Millie Bobby Brown Talks 'Stranger Things', Female Empowerment, First Kiss & More | Studio 10

44 thoughts on “Millie Bobby Brown Talks 'Stranger Things', Female Empowerment, First Kiss & More | Studio 10

  1. Millie first kissed at age 12 (I think) and meanwhile I'm sitting hear at 15 with barely any interaction from a girl at all

  2. Interviewers sometime forget that they're talking to a child, the question about the kiss and the reaction was awful, they saw that she's embarrassed but still they continued with the aww and the stupid question of did you like it! Also I didn't like when they mentioned that she's deaf in one ear, maybe it's not something that she's comfortable with talking about. Millie is good and she knows how to deal with these kind of questions but she's still a child for god's sake!

  3. Patronizing lady: “I don’t know if I want to adopt you, or hug you, or…”
    Millie: Face contorts into terror

  4. I wish I could've met her when she came to Aus……but did my mum allow me to watch Stranger Things at that time??? No….I appreciate it though because I get nightmares easily. I finished it all over 3 days, 3 days ago now I am obsessed.

  5. 4:04 = you can see by her reaction she's not too fond of that look which is a good thing as it wasn't a good look, in the others though she looks good and clearly has a good fashion sense.

  6. You have to be famous to get regonize in hollywood by these celebrities if u r not then u are never going to meet ur celebrity never so I give up on these ass kissers

  7. Why would you ask her if she liked the kiss with Finn? That’s kind of a personal question… she turned like 10 different shades of red😂

  8. nah, at her age she needs to dress as a kid of 12 or 13 not as an 18 year old at all. and the make up for a kid her age no matter how talented and all that. She is amazing talent, kind, nice.

  9. omg no way im deaf in my right ear and i feel very awesome knowing that she shares that with me and she still does all of these amazing things

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