to win. Like an actor calling in a performance.

  5. Fuck yeah max Holloway shaka to the Hawaiian bradda!! I really want to see max Holloway step up his game he would be a good match against nate Diaz. This I want too see.

  6. Didn't Max lose to poirier at lightweight this is why I dont like these fighters jumping up weight classes like how you lose then come back to defend a belt bro you lost ..but the guy still "champion" smh… this isn't to throw shade a Holloway cause I'm a fan of the guy more at how the UFC is run with the big money champion vs champion fights

  7. Maxie couldn't beat a midget OAP inside five rounds … and Rogan calls him the GOAT?? Conor kicked his ass with a torn MCL, Dusted Poirier … one-punched Aldo …. went up a divison (as did Maxie) but WON.

  8. Secretly mcgregor always respects frankie he wanted to fight him not for legacy just for the fact that frankie deserves the lottery ticket for the work he has put in the game he took out gray Maynard in legendary fights and he solved the prodigy bj penn not to forget he took Jeremy Stephens and the prospect yair rodiriguez to school he’s like the pacquaio of MMA always fought the bigger men and took most of them out.. drop to 35 and take that cringe ass triple C’s belt I’m sure that little gremlin would have a career at the wwe where he belongs.. long live frankie

  9. Everytime I read a comment from a female fighter I wonder why their stupid ass comments are ever mentioned? 👎🏼👎🏼💄

  10. This bitch Max has all the advantages over edgar and still couldn't KO him. Bitch needs to move up and fight guys his weight. But he too scared because he always getting rapped.

  11. i would be shitting my pants if i lied about cyborg and she was stood in front of me confronting me about it too LMAO

    that being said im a big fan of cyborg but i think the same thing happens again in the nunes rematch, shes too reckless coming forward. If she took her time a bit more it could go either way, but i don't see her doing that, she fights emotionally sometimes. i still think cyborg hits harder

  12. Max took it easy on Frankie I believe because he likes Frankie so much …can't tell me that don't happen you win but you don't really try hurt the guy

  13. – Katlyn Chookagian
    : "I guess I’m bias but I thought Frankie had rd 1,3,4"
    -The whole world : "You are absolutely right"

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