Mitch McConnell FINALLY Does Something Good

our next story is brought to you by Nord VPN help secure your web traffic and protect you from snoop spies than anyone else from steel or monetizing your data all for 75% off and Nord VPN comm slash tyt use the code tyt and get a free month now the Senate has voted in favor of the 9/11 Victims Fund and it will now be permanent so the first responders who heroically went in to help with relief efforts and to help save individuals who were victimized by that tragic event will have funding to get health care that they need to get services that they need and this is great news because remember senator Mitch McConnell didn't even want to bring this up for a vote until jon stewart shamed him into doing so now there were only two individuals who voted against this rant falton Rand Paul Senator Rand Paul and Mike Lee but before we get to them I do want to show you a short clip of Chuck Schumer prior to the vote happening I can't do justice to the years upon years of work by the first responders by labor leaders by advocates that led to this moment but to suffice it to say this is not a day of joy for them or for this bills authors rather it's a day of relief for 18 years those first responders some of whom are here in the gallery have watched their brothers and sisters get sick because they rushed bravely to the towers at Ground Zero this was obviously the right thing to do I mean when you really think about it for so long lawmakers exploited that tragedy for their own political agenda and to turn for our Congress to turn its back on the first responders when they need support the most it's just disgusting so I'm happy that the Senate has passed this permanent 9/11 Victims Fund again it was the right thing to do yeah yeah yeah to to make this such a long drawn-out process while every step of the way cloaking themselves with we support the first responders we love cops go blue and all that and like imagine going back to that day and you have all these people rushing to go help and you're stopping me like hold up you're you're gonna get really sick and then you're gonna spend the next two decades fighting to get the US government which otherwise loves showering money into people who are serving its country they say yeah it's gonna be really hard and you better hope that there's a political comedian who's gonna help you out it's amazing it really is and I love that you brought up you know just the military spending we spend so much on the military very little of that money goes to our soldiers soldiers make a little over $19,000 when they first begin in the military and it's disgusting I mean they're risking their lives they're put in these dangerous situations and we keep hearing this nonsense about how our lawmakers want to support their troops if you really want to support the troops take care of them both when they're in the military and also later when they're when they're veterans and they need the health care and and and the resources to live decent lives yeah now again there were two senators who voted against this the final vote came after the Senate voted down amendments from senators Rand Paul from Kentucky and Mike Lee from Utah that would have limited the scope of the bill Paul and Lee were the only two votes against the bill and of course Senator Rand Paul who voted in favor of the two trillion-dollar trump tax cuts claims that it's all about the funding that's what I'm really concerned about quote while I support our heroic first responders no you don't know you don't I can't in good conscience vote for legislation which to my dismay remains unfunded we have a nearly trillion dollar deficit and 22 trillion dollars in debt spending is out of control well you shouldn't have voted in favor of cutting taxes to the tune of two trillion dollars over the next decade yeah like take it up with your party man it's nice I support our first responders ask them to list one way that they want you to support them I think I know what it's gonna be I don't think they're really interested in any of the other ways I think this is the one that's important to them well hey you made it this far you must really like The Young Turks thank you we really appreciate you now another easy way to keep supporting us also helps keep your internet activities and data private all with a push of the Noord VPN app head to North VPN DICOM slash tyt right now for 75% off of your next three years

20 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell FINALLY Does Something Good

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  2. You don't give a pedophile credit for volunteering his time at a home for boys. This is where the left fails in creating a clear difference between Republicans and the progressive movement.

  3. Two trillion dollars to people who already have far far more than they need while they cut services to the needy. It’s just bloody obscene !

  4. Respect our brave men and women in uniform … as long it costs no money or is some stupid memorial we can jerk off on.

  5. Republikkkans: "We will never forget the first responders!"
    First Responders: "We're starting to have health issues from the 9/11 event."
    Republikkkans: "New phone, who dis?"

  6. I don't think this as a +1 to mitch, he took his sweet ass time to do something, until jon stewart stood up. I don't think we should reward mediocre behavior

  7. Cuckservitives get trigger over taking a knee at a piece of shiet cloth, but crickets over denying funds to actual heroes who sacrifice there health to rescue people.

  8. hmmm…for the first 2 years of President Obama's administration the Dems had control of the House and Senate and they did not feel any need to "do the right thing"….politics of convenience yet again

  9. How right wing is the US? It takes em 18 years to provide healthcare to the handfull of people who risked their lives during the biggest attack on the US in its history

  10. 2:42 for once I agree they have a lot of money to spend on the military but they can't raise the pay for the people serving including those who served in illegal offensive wars on countries that didn't even attack us? Seriously how the army gets paid is criminal.

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