Mixed Media Altered Tag – Pick A Stick Challenge September

hello everyone its Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio and today I’m
sharing with you my altered shipping tag for the Pick a Stick
Challenge for September 2019 pick a stick is a Facebook group and we
offer a tag challenge an artist trading card challenge and an art
journal page challenge each month based on randomly drawn one-word props so my
tag today is really kind of inspired by the color which is periwinkle so I
pulled out a bunch of what I consider that color I think it’s more blue than
lavender but you know it all kind of it’s kind of a lavender a blueish collar
I think based on the color of a periwinkle shell I’m not sure but anyway
I pulled out some pieces out of my bin of stuff that sits under my desk
I just put scraps in and thinking about different ways that I can make this tag
the first the first prompt is beautiful and I had this little scrap in my bin a
drawing that I had made I made a set of artist trading cards a long time ago I
don’t know maybe three years ago and they were supposed to have faces on them
and so I had drawn this face and then I scanned it and I printed on multiple
cards that I could color it individually I ended up making them you know all some
of them real light some of them real dark all different types because I don’t
like to do the same thing over and over so I colored them all individually and
this is the scrap that’s left it’s an unmixed media paper it’s been
drawn with a permanent type of marker and I thought it was beautiful I also
think that butterflies are beautiful and so I wanted to give this fairy a
butterfly wing and it had kind of a drawing of a wing but it was cut off
because of the size of an artist trading card so I cut that part off and want to
add a wing so I had this this die-cut butterfly that I used to trace a wing
out of because I wanted to save the die-cut I
think it’s really pretty I want to use it on something else I don’t want to cut
it in half so I just use it use it as like a pattern or a stencil so then the
next step was spritz and the paper that I had made the butterfly wing out of had
metallic paint on it is some type of a gel print I think on deli paper and it
had that periwinkle some purple and some was like kind of silvery metallic paint
on it so I decided to use glimmer mist which used to be made by canvas court
brands so I have a bunch of it it used to be on their design team and it’s its
glittering it’s got mica in it it’s it’s sparkly and shimmery and glittery and so
I used a few different colors of it in my spray box to spray over this little
piece scrap of doily that I was planning on using image also the back of the tag
to make the whole thing more metallic I used a color called precious metal and
then I also used one called majesty purple which really turned out to be
more of a blue I think and then also one that’s called I think it’s called it’s
purple it’s a very purpley color but those are the three colors I use through
the project and I just made the background more interesting by using a
stencil girl stencil club stencil just you know for pattern not really trying
to make it all about the stencil but just it just gives it more pattern I’m
gonna add some more purple purple onto it and that precious metal spray kind of
resists the other purple it’s interesting stuff it’s probably the most
interesting of that the tattered angel sprays is that precious metal and it’s
not the first one I got I was using it when I was playing around with Linda
Ezreal at at her hotel room we were doing some gel printing with tattered
angels mists and she had the press precious metal and I just loved it and I
bought it at that point and I’d already been on their design team maybe
at least a year if not more so the next prompt is knife and I decided to use an
exacto knife and cut out part out of the butterfly wing so that I could put
something behind it and I wasn’t sure what I was gonna put behind it yet I
just thought it would be interesting to have you know that some of those parts
cut out so I have cutting mat and a metallic ruler which holds down the
paper for me real nice and then an exacto knife and I’m cutting out kind of
the bigger teardrop shapes from the wing and I used my die cut again to trace
around so that I could figure out where those those places were I thought maybe
I’d put the piece of spray lace behind it but it turned out it was two of the
same color so it really wouldn’t show up if I’d left it wide it would have been
pretty but that scrap I had already sprayed so yeah I spritzed it that’s
what I did deli paper is a little bit tricky to cut out with a knife you need
to make sure that your knife is really sharp so then I had this black paper and
I decided to put that behind the wing so I glued the wing to the black paper and
cut it out again more fussy cutting I also took my black pasta pin and drew
around the smaller shapes I hadn’t cut out and made sure that my lines were all
good and black around the edges where I had cut before so I glued this too this
is Tex wait black paper that I actually had out for gel printing but I just
grabbed a piece of it I also spritzed a little bit of that
precious metal on there so that the black wouldn’t be quite as black and so
it would have that shimmering effect because it’s just cool the whole the
whole tag is really shimmery and hopefully you’ll be able to see it in
the close-ups and I also think I’m gonna do a little a little short video with
boomerang and that kind of shows me twisting it back and forth you
and the Sun so that you can see the shimmer enos of the tag because it’s all
very metallic and shimmery and that’s always so hard to see on a video it just
doesn’t show just doesn’t show so I’ve got my parts and I realize that the next
step the last step in the tag challenge there’s four steps in the tag challenge
and you do them all and you do them in order so the last one is carved and I
thought about it I decided I would just carve myself a little stamp using my ez
carve or speedy carve rubber from speed ball and my speed ball tools these
little pieces are scraps from another stamp that I carved and it’s really easy
to carve it it’s it’s very buttery and with these tools these like kind of
gouging tools which that I just used one in this case but there are other sizes
and shapes and they’re stored inside the handle so they’re easy to find both of
these products are from speedball in there if you like to carve your own
stamps they’re a good way to go this particular stuff so I just stepped
I carved one little stamp it’s kind of a hexagon with a star shape in the middle
and I used some encore pigment ink that’s sticky ink for those of you who
don’t know about different inks this one is a silver color but it’s sticky so you
can emboss with it so then I got out some detail embossing powder and just
embossed those shapes that I stamped on there in silver detail powder just means
it’s more ground up so it’s finer and you can get better detail with it
there’s different different types of grinds or grades of embossing powder for
different things and actually this month there is an embossing or emboss prompt
that came out but it what didn’t happen to come out on the tag challenge but I
embossed it anyway there he had so yeah I just felt like it this is heat
embossing so just a real simple carved stamp out of a scrap of leftovers from
the speedy carve or easy carve I’m not sure which one it is and I’m real I’m
not actually sure that the difference between easy carve and speedy carve they
seem the same to me but one speakin ones blue I know they’re different in that
way you can also use erasers like inexpensive eraser to make your own
carved stamps that’s fun I sometimes do that I even had a really large eraser
that I got from the dollar store that said for big mistakes and it’s got like
it’s a big eraser and I use that when the carve stamps before and I carved it
on both sides so you can get two different stamps from two different
sides and that cost a dollar so yeah so I’m now gluing everything together I’ve
got my craft glue out it’s aleene’s tacky glue and I’ve glued down the
butterfly wing I’ve glued down the scrap of mixed media paper that has the face
drawing on it and then I’m gonna also be gluing down that that a lacy looking
piece at the bottom after I color this but I’m gonna color with neo color to
water-soluble crayons and I’m mixing it with a little bit of titanium white
acrylic paint to make it a little bit more easy to blend but I found for this
little tiny projects like this this is the easiest way to color with neo color
it’s just scribble some on your paper and then pick it up with the water brush
some type of wet brush I like to use the water tank brushes that have water in
the handle because I don’t have to keep dipping it into the water and I can
easily control the amount of water by how much I squeeze the center of the
water brush so I really love these for doing any types of projects
but I just scribble and then pick it up and then in some cases I come back in
with the the moistened acrylic paint and blend it down it makes it really smooth
and creamy blend when you do that now this color it’s called sky blue on the
crayon but I think it’s periwinkle this is the color I consider periwinkle which
is a blueish lavender and so I think you think that’s what it should be called
but it’s not it’s called sky blue so I thought it was gonna be called
periwinkle when I picked it up and I’m like hey that should be called
periwinkle but anyway my idea of what periwinkle is I believe came from
Crayola Crayons the way back when I was a kid I was really into Crayola Crayons
that’s probably not surprising to you people who watch my channel I’ve always
been into color and coloring and I’ve just gone from you know really
inexpensive crayons and coloring books to more expensive crayons and my own
drawings and yeah just evolved over time so I use a little bit of that white
acrylic paint yeah white acrylic paints you fill in the little areas that I had
drawn around from when I traced the die-cut butterfly wing and I what did I
do next oh these at all these are little metal
stickers I think peg sent them to me and I had
two left and I thought it would be cool to use them on this project since I’ve
got the whole shimmering metallic thing going on and they’re kind of I don’t
know interesting shapes so I I stuck those on there so that I could be done
with them I think she maybe got him at Tuesday morning I have no idea what what
company they’re from or where she got them but I think she’s I think
she sent them to me one time when we were doing a metallic collaboration
maybe I’ll find the metallic collaboration and Link it up here in the
video in the iCard or at the end screen I’m not sure if I can find it but I
remember doing that a while ago and I think peg and other people were in it
too not sure anyway I’ll look for it I have
a lot of videos there’s probably getting close to 600 now and I really can’t
remember every single video at this point but I will look for it so then I
just did some finishing up work some shading and shadows around the edges
with the black Stabilo all pencil and some highlights with the white pasca pin
and I added a black background she the tag the tag already had paint on it on
both sides from gel printing I have a whole stack of these that have paint on
them already so I wanted to cover up the back so you don’t see the other paint
aside which is kind of oranges and reds I also found a saying that says no
Beauty shines brighter than the than that of a good heart
which I thought was a good saying from Tim Holtz stickers and I stuck that on I
put the black background on and I put some black organza and a scrap of shiny
purple ribbon very thin ribbon that I that was in my box so yeah that was
finishing it up I hope you’ve enjoyed this project if you have please remember
to give it a thumbs up leave me a comment or question below if you have a
question about altered shipping tags or something that I did in the video I’ll
be happy to answer it I usually answer comments and questions and about within
24 hours also you can pin this you can share it
with your friends and if this is your last
video for today it would be great if you would click on to a different video that
has a million views before you completely leave YouTube because if you
leave on my video then they think I sent you away and I get punished for that so
that is it for me for today and the altered shipping tag challenge from pick
a stick bye bye

32 thoughts on “Mixed Media Altered Tag – Pick A Stick Challenge September

  1. You can’t go wrong with a faerie and shimmer❣️beautiful❣️love her❣️going to have to get some of that speedball carving material❣️🥰🥰🥰🥰

  2. Beautiful Tag! Love the shimmer, theme and the face is perfect! Periwinkle and Fuchsia were my two most favorite crayons as a kid. I swear if I could have dyed all my hair those colors, I would have been in heaven as a kid. Well even now really, lol 💜💙💜💙

  3. I don't know anything about the eazy-carve (?) pieces. The only stamps I've carved myself were using, like you, cheap dollar-store erasers.

  4. Very nice Shel. I am not a fan of purple but I love this tag (maybe the shimmer?) LOL. Can you tell me, what does pick a stick mean?

  5. That's a lovely tag Shel. I also love the bling. Periwinkle is such a cool color. Is it blush purple or is it purplish blue? You decide. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love your tag. I remember periwinkle crayola crayon too. I have always colored ever since I could hold a crayon in my hand. I do mixed media art but I also have several adult coloring books. Do you have any adult coloring books? Have a beautiful day!

  7. Gorgeous ness!! Hire ridiculous that you get punished for having someone leave from your video! Stupid algorithms. I usually watch you just before I check in for beauty sleep!! Xxx

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