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patch me through to the United Nations
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on a lot of credit you can very talented I mean you’re not a karaoke guy like me
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you see those two mics back there you made of y’all words to see the way that
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Victor Oladipo Charles Barkley New York New York hey yo let me leave famous people have it rough even when
they’re feeling down and out they’re forced to smile for the camera be
cordial to their fans and pretend like their lives are perfectly fine sometimes
the stress of the entertainment industry becomes too much to handle and some
celebrities crack under all the pressure if this is your first time visiting our
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because today we’re showing you 10 celebs who had epic mental breakdowns
Jennifer Lopez while filming the movie enough in 2002 Jennifer Lopez became
overwhelmed with trying to juggle her singing and acting career the star said
she was suffering from a lack of sleep and she eventually had a nervous
breakdown she literally froze on the set of the
movie and was unable to move or even think properly she says instead of
visiting a shrink she went home and slept for the entire weekend although
she’s feeling much better these days she’ll never forget her epic meltdown
Demi Lovato mental health issues in an eating disorder were at the root of Demi
Lovato’s breakdown back in 2010 she assaulted one of her backup dancers on
an airplane the incident caused Demi to do some self-reflection and she entered
an inpatient facility to deal with bipolar disorder bulimia her physical
and emotional issues and to seek help for her addiction to cutting she later
confessed she couldn’t go more than an hour without doing cocaine but her
three-month rehab stint sent her down the right path to a successful recovery
Mariah Carey in 2001 Mariah Carey’s breakup with
Latin singer Luis Miguel was cited as the reason for her mental health
breakdown the singer showed up to MTV’s TRL and began doing a striptease for
host Carson Daly she then told him everyone needs a little therapy and
today it’s that moment for me not long after she was checked into a mental
health facility after she cut herself while smashing dishes all over her New
York City hotel room Selena Gomez Selena Gomez’s mental health worsened when she
was diagnosed with lupus in 2014 she completely stopped working on music and
sources reported that she secretly entered a rehab facility to address her
issues throughout the years and as her health began to deteriorate she fell
into a deep depression she would slip into a really dark place and it was
time for her to tackle her issues head-on she entered rehab again in
August 2016 to fight depression anxiety and panic attacks Lindsay Lohan who
could forget Lindsay Lohan’s epic meltdown it seemed like every day the
actress was getting caught up in more and more trouble drugs and alcohol
played a huge role in the Stars numerous arrests in rehab stints and she was
locked up on a cocaine charge involved in a hit and run accident and accused of
stealing a pricy necklace from a jewelry store Tom Cruise in 2005 Tom Cruise
appeared on an episode of Oprah and literally jumped on the talk show host
couch to declare his love for actress Katie Holmes and then he made an
appearance on The Today Show and blasted actress Brooke Shields for using
antidepressants to deal with her postpartum depression when Tom tried to
school today host Matt Lauer on the history of psychiatry we knew he had
officially lost it Britney Spears in 2007 the thought of losing custody of
her two children frightened Britney Spears so much her mental health began
to deteriorate right before our eyes she showed up to a hair salon grabbed the
Clippers and proceeded to shave her entire head then she took an umbrella
and smashed it against a paparazzo scar window her family finally stepped in and
took control of her life and it seems to have helped if it weren’t for her
multiple psychiatric visits who knows where Britney would be today Kanye West
Kanye West has always exhibited some pretty strange behavior from ranting and
raving on Twitter to interrupting Taylor Swift’s MTV VMAs acceptance speech but
we didn’t know the severity of his mental health issues until he was
involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric hospital in November 2016 the rapper was
reportedly paranoid and depressed following Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery
and he was also struggling to cope through the anniversary of his mom’s
death amanda Bynes amanda Bynes progression
from the fun sweet and lovable Nickelodeon star into an erratic bong
throwing actress left us all sorts of confused when she attended court to
fight her possession of marijuana and tampering with evidence charges she
showed up wearing various matted and messy wigs it was a
that moment we realized she was dealing with some major issues Amanda was placed
under numerous psychiatric holds and her parents now have control over her
finances and her medical needs Mischa Barton after leaving the OSI after just
three seasons Mischa Barton slight went on a downward spiral in 2009 she was
involuntarily admitted into a psychiatric hospital her rep initially
blamed her meltdown on a bad reaction to having her wisdom teeth extracted
let me show later admitted she had a full-on breakdown her troubles have
followed her throughout the years and in January 2017
she was found on top of a fence in West Hollywood screaming that her mom was a
witch and rambling about the world shattering she was admitted to the
hospital again and the actress claims her erratic behavior was due to someone
slipping a drug it’s like something from a Hollywood horror movie a hospital
where patients are given massive doses of drugs like LSD intensive shock
therapy put to sleep for months at a time I was reduced to a baby and and
wearing dye person and being fed and you know I can’t imagine that I don’t
remember that thank goodness because it would haunt me in my dreams but at Montreal’s Allen Memorial
Institute the nightmare was all too real and incredibly what happened there was
secretly supported by the US Central Intelligence Agency and the Canadian
government just doesn’t make sense that you can take a mother away from her
children and ruin her life and that other people won’t be affected – I’m Bob
McEwen on this Fifth Estate we investigate what the Government of
Canada kept hidden for decades and what they’re still trying to hide it was 1964 and five-year-old Diane
Macintosh couldn’t wait when her father said they were going for a drive to
visit her mother who was in the hospital my dad used to let me sit on his knee
and steer the car and so that was clay on each visit their car would turn onto
the long drive leading through the hospital grounds to the Allen Memorial
Institute at McGill University in Montreal a psychiatric facility with the
best reputation in the country more than half a century later Diane still
remembers what she saw then as if it were yesterday because when they got to
the hospital door our enthusiasm turned to horror when we got there the place
was just like a scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
there were people banging their heads on the walls and droning and and my mother
was sitting there completely drugged up and even as a child I knew that she
wasn’t right what they didn’t know at the time was that her mother Ellen
Macintosh and hundreds of others like her were unwitting guinea pigs in brutal
psychiatric experiments that took place at the Allen Institute under the
codename MKULTRA massive drug regimens enforced prolonged sleep intensive
electroshock largely funded by the Canadian government and the Americans
CIA no consent was ever asked from the
patients and no explanation of the experiments was ever given to them the
MKULTRA brainwashing project got its start in the early days of a cold war
when some Canadian and American soldiers returning from the conflict in Korea
expressed sympathy for their communist Ann amis at a time of paranoia about the
so called Red Menace the Americans believed the Soviets and Chinese might
well have devised an effective brainwashing method and the CIA was
determined to crack it as ex CIA officer John Gidding her told the Fifth Estate
in 1980 so we were charged with rather elaborate attempt to try to find out
chemical psychological any kind of means that people could use to influence the
behavior of the people but the CIA knew it could be politically difficult to
fund brainwashing directly so it set up a front company to do it
euphemistically called the Society for the investigation of human ecology and
they found a prominent scholar doing related research in Montreal the
renowned psychiatrist dr. Ewen Cameron co-founder of the world Psychiatric
Association those who worked with Cameron called him domineering and more
he was an authoritarian ruthless power-hungry nervous tense angry man not
for any lies over the years in addition to CIA funding dr. Cameron received
Canadian government research grants worth well over four million dollars
today for experiments on what was called psychic driving and deep patterning
attempt to erase negative memories from the human mind and replaced them with
new positive ones so it was that in 1962 a 23 year old mother of two Ellen
Macintosh was referred to you in Cameron what she thought would be a timeout from
the pressures of motherhood and marriage they promised me that I would get rested
I was told that I would be looked after in the hospital depressed after the
birth of her second child her GP recommended dr. Cameron no one told her
she would be part of a radical science project with a full menu of experimental
treatments shock drugs like LSD months of induced sleep with recordings
bombarding her subconscious 24/7 after all that Ellen Macintosh says she
effectively became an infant again that was hell it really was it’s something
that you can’t describe and when I start talking about it I start shaking my body
shakes it’s like my body’s saying don’t go there today Ellen has only a few
scattered memories of her years at the owl electroshock and a picture of dr.
Cameron and but I do remember him I remember his voice very very real number
but he sat me in front of a group of medical students or doctors that were
doing their residency and he said this woman is hopelessly incurable and that
was it and he was so cold but through all of that her young daughter Diane
raised by grandparents lived for those special times when her mother got the
chance to spend a few hours with her girls
I remember when she was able to come out for a visit and she would be able to
come over and tuck me in at my granny’s place and I would just lie there in
mobile after she left and when granny would come in to say good night I’d say
don’t touch the cover don’t touch the covers don’t change it
because mom left it this way and I try to sleep all night without moving moving
the covers in all elem Mackintosh spent two years at the Allen Institute most of
her memories erased like data on a hard drive that’s you yeah look how dark my hair is
and I don’t think that today at home in British Columbia much of the Macintosh
family album is a mystery to Alan now it’s Diane who must guide her mom
through the images of the past she no longer remembers there’s Carolyn so that
they’re not in order oh that’s me that’s you of course it is
clear that in different ways both Macintoshes are victims of that secret
brainwashing project in Montreal and they are far from alone hundreds of victims passed through these
doors in the 1950s and 60s all with their own horror stories I feel like
I’ve been completely used to collect my mine has been completely invaded to be
joylessly I was avenged I had no identity I had no
memory I’d never existed in the world I had lost myself I suffered I suffered
like him my mother had to stay with me all the time she couldn’t believe in me
for an hour five decades later the Government of
Canada has been more deeply involved in all this than it wants to admit with new
secret settlements shutting down lawsuits and gag orders and as you’ll
see after the break it is not something they want you to know about the
government doesn’t seem to do anything they don’t recognize you it’s wrong it’s
shameful from 1950 until the mid-60s Montreal’s respected psychiatric
facility the Allen Memorial Institute was the site of secret brainwashing
experiments funded by the CIA under the codename MKULTRA with money from the
Canadian government as well the program would quietly be shut down in 1965 but
the truth about what happened there would be protected for another decade
and a half longer then in 1980 we were among the first to tell Canadians about
the Fifth Estate I’m Adrienne Clarkson tonight we report on a secret CIA
research project carried out in Montreal in which mental patients felt they were
used as the CIA’s guinea pigs they kept you asleep for 23 days and while I was a
state they were shocking the heck out of me with electric shocks and the Fifth
Estate stayed on the story for years to come from them too now many of the key
questions have remained the same so why was Ottawa so ambiguous when it
came to helping some Canadian citizens get compensation from Washington for
what they endured in a program that was inspired mostly by American cold war
fears well the answer was simple the Government of Canada was even more
deeply involved in the Allen memorial experiments than the Americans him
after word of the experiments that the Allen Memorial Institute came out the
CBC broadcasted drama entitled the sleep room about dr. Ewen Cameron’s
mind-control treatments in the absence of visual evidence inside the hospital
it is as close as we can come to how it looked and sounded I think that’s where
can you admit that now we destroyed these people for nothing many of them
were just sitting there like zombies and I have a headache I don’t remember
anything jina blasts Bolg was 15 and in an
orphanage when she was sent to the Allen she got massive drug doses and was kept
asleep for months fortunately she never received
electroshock therapy which may explain why she remembers the real dr. Cameron
and his patients how did those patients regard or apparently regard dr. Cameron
those patients were too far gone the ones that were not too far gone were
terrified of him we were all terrified to see him around we didn’t want to be
near him I don’t think that any patient ever wanted to be close to dr. Cameron
when news of Cameron’s experiments was revealed nine of the Canadian victims
filed a lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency alleging they had
been unwittingly used in research that was medically improper even illegal
plaintiff Velma Orla Co of Winnipeg didn’t think they stood a chance
I’ve often when I’ve been alone at home thought how can you fight the CIA who
and heck do you think you are how can you fight the CIA but eventually in the
late 80s David got a concession from Goliath the CIA settled with the
Canadian patients for about $90,000 a piece a moral victory
least and a few years after that in the 90s the Government of Canada announced
its own compensation plan but only for the most seriously injured victims those
who survived the experiments in a childlike state the government also
insisted it had no legal or moral obligation to do it too many that system
seemed designed not to distribute compensation but to discourage it in the
end only 80 of the patients subjected to the brutal psychiatric experiments were
approved for federal compensation another 250 were denied and who knows
how many more never even knew the compensation program existed so when the
application deadline came and went it was too late to apply the government’s
secret brainwashing program simply faded into the past
or did it have you ever questioned the nature of your reality you wanted to be marshall mathers some of you may know
him as Eminem but he’s gonna join the Saturday night crew with our music intro
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question how can I be your to want it to it’s enough this behavior the miles
beyond the glitch here with her coach Patrick Mouratoglou and still looking
unwell she dizzy and disorientated out on court number one had the doctor on
court for 13 minutes before she played the match only completed three games when I was done making love to my old
boyfriend I used to think about women sometimes oh good lord
so he was delighted with utopia we can see that bill
was nothing more than a puppet to the puppet masters which placed him in the
White House Bill Clinton’s demeanor seems to be similar to a person who is
under a hypnotic trance we need to make what we’ve got work really well and
improve it and get the costs out of a upward spiral are you connecting Picasso is dead Steve
Jobs is dead Walt Disney is dead name somebody living
that you can name in the same breakfast you are eating
Connor can you respond say something nice about Josette please no okay
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day and if you would have died well so–but is that it that’s right that’s
an equation have a sandwich and let’s go shopping that that would
have been at your children sorry well it’s about I don’t it makes about as
much sense good or maybe there is a good day to die the moving piece of film and music that
is the video for one eight hundred two seven three eight two five five brought
me to tears the truth is piercing and the truth is
what matters and the truth is that none of us are alone it takes great courage
to show the vulnerable side of being human and as long as you never give up
on yourself light will break through the darkness like there are many ways I can inflict
pain on my opponent and put him away how will Aldo try to attack Conor okay
well although is a very fast guy and these guys have been wanting to get at
each other the big question is can Aldo even get to Conor McGregor’s somebody
that’s got the footwork of Conor the awkward sounds constantly exchanging
between an Orthodox and a southpaw stance
so if although can come out here and try to take there are many ways I can
inflict that’s exactly how hobby has a certain
amount of disk yes like they think happens we’ll leave
room for the Holy Ghost anyway there is a lot of ago that the memories today
actually it’s a big day in music history 35 years ago today Elvis Presley passed
away the king of rock and roll and as Mark Cohen says in his great song
walking in Memphis there’s a pretty little thing waiting for the king then I
understand the more you stare the more tired you become and the more you will
relax I want you to just block out any thought processes and sounds and just
begin to stare at the light and of course you got to close your eyes I’m
gonna simply invite you to take breaths in with me understand every breath you
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Courtney have you have we lost it now who’s the dummy whoa all right that’s okay
can you explain what this instant personalization thing was that you did
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hoodie we print our mission on the inside what oh really
the inside of the hoodie everybody take off what is it
making the making the world more open and connected oh my god it’s like a seat open and connected stream graph platform
and this weird symbol in the middle that is probably for the Illuminati from the
Rockefeller Commission report the 22 years ago an army employee was given an
after-dinner cordial at a meeting hosted by the CIA in Maryland that army
employee did not know and was not told for 20 minutes at the after-dinner drink
had acid LSD in it and one week later that employee was dead early in the
morning very early about 1:30 in the morning in a hotel room in New York City
he got up and before his CIA escort could prevent him he ran right through a
closed hotel window which had the shade drawn over it the window road gave way
and the employee fell 10 stories to his death
well that account in the Rockefeller Commission report horrified
reader but we can only imagine what it did to a Maryland woman Alice Olsen and
her two sons Eric Olsen and Neal’s Olsen they had been told 22 years ago that
Frank Olson their husband and their father a civilian army employee working
in Maryland at Fort Detrick biological warfare Research Center after leading a
perfectly normal and happy life had inexplicably killed himself in New York
they were not told anything about the LSD experiment that had set him off and
until they read the Rockefeller Commission report 22 years afterwards
last month they had spent two decades wracked with the guilt and the shame
that a suicide in a family caused it we spoke to the Olsons this week Ted
Clark one of our reporters here at the Washington bureau reached them at their
home by phone and here is his conversation I’m talking to Nils Olson
and Frederick Maryland it’s could you tell us briefly the story
of your father’s death and circumstances surrounding well as we know at this
point my father Frank Olson with a civilian biochemist working for the
United States Army died shortly after midnight on November 28 1953 as we
understand he had been given OSD without his knowledge
at a meeting that were being held with several CIA agent who were leading on
people between the CIA and the Army Research installation that my father
worked for they were at a meeting discussing biological research and at
during a week-long meeting November of 53 they flipped him and five and four
other top-level Sciences LSD after dinner one evening and then 20
minutes later they were told that they had been given the LSD and they were
going to be observed to see their reaction to the drug
G develop serious side effects indeed to the drug and returns from the week-long
meeting to our house my mother noticed the dramatic changes in personality is
being very despondent the prep their quiet and so on then we went to work at
Fort Detrick here in Frederick on the following Monday and was considering
resigning from his this job there was torque back into bang bang on and then
Tuesday it was decided that he would go to a psychiatrist up in New York City to
the psychiatrist Harold Abraham’s penances name was a psychiatrist who had
a security Klan and therefore was told collected the therapist to talk to my
father because my father had a top-load charity clinic he talked with my father
talker Davidson for several days during the
week after he’d been administered the LSD then the fighting night November
27th 1953 he telephoned my mother to indicate that he was doing ok that he’d
be coming home on Saturday November 28th that was the last time that my mother
talked to him Stan we received a phone call the next morning from a colleague
who received a phone call from a CIA agent who was up in New York with my
father accompanying him and that was when we
were notified that my father had burned to death out of a tenth floor window
the hotel for that one in New York wears any explanation given to you about why
this had happened but he had been a participant in this
experiment with LSD no we had no knowledge of that we hadn’t received any
communication with her over from the Central Intelligence Agency and the only
thing we were told that he jumped or fell from the temporal window and it was
our understanding that he had just suffered suffered a nervous breakdown
and could you know was very depressed and my mother believed that during the
middle of the night he must have had a nightmare a bad dream
something where he was just compelled to go to home run across the room hotel
room and read through a window a window and the shades were drawn on the windows
that was all that we knew but he had prior to this time it had led a happy
life and had shown any signs of depression no he’s not showing any times
my mother that they had a very good marriage my father was a very loving
person and very a very giving sort of person who loved to three children very
much and spent quite a bit of time with a devoted a lot of energy to his wife
and children and that was the thing that heard through all of his friends is his
wife and you know the three children was that we couldn’t understand how he had after being you know being such a good
warm stable sort of person the idea that he could suddenly develop a nervous
breakdown was something we just couldn’t comprehend when when was it that you
finally found out that he had been an unwitting participant in this LSD expert
on June 11 1975 we received a phone call from a friend 13
in Washington the release of information from dr. our Commission report
indicating that from the information that they had cited in a report that it
could be no other person than our father and then you have decided to take action
against the suit the CIA that’s correct what are you going to be doing number
one be able to get full disclosure of the information concerning information
has not really been destroyed yet we feel that it’s only through will oversee
a relinquish the information that they have and all those people have
information come forward and speak frankly in addition we do feel that
better food will bring about contains advantages to the CIA we do feel that
they should be held accountable for their actually I want to say my
brother’s better get on the phone my name is Ted Clark a radio Vai in New
York and two stations in California KPFA and KPFK yeah and we also have a station
to Texas KPFT I was going to ask if you know of anybody else or if any of your
father’s colleagues who participated in the same experiment have you talked to
any event or do you know who they are we know who one of them is and and that the
material which we put into our statement that comes from that colleague is act
but not disclosed is identity I’m sure that Danny will come out very shortly
but it hasn’t so far and we promise not we know who he is there were three
others of course and one there’s there we know there’s me and two
others are living and he refused to tell us the names of those well I think I
have pretty much the whole story i if you have any comments that you’d like to
add one comment that I have I don’t know what I know but earlier today
well funding me during the press conference especially after we’re aware
that what we’d really gone through with a real tea ceremony before our Father
and it was a funeral attention we were honoring and signifying his death in a
way that he couldn’t beat you with our thank God because no one there’s a
transport imperious shroud around the way he had died and it didn’t fit with
the kind of mammatus family he looked to be and there was a kind of feeling that
what happened today was really a ceremony we also very powerful about
being able to be involved in that into making an offensive that meaning for the
whole country okay Eric and Nell thank you very much
for taking the time I know you must be really tired or the car is worth a
savior they’re saying that poor Pacifica in Washington this is Robert Krulwich
and with Ted Clarke paws growing Katie Ferguson and Paul Chaplin contributed in
this program wishing you a good evening I’m sorry trash yeah what’s the drill you a rough year we’ve had a year that would
test a lot of people don’t listen the family a break up this spasm of
publicity about what happened from Mexico to London was pretty rough um it’s kind of weird
ah weird hello oh my goodness hello strong ready oh yeah it was a weird in covertly recorded off-air
transmissions from the Bush Clinton presidential election campaign in the
1990s we can see that Bill Clinton was nothing more than a puppet to the puppet
masters which placed him in the White House Bill Clinton’s demeanor seems to
be similar to a person who is under a hypnotic trance you probably heard about the voice of
God inside your head is it real absolutely you can hear the handlers or
mind prison guards inside your skull as clearly as a cell phone call this is the
synthetic telepathy that the CIA has been working on for decades it was this
the stuff voices and the head and things like that
yes we’ve run into a few people that claim they got voices in their heads
they sleep inside tinfoil boxers they do a lot of crazy things it seems but when
they talk to us they seem totally normal he seemed totally sane are these people
crazy or is the government doing this to them the government is doing this to
them voices are very easy and the it isn’t people imagining voices they
physically hear them they physically hear as I’m talking to you
my voice isn’t inside your brain my voice goes no further than an inch into
your ear no further at all it’s the electrical signal that makes you
interpret how I sound and once you’ve got this electrical signal which can be
a chip or lots of things you can physically make people hear voices
certain voices and it can be any conversation and it can be anybody you
want to hear it can be a soft angel and angelic voice it can be a goal
there could be something that scares you like a devil it could be anything then I
go down the road and talk to somebody else and they would continue the
conversation because it was that same energy speaking through these people
that had hacked into so it’s it’s an intelligent life that literally can hack
into people and it can use them as their puppets while it what it does
essentially it puts you or your soul energy in a sort of box inside you where
it feeds off of it and it’s stays in your body and expresses so what we have
so many murderers child molesters and things like that out there eighteen
fighter jets are spending about as much as 20 and ready to assist the 600 a 100
deployed over the announced needed now he did it depend that how the nolan
remerge azar and while the university or the UN mission as whole received support
from all potteries in the fuse of the the Garvin’s
today excuse me i’ll hand it back to you Oh Barack Obama retaking the oath of
office Chief Justice Roberts with reporters present readmit astray ting
the re-administer ating administering the oath
excuse me getting the words right unlike me this time launched a high-profile bid
to be named Secretary of State named as Secretary to Secretary of State
Clinton’s old Senate seat can do continue to work her source or source
data because I am a truth machine I is not an answer
don’t give me baloney I had to love it just pay attention listen to me you’re a
big baby I’m going to go back to you sir I want you to tell me about this cousin
Stephanie what make a beeline for the brain as soon as
they are inhaled too big to pass back through the blood-brain barrier they
become trapped their nature calm January 5th 2004 once
nanoparticle particulates have sufficient control over a host body they
can then be remotely controlled to work as a GPS tracking device to inflict
physical pain and disease to influence emotional states to cause memory lapses
to read brain patterns and even to remotely influence thoughts scientists
working at the University of Southern California have created an artificial
memory system that allows thoughts memories and learned behavior to be
transferred from one brain to another using nanoparticles and a magnetic field
University of Buffalo scientists have been able to make worms move in any
direction they dictated simply by heating clusters of nanoparticles inside
them these fibers contain nano components which construct and install
Nano implants which the aggregate of the constitutes what is commonly known as a
biological application programming interface allowing for complete
monitoring and control of all body and mind function in a given host you and
everyone on the entire planet or plant here is a payload the zoom is I think
one to hundreds another these are the deliveries for blood
membranes these are in all of us all our children everyone and it works in Reverse as creepy as
this may sound it works in Reverse as well control panel stalkers are able to
see any images originating in the target individuals mind both actual images and
fictional images and by actual images I mean like literally they can see what I
see out of my own two eyes they can see what I what I’m looking at out of my own
two eyes through this image induction technology but they can also see
fictional images so any any any thoughts of images that are in my mind so if I’m
if I’m thinking about something in my memory something that happened several
years ago and I have an image of that in my mind then they can actually see that
too or if I’m imagining something there’s an image that I’m imagining in
my mind they can actually see that too and I know that sounds very science
fiction very crazy but again look at dr. Robert Duncan’s book you’ll see that
it’s not this may be the most amazing picture you’ll ever see in your life
this is a Phase two subject with a nano camera in the left eye only viewable
with the proper wavelength of black light everyone on the planet has a basic
set of nano implants that allows them to be tracked and mind-controlled on demand
people who contract what I call phase two will have additional implants that
allows them to be body controlled as well as whole host of other functions
your body has turned into a robot against your knowledge and against your
will the aggregate of these Nano implants constitutes what is commonly
known as biological application programming interface this camera is too
small and can’t be seen but it can be felt some more thoughts and information
on the ocular Nano implants are available this technology has been
available for the powers-that-be mostly the men in black to use their
technological control to control all along with their secret societies they
get others to do the bidding of them as they hide behind the scenes in the
darkness that’s why they use the owl that can see in the dark but as you can
see throughout history they’ve all been a part of these secret societies and
secret Club are now using touchless torture
mind-control techniques on everyone look at this George Washington first thing it
says in his tombstone he was a freemason Adam Ober – allegedly discovered south
pole it was in the pocket of Rockefeller and look at Bush with all his Freemason
buddies all around they do not get into power unless they are owned and
controlled sockpuppets and here is a list I made up which I’ll put in the
show notes as well showing all the secret society memberships from Jimmy
Carter to George Bush to Bill Clinton to Winston Churchill to all of these van
elsa mandela they’re all part of secret societies the general rule is if there
are celebrity if you see them in power if you see them being the CEO of a
corporation like USA the guy’s name is Trump they are owned they’re sock
puppets they’re actors the Reagan was an actor they’re just doing the bidding of
the people behind the scenes and it’s not the Jews the Jews are the ones that
get to keep all the money they’re called the court HOF Judas that’s why the rot
childs and the Rockefellers get to keep all the money
but it’s the men in black behind them the Jesuits the Knights of Malta that
runs that run all the secret societies the 13 satanic bloodlines from Italy the
Breck Spears and the rest of those that are running the show and have been
running it for over 500 years if not 5,000 years but we’re breaking away now
we’re waking up most Western cultures see the butterfly
as elegant graceful and full of beauty it’s a symbol usually attributed to life
hope or remembrance of a loved one so why is it that the Illuminati frequently
used this symbol to mark their subjects of mind-control otherwise known as
monarch programming MKULTRA MK Naomi or Manchurian candidates make no mistake
mind control is a real thing the CIA programs MKULTRA and MK Naomi
are declassified programs which ran from 1953 to 1973 and engaged in illegal
activities of subjecting unwilling participants to drug use hypnosis
sensory deprivation verbal and sexual abuse and other forms of psychological
torture to control their minds and you thought it was only the Nazis there’s a
ton of information out there on MKULTRA and there’s a wealth of information on
the internet about its history however we’re going to look at the mechanisms of
mind-control developed by the CIA as still being used in the entertainment
industry and how it applies to the symbol of the butter of life hey
everybody this is Mike with OnPoint preparedness the elite the Illuminati
controllers handlers whatever you want to call them they always leave symbols
in plain sight to mark their work as you can see from these series of pictures
several celebrities are frequently seen with the monarch butterfly it is
especially a cult when you see them place the butterfly over one eye or over
the mouth there are so many instances of this very odd placement of a butterfly
that one has to question exactly what meaning there
they if you do some searching around the internet you’ll find a very common
explanation just as the monarch butterfly goes through metamorphosis
these controllers or handlers of these celebrities are using mind-control
techniques to morph the minds of their subjects probably one of the most
blatant examples of this is with the celebrity Amanda Bynes you can see her
here in this milk commercial with the butterfly on her nose and the word
metamorphosis below supposedly they are saying the milk is the cause of a
metamorphosis however just with any other MKULTRA
subject their mind breaks down from repeated insults here you see Amanda who
was a perfectly normal talented and strong actor slash singer completely
lose her mind shave half of her head and post a series of very strange Twitter
videos such as this one or she is twitching and jerking her facial
expressions as she poses for a selfie however there is a much deeper meaning
to the butterfly simple and I really don’t believe you’ve seen this anywhere
else at least I haven’t the following quote is attributed to the Dalai Lama as
opposed to the picturesque view of a butterfly that Westerners have the Dalai
Lama says the butterfly is actually a very cold symbol he says quote the
butterfly never meets its mother it must survive independently and remains a
stranger to affection an animal nurtured by mother’s milk however is dependent on
another for its basic survival a child who grows up in a code
attached home environment is similar to the butterfly in that kindness is
sparing once an adult it’ll be very difficult for that person to show
compassion the key to what the Dalai Lama said in
that quote is that the butterfly is detached from its mother or family and
that’s exactly what celebrity handlers tried to do distance the family as far
as possible from their target here’s a story of Billy Ray Cyrus talking about
how his family is under attack by Satan and how Miley’s handlers were the main
catalyst he says over time something bad would happen in her career and her
handlers would try to get her dad in the picture so they could blame him for his
parenting it happened so much that Billy Ray had enough of it and decided to keep
his distance at this point her handlers went wild and took total control of
Miley in this news clip her handlers were quote concerned about a missing
phone with incriminating pictures of Miley
Billy Ray asked her handlers what was going on and they said quote it was none
of his business he says I’m dealing with somebody that
had only known my daughter for possibly four years and I’m her daddy and they’re
telling me it’s none of my business from that point on things just went
downhill he goes on later to say that his and Miley’s faith was greatly shaken
and that this was definitely an attack by Satan indeed it definitely is so not
only do we see metamorphosis of a butterfly symbolized MKULTRA
modification or how splitting a subject from their family is much like the
independent life of a butterfly there’s also one more symbol the butterfly on
the exterior is very beautiful however it’s very fragile as well and this is
exactly what these celebrities are behind all the professional
photos that look like they have it together and are beautiful their
controllers and their handlers with the drug use or whatever exposures they are
going through easily rip them apart like a frail butterfly’s wings you can see so
many celebrities go through complete mental breakdowns after this programming
starts to become too much Britney Spears Lindsay Lohan Miley Cyrus Amanda Bynes
and less continues on and on and on and there’s not much else to say except the
world is super evil my friends but we all know that there is one hope as much
as we hate to see these celebrities promote the Antichrist spirit we must
continually pray for them they turned back to Yeshua Jesus Christ and the
father very much like we hope Kanye West is turning back to Yeshua based on all
his very peculiar behaviors as of lately it’s my first Instagram joint that I did
know specifically ever for Instagram I’m saying and I’m I wanted to finish I want
to make sense so I want to give a special shout out to Kanye I’m saying
that I know that my prayers when I my family’s present with him
you know reminder that what God is for you who could be against you no one and
nothing stands strong brother stand strong brother stand strong it is here leave it here do you have any
people being paid by the CIA are contributing to a major circulation
American jerk you you

100 thoughts on “MKUltra – The Sleep Room – Project Monarch & Wormwood Files

  1. It's a shame that the CIA gets away with this. JFK tried to warn us about the shadow government and secret societies. Remember, all roads lead to Rome. I guarantee this and worse things are going on.

  2. The Archons are a very highly advanced alien race and we are basically their lab rats. Some of us cannot be controlled so they target the Awakened ones and try to break you and give up.

  3. Are we forgetting who has the most POWER… JESUS CHRIST saves… He really does… The only way to defeat this crap… Is to die to EVERYTHING in this world… EVERYTHING… Be ye ready…This is no joking matter… When JESUS comes he's going to have his rewards with HIM… For those that overcame this evil place… The only way out of it is the death of your life in this WORLD.. Living a simple set apart life… I believe YHWH… And i TRUST Yahshua… Do you?

  4. IT IS NOT MK ULTRA ….LOOK AT THEM … They are victims, their pain is that they are trans gendered against their will [from birth or childhood], and when they are old enough to realise it they sink into depression, some capitalise & make the most of it, whilst most others turn to self destruction through drink/drugs & eventually suicide.

  5. Excellent work Shaking my head!
    Disney/nasa IS the worldwide mk ultra program for the masses. Brought to you from the same people that brought the big bang, evolution, satanic worship in the vatican and the globe earth, The Jesuit Order. Remember this, they worship 666, most brainwashing is through a screen or monitor, tv was always 30 f.p.s. but now we have HD tv. HD IS 60 frames per second.
    We live in the era of the 666 beast system.

    60 f.p.s.
    60 seconds per minute
    60 minutes per hour
    equals constant 666 programming. TURN THE TV OFF NOW!

  6. People are being used even to go against their conscious which gives them the spirit of error that, in error, corrupts the way of truth in the world, which is why so many have unrest and have breakdowns and tantrums. "Error" too is a way of spirit in which people go in ways contrary to what is right, seducing, in being seduced, in the error of ignorance.

  7. @50:46 …. "They" will dig through ur memories. You'll remember totally random things, memories from YEARS back, brought on seemingly out of here blue. That's "them". STAY IN THE MOMENT. That's how they build a detailed profile & try & get dirt on you. Don't let "them" have your memories.

  8. I've worked as an opthamolic tech and every eye has the two dots near the iris. Not implants just part of the body, the optic nerve. Also look at a butterfly under a microscope they are terrifying

  9. In one of his standups Bill Hicks jokes about something being a "CIA plot to make you think malls are good." Sounds ridiculous, but after watching this video, wouldn't seem to be farfetched at all. And I remember one time in The Simpsons, where the citizens of Springfield are at war with their neighboring town, so they plan to put LSD in their water, and Homer or Marge remembers the last time when LSD was in Springfield's water.

  10. I had not before noticed Bill Clinton's black n white trance footage – LEFT eye IS NOT normal!! IT'S entirely black as in demonic possession black.. Btw, I divorced my husband because he returned from duty with xtra personalities. ONLY a couple liked me enough to be kind. Others were destructive, including physical violence but ONLY against small framed females – 100 lbs soaking wet!! Voice change to SCARY DEEP combined with unfamiliar gait and gesticulation!! NO white NO color in eyes!! Completely black!! As if something IS WEARING HIS BODY!! Inhuman strength.. ZERO recollection of every possession EVENT.. Of COURSE I even TOOK him to be exorcised; UNFORTUNATELY, he CALLED them back!! Gave permission, voiced clearly that if they would provide what he wants (DRUGS, being wasted and sex), well he was absolutely "IN"!!
    I cried, screaming pleading he REPENT!! I even PRAYED on his behalf explaining he did not know what he was saying; but, THAT is MY own HEART because my EX UNFORTUNATELY DID KNOW, DID understand AND I was there..the man made a conscious choice to sell his SOUL for drugs and sex.. I could NOT ABIDE.. Separation ensued a beating by his DEMON SO severe I suffered a major ANEURYSM in my right frontal brain lobe!! I was unable to move!! Phone NEXT to my hand yet I could NOT make a MOVE to get help!! My neighbors were retired nurses wife former addict in her abused YOUTH – so of course they THEN admitted that they suspected I was being beaten. They knew something was wrong and risked entering and immediately got me to level 1 TRAUMA hospital in Houston MED centre.. Saved my life and I am VERY grateful. To them but MOST of all to JESUS because it was HE who SAVED me, AGAIN!!

  11. Im not saying MK Ultra isn't real because I know it is. However, you can't use a bunch of video of people spacing out and say that's MK Ultra. It can be a form of seizures. I had these when I was a kid. They were mild daydream type seizures where I would just stare off into space and not respond to anyone.

  12. The producers and others see that this man has stopped moving, they know what
    game is being played here. It is a mind game on the person looking at who is not thinking.

  13. I don’t mean to make light of the situation as I know it’s serious and scary but these documentaries are so entertaining to me. Kanye’s interviews always have me cracking up.

  14. MK Ultra is now used on us, the public, every single day. Out TV our advertisements while walking down the street. I am a marketing designer, they teach us how to persuade people without telling us its black magic. Had I not had my education seeing their lies may have never happened. De-program and becareful what you listen to watch and even read.

  15. I do believe it happens to an extent, but I can't picture someone saying, "Yo Shaq, I know you want to be a professional athlete, but here is the deal, we're going to have beat and torture you in order to fracture your mind, you good with that"? Substitute Connor McGregor, don't see that one happening either. I think Shaq was clowning around. I've zoned out before, I might have looked like a zombie, but I knew what I was daydreaming about.

  16. No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord , and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord .

    Isaiah 54:17

  17. 📺💻☎HELL🔮📞BECAUSE THE NAZI CAME HERE. 7-28-1945 equals 711 equals 9 Empire Strikes Back what a plane hit the Empire State Building between the 78th and the 79th floor. By the Roman Calendar 5 – 28 – 1946 equals 512 equals 8. In game number 9 and the number to the Beast 8. That's 9 + 8 equals 17 equals 8 twin Beast Revelation 17:8 equals 88 behold your beast that was, is not, yet is. Revelations 13:18 let he who has wisdom the number to the Beast 600 + 140 + 6 equals 17 equals 8. The names change but the game's the same and the experience of the experiments never stopped. In the water in the Pharmaceuticals and in the food. Your Grand Illusion that you've been free here in America named after a dragon. The next year on 5 – 20 – 1946 equals 72 equals 9 a plane hit 40 Wall Street the 58th floor. By the Roman Calendar is 3 – 20 – 1946 that equals Skull and Bones 322 Roman Freemasons are fallen angels. Backward spells on us. We are many and one body and everything we ever were in the blood second most mention word in the books Revelations 11-20 to me and John Revelations 5 a mother lion because no man in heaven on Earth or beneath it was able to look in the book under the right hand of the one who's sitting on the throne. A stolen crown by Sam I Am The Hidden Hand. ( )❤🕊 GOD BLESS. PS: LETTERS NUMBERS ON HER ARM REVELATIONS 5 & 14 VERSES 🦁💕 MOTHER LION. ROMAN ⛪CAT-HO-LIC CHURCH. SEE EYE A= 1. ONE EYE SEE.

  18. The ones in the beginning were mostly people with earpieces… they're hearing people talk to them. It's difficult to listen to that and pay attention to what's going on simultaneously.

  19. What I don't understand is how the CIA could be conducting experiments in Canada. What authority would they have in Canada and why would they need to go there? Is there some overarching authority and if so what is it? Something seems wrong about this.

  20. At the beginning look at his hands when he's frozen (on the left). They are blurred, this was just paused and no doubt pre recorded then his 'frozen self' added to it. I'm not debunking the whole thing ok! It's just one thing I noticed.

  21. Trauma based mind control is passed down in DNA…children is usually where the trauma begins…passed down in some families. Research it, dont take my word for it.

  22. Celebs are PRODUCTS, SHOW PONIES, MONEY MAKERS….thats why they are controled. Billy Ray ALLOWED/accepted stardom in exchange for his daughter…achy breaky pig.

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    I am weak in the flesh, and Jesus Christ knows this. He knows my heart is good but my anger plentiful towards these rotten creatures from hell.
    Praise be to Jesus Christ. Almighty God.

  24. Government is nothing but people. People bleed. So does government. But to realize government is controlled by other people, people who also bleed.

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    Just as Vanilla Ice was exposed, as a spoiled rich kid from CT., because he decided to get away from the scum…so they exposed him…same with M C Hammer, they broke him ( – $$$ ), because he didn't want to play their filthy psysick games,
    – but mathers is a souled out bich influencing children in an satanic awful vile way.

  26. " …forgive them,
    for they know not what they do…" ???
    Is this Jesus Christ talking to us explaining to us how the possessions work on these souled out victims …?

  27. Frank Olson was most lijely "CIA-cided."
    He wanted out, but knew too much…collateral damage incident… and don't disclose the other scientists names or else they will leave out of high rise windows too…

  28. Usually when you see someone on TV speaking, there seems to be somebody usually right next to them suddely throwing hand signs/movements in what seems like an effort to keep them controlled somehow? Maybe they are trying to fight back the demon(s) and the handler is there to make sure that they aren't able to ? Idk.

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  30. actress at 8:15 should cast off occultic peace symbol; many antisemitic messages in here- do real research and find most of the elite are catholic or mormon-most of the hype about the rothchild is just not true

  31. They are so sick it defies reason. Yes, they are truly controlled by the enemy. There is no humanity or compassion in any of them!😡

  32. 🤔…i don't feel sorry for any of these"stars" they was so money and fame hungry that they was willing to sell their souls oh well enjoy hell 👀

  33. EMF's (now 5G) + subliminal + repetition + pharmaceuticals + legal marijuana + entertainment / distraction + fluoride + chem trails + hormones + GMO's + +++ is voluntary MK ULTRA. If anything, turn off your TVs, computers and unplug your internet modems/WiFi extenders, leave your phone in another room at bedtime.

  34. They want a new world order no money and a chip so thry can control us there will be no freedom of speech if they dont like what we sayor do they will turn the chip off.Thats why the world is in so much debt because the banks continue to borrow against 0.The bankers get rich and the rich get richer.They put all there money off shore so they pay very little tax its all a big fat farse.with the way things are going we may have well lost the war.

  35. These are all men. Don't be decieved by these puppets. They've got them wide shoulders, Adams apple, man leg eith a random butt slapped on, they can't have kids they wear moon bump and surrogates. They wear tons of makeup and have surgeries to decieve the masses. Wake up people

  36. The cia disgusts me they will all burn in hell after they die and will all be plunged into the lake of sulphur which is the 2nd Death they will burn for eternity as stated in the book of revelation they know where theyre going .

  37. O My Jesus

    O my Jesus, 
    forgive us our sins, 
    save us from the fire of hell,
    lead all souls to heaven, 
    especially those who are in most need of thy mercy

  38. We must know, this was all over 50 years ago, they can do all of this, but now, soooooo much more, especially with their nanotechnology. Add nanobots to paint and paint the walls, have nanobots in mosquitos, cameras in birds, possibilities are endless. However, God can make you undetectable, protect you, guide you, and turn all the bad they wage against you to work for Good for you. FAITH is key, Jesus is the way.

  39. i have sugar problems and when it's bad i act a lot like bruce willis in this clip. i think a lot of this stuff is just medical but not all.

  40. I'm very sorry what's happened to people and still happening. The horror they are subjected to. Also what we are subjected to. 😭😭😭😭😭

  41. Research MK Ultra and what happens to those exposed to it. Some are born into Satanists families and this kind of horror is forced upon them. Some are turned into killing machines or programmed to be whatever the Illuminati wants them to be. Horrific trauma based mind control. Check out Katy Groves, she's a survivor of MK Ultra. Cathy O'Brien as well. Not all of them choose this life. It's chose for them. Some want it and some don't. 😭😭😭😭

  42. C.I.A. uncle Sam's Snuff Factory underground Plano TX. Child Snuff Films!! Child Sex Trafficking. Satanic Ritual Abuse of infants and children.

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  45. The Britney Spears that just came out the hospital around April 2019 is not Britney Spears but a Clone, You can tell because she is a little bit shorter then the old one. The real Britney is DEAD. Nobody stays in the Hospital that long for 4 months, She was not admitted voluntarily but against her Will, The real Britney was Raped and Killed, how it happened was they took her and Raped her and Shot her in the back of the head. She was breaking down from the MK-ULTRA mind control program and could not perform and make the Illuminati/New World Order enough money like she used to and was going too insane and refused medication because she knew it wouldn't help anyway because of the MKUltra Programming is stronger then any Medication, She would always be punished if she didn't obey (like when she shaved her head bald, she could of done it in her own house but they made her do it in public near everyone as punishment, you see it don't make sense), she never really had control of anything really, her Team aka "Handlers" had control of everything pretty much, ( Twitter, Facebook, etc,) but if it was something big like going on Vacation and getting rest from MK Ultra she had to ask permission and they would not violate her mind too much if she obeyed and give her rest. THE MAIN POINT I AM TRYING TO SAY IS THE REAL ORIGINAL BRITNEY SPEARS IS DEAD AND THAT IS A CLONE. All you have to do is knock on the back of the clones head and it will be metal but she will most likely get security if anyone will try that to beat you up badly.

  46. Mk Ultra has NOTHING to do with satan or satanism. Humans are easy to influence and manipulate. Not true? Take a look around. What do you see? Millions of people with smartphones. They are everywhere! A brilliant move! Whoever had this idea was a genius! Works also well with TV. People are obsessed with TV, smartphones. When was the last time you saw something that interested you? Not out of habit!? Well, there are people who exploit that! Buy, obey, work, die – are the magic words. For the industry, for your country  and they tell you you are a patriot if you go to war for old men who rule your country. The old men are safe at home while you are dying, get injured for a war you never wanted. You see it is not Satan! It´s you and you alone. Turn your phone and tv off and turn your brain on! Don´t Instagram, Facebook or whatever! Live your life and help wherever you can. Go out and meet friends! Be honest and yourself! You can only influence people if they let themselves be influenced! In the end a question: are you one of them or are you one of US? Think about it and answer only for yourself. silent.  – with best regards from Vienna/Austria     PS: Money and Religions are only here to punish and enslave.

  47. What is most upsetting to me is these people know what they are doing, and they say nothing to the public about the deceit. We however have a lot of responsibility for what we allow in our homes and life. Most of the movies and music is filth today, plus it is brainwashing us, and desensitizing our minds as to what is good and moral. I think not only as an American culture but the world at large. This is what happens when we don't listen to God. I mean sex today has nothing to do with what God intended it for, love, marriage and family. We have really hit rock bottom. The churches are filled with greedy and vile preachers. Go and look at some of these preachers. Lust of the eyes and things of this world. 43% of homes are fatherless. Divorce rates are probably around 60% or more. Children are raising themselves therefore have had no discipline, filled with spirit of disobedience. Drug use and abuse, including drunkenness is increasing. Our public schools are nothing more then places of indoctrination. Adults with children are now behaving like depraved teenagers. Most entertainment is violent, sexual graphic and perverted. 80% of males and 40% females are addicted to pornagrahy. Murder, rape, theft, being done by world governments, and l laypeople are committing same acts figuratively, and literally. I could go on and on. The bible said in the last days it would be like in the days of Noah.



  50. May God Almighty curse and destroy the monarchs involved in this injustice and cruelty. O Allah Almighty see this injustice of the evil queen, how cruel and evil she has become. The queen thinks she is god, the queen in her mind has exalted herself in pride, let her be cast down into hell as lucifer.

  51. Prayers for everyone suffering loss ! And bless the innocent Lord Jesus! Help us to cope amongst the world and it's madness! Jesus Saves and he's coming back soon!

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