Minecraft: Trolling! Episode 75 – Possessed Helper + Red Water

hey we're some kind of second welcome back to another episode of Minecraft rolling so yes I did get a new headset and I can't even hear myself when I have these on so I don't know how I sound I think I sound alright it might be a little wild this episode but I got a new headset it's Razer my Astros actually they just aren't doing the job anymore so I might be giving that away in a future episode signed I don't know if you're gonna use them or not but pretty cool but last episode I was giving away this poster got to do signed and everything so the winner is drumroll should be on your screen right now that is the winner this is the winner of the the signed poster signed by a whole bunch of people thank you for everyone who entered so this week I have another thing to give away it's not signed by a million people but it is signed by me eventually so I'm gonna be giving away this cool mic this is an in Minecraft poster it's a it's the creeper looking at your window so I'm gonna be giving that away I'm gonna be signing it all you have to do to enter to win that poster is what focus you have to like this video and share it on either Facebook or Twitter so share it on Facebook or Twitter and like the video and leave a comment about what what was your favorite part about this video and you do those few things and you have a chance to win a signed creeper poster so other than that I can hear something on my new headset ringing around my hair looks kind of weird I don't know why I'm sorry uh-huh but yeah I actually found a noob in my server so this is one rabid monkey I think that's a no it's his name Rick from the walking dead actually poster right there uh yeah so yes he has a skin so he must have some decent knowledge uh he hasn't mined any stone or anything from what I've seen I was looking and looking at inventory he has the default stuff that you get from my server and then he has 28 dirt 12 seats he doesn't even have any trees I don't know if he's gonna be able to get any wood at all he's trying to mine stone with his fists everything is wrong in this picture I don't know but I'm going to be doing a special a patrol today I'm actually going to disguise as a server helper and pretend to be giving him tips in Minecraft but I'm going to give him random terrible not true tips hold on I need to hear myself a little bit make sure I'm not completely screaming at you guys if I am completely screaming at you guys I'm sorry my hair look okay okay that doesn't matter I'm sorry and let's get right into Charles so I'm gonna come over here give myself a nickname that's gonna be and ah see no and sick helper so my nickname is helper in orange and then I'm going to disguise as the player help bar so now I look like a helper I'm gonna pop down here message rabid hello hello rabid monkey I'm help are you trying to hit me I'm a helper I am i was sent automatically to come and to help you with minecraft i've sent automatically to coming up I didn't make sure I don't make any typing errors because I need a lock automatic and helpful so I don't know if the helper actually has a skin oh he knows how to reply messages that's cool I think let's go oh why because I am sent to all new players who are in need of a cyst did and I am great at typing amazingly hello when I give him some torches I don't know if anything out of place him I'm gonna tell him how to play some place these torches by right-clicking a surface with them so first I'm gonna give him some helpful things so he knows um he knows how oh yeah so he knows I'm legit after I after I give him some real tips as I'm gonna give him some fake tips we're gonna bring back some red water I don't know if you guys have been around that long but red water was a troll I did hold on I'm trying to see when I bend over how much yeah I can see I'm gonna try to stay up for the sake of face skips um I gave a lot of torches so as as you may or not know may or may not know some of my older trolls I did this thing called red water and it's actually lava but a new by troll back in the day thought it was red water so he jumped into it and he died so I'm gonna see if I can trick this guy into it he looks pretty new does have a skin obviously doesn't know very much but yeah I'm gonna try to help them out along the way and I'm going to give him I'm gonna give him a stone hoe and tell them this is what you use to mine stone use the stone hoe I have given to you to mine the silver stone quicker he looks excited yes don't know I've given you two minor I think that's act that actually might be a little bit quicker than hand it is the only tool that can help you mine okay this is only a little bit devious and stop like is off on my server because it's laggy and no servers oh my groom calm if you want to join for some no no this is onyx Empire calms the IP I don't know why you'd want to join but if you do want to join that's the IP very interesting okay ah see let's try to get him to Co up to the top level okay come up hello I have to use the word hither because I'm I'm a pro come up hither okay I'm gonna I'm gonna give him a tree I'm gonna teach him how to use a tree gosh alright this is a sapling use this doggies broken here's this bone meal to make it grow into some stiff hard wood I bet he would like that you would like some stiff hard wood okay I need to give him I need to give them a lot about Miele because trees are weird in this update know if it's gonna grow without don't tell oh my god no you can't actually stand inside of it go ahead work this is wood what's he might eat with if I hit with the hoe oh my god this is just like in my music video mine with me where I jokingly had a guy ah I don't know if you guys have seen mine with me it's why my parodies uh it was like a video just like this where the guy was using a hold of mine I've actually I actually got him to do that that's interesting um I'm also at the end I'm gonna try to like become possessed and like all completely possessed and creepy and stuff but we're not there I still can't hear myself so I hope I sound alright you can use wood – what can you use wood to to build fire places and kill enemies I don't know maybe maybe he'll buy it I want to see if I can spawn and I don't think I can spawn an animal with uh yeah not with stop lying on so cuz we're gonna have to be animal this animal lists this episode I see any questions so far I have 13 messages let me just clear those real quick so it doesn't keep popping up how do I make a fireplace uh I will show you okay so we're gonna take our wood and we're gonna make him a big fireplace Oh always giving me his wood how how kind of him thank you noob I feel bad about drawing you first you you must clear out space and we're just gonna like completely destroy his house okay I'm gonna make this really bad on purpose okay this is a top-of-the-line fireplace how did you get that much as other only a few people in the whole world can build this good and I don't think fire is gonna spread hold on let me see who's online Turks is afk and let me message some turn stop lag off other hidden hold on I mean how do how can I send on a message uh Skype on let me see I hope it's go quickly oh I can't okay all intensive server activity is now alright thanks brah what was that noise Wow Wow baby zombie come from I never do that Oh knows a zombie I'm not even gonna help him I'm just gonna Oh what is this down here as a cave use the wood did he die oh he died let's get all this stuff back you have it I do have it I do have it now okay ah see alright probably tell put them back I don't know why I could think of what to do there one rabid monkey let me build this house a little bit safer so that no monsters can get in you will be safe here do not leave ever ever this is this is what I'm going to start to get possessed our err err err err err err err err err err err err err err err err err err err err err this is when I start to like error out error ah oh and the zombie is getting of course Error error there and Kay and uh there has been an error code three one two two two I feel every wrong it has been an error code three one two – okay he's aiming and this is one the creepy part comes if it comes night again who and this is when he gets creepy okay so it needs a undisguised vanish vanish did he die again I gotta get rid of all these zombies okay zombie kill off how do I spell kill all wrong y'all I'm tired al you're such a fitness gracious okay sico here what was it whoops his name I won something one up in monkey let's TP Harrow bride let the games begin /pt couldn't I see you control one rabbit movie okay no chase after my cobweb hurrah oh god I hit him okay I'm inside of him now so now that I'm inside of him I'm just kind of going crazy and I've completely been possessed and I got to stop though so it'll only be like a little time I see you stopped then the sky's vents vanish okay I never changed like my nickname but that's alright you're no longer controlling someone oh did I not under skies okay I don't think they even saw me undisguised you're not skies yeah so we're good and now we're gonna discuss his helper again over message one sorry about that I don't know what happened why you don't know what happened just make it daytime would you like to see something cool go away would you like to see something cool it is the most rare thing in all of Sidious it's the most rare thing in all of Minecraft okay follow me sir I don't know if you can actually see me so I'm gonna unban –is– I'll still be I'll still look like helper so it should be good okay roasted Enderman hello we're gonna make it right here this is very oh wait I'm gonna put it in for put some lava in here red water strikes again this is red water if you jump in you will become invincible let me message in one with a really but be careful if you are not the chosen one you might die be possessed for ever are we just jumped in without the message let me go let me jump in you might die of it and this is one herobrine comes back ah okay so now he's possessed again everything's just going bananas completely bananas ah it's possessed now oh what am I gonna do I'm gonna do red water everywhere red water everywhere I don't know oh yeah stop lag was turned off so we should be good red water everywhere red water everywhere ah I see you stopped and then vanished vanish vanish on disguise vanish vanish vanish circuit ah you're now completely visible okay now he's completely like dying and stuff I have no idea what's up then I look like you died while I was a long episode well they were going to end it there we kinda troll the noob today it was interesting I guess to say the least we acted as a helper and had some fun so just to recap what we did I do have this post I'm giving away if you want to win this signpost all you have to do is like the video share it on Facebook or Twitter there's a link in the description to tweet it very easily and yeah so I'll just clean this up cause I don't grief griefing is mean and immoral so yeah I'll just clean this up give them a few diamonds and wrap it up something else watching this episode of minecraft trolling if you enjoyed please leave a thumbs up and as always stay sexy say yes

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  1. I remember watching his first trolling video and always looking everyday if he has another trolling video…good old days

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