Microchip Implant ⚠️ RFID Chip in Humans – 666 Mark of the Beast (7)

Elon Musk has a little company that no RFID Chip (2018-2019) – 666 Mark of the Beast Microchipping Humans Antichrist Characteristics one knows about that what they do now
yeah well people know about if they care but it’s not like one of his famous ones
right right to implant neural lace right something in your body that reads your
brain Parkinson’s disease and that brain chip can restore your quality of life
would you hesitate to get the chip no of course not you would say put the chip in
my brain neuro lace I don’t like the way that sounds where’s it going you want a
more macho I wanted the back your head like a mesh yeah yeah that’s what that’s
it just seems creepy that it’s gonna latch on your nerves
yeah and improve you yeah neuro lasers don’t need your phone anymore Wow
anything that is conservative mean these are the accusations and they’re
certainly plenty of proof to go around but they’re trying to control people’s
thoughts they’re trying to make sure people are exposed to what it is that
their agenda is and that ideology again is wrapped around globalism yeah George
Orwell predicted that in his work 1984 the whole the whole thoughts peak in the
direction everything he saw was gonna go this particular way and we’re watching
it happen like that I’ve read an article not too long ago where this person had
predicted some years ago that it wasn’t gonna be so much
government that was going to be controlling our speech you know what we
have the what free speech is he said that private industry is gonna get so
large and so massive they’ll start doing it and that wasn’t too long ago but
we’re seeing it or certainly appears to be that we are watching it happen
I know it’s much more difficult two years ago and let’s go back to this when
you would mention Jesus Christ being the way the truth and the life the UN wanted
to shut that down I remember about 10 or 15 years ago that no religion can say
theirs is the way yet Islam does it they didn’t get any pushback Christianity has
gotten got put back on that goes back 10 or 15 years
but everything is fast forward from there because of technology and and with
technology not only is the ability there to be able to do this but we also know
biblically it is gonna happen like that you’re not gonna be able to speak
against the government or then whatever the narrative of this narrative is of
this global beast that’s coming with the ten elite rulers the ten Kings
revelation 17 with Antichrist at the top whatever that looks like it’s gonna be
controlled and right now the technology is so advanced I was reading an article
where Tommy Hilfiger now has clothing that is monitored electronically you
know I think and this is just kind of uninformed belief but I suspect that the
human brain is pretty optimized for what it tries to do I think that rather than
improving the brain are stimulating it the way forward is to augment it like
hook it up to calculators and Internet and whatever you know one thing that I
don’t see talked about very much but I think will be a real game changer you
know we we talk about phones as if we’re carrying around phones but we don’t
mostly use our phones to talk to people on the phone right we check the email
check the internet and we take pictures once you really have and again it might
not be possible but if you really had a direct connection between your brain and
the internet your eyeballs are a video camera everything you see you can record
and store somewhere right so and you can lend them to other people or people can
subpoena them or whatever like there’s literally no place in the world that
human eyeballs are looking at that would not be subject to later inspection and
that it’s weird and scary and bad right mind of mine communication this is
something of science fiction that we all read about
but this is actually possible today as I just showed you so there will come a
point where if we have a chip in our brain and you out there have a chip in
your brain we can communicate we could communicate without talking we can
communicate when you’re halfway around the world and we can exchange knowledge
so if you look at a world where we have these chips that are connected to the
Internet all of a sudden every piece of information on the Internet becomes
accessible to our minds now when we look back at today and we have to go to Baidu
or Google and type it in that will seem so primitive nobody will do that you
will just think what knowledge do I need and it will appear there for you to use
a little challenge is helpful actually well in particular if you develop
immortality yeah if there’s no concern about getting injured or killed yeah I
think that people who envision super far ahead
science fiction scenarios and especially people who envision uploading brains and
consciousness underestimate the importance of our bodies to who we are
as human beings right not just that we’re in a body but like hunger thirst
exhaustion me horny like these are motivating factors that really affect
who we are and what we say and what we do and if you remove all that if you’re
just a thinking processor in a computer what’s your motivation why are you going
on right like why are you doing anything at all like I don’t think it’ll be I
don’t think it’ll be anything like the personality the person who you are if
your body is taking away the poorest countries of the world get free phones
why is that because everybody needs to be connected that’s right
this beast is being built then we add to that that there are those who are
experimenting in their companies with the RFID chips you know things being
inserted under the skin and you know it seems to be the language seems to
indicate that what’s gonna happen with the mark of the beast is something
that’s on the surface of the skin it doesn’t necessarily have to be an
implant it could be some type of bio tattoo
and that technology is available today but the point is looking at companies
doing these kind of things that every time there’s a report on a company that
just recently I think of three or four weeks ago 86 of their employees were had
the chip put inside or inserted under their skin and of course they always
show the size of the chip they always show the hand with the chip in it you
know that it’s not inconvenient or any of those things but every time the story
is presented it’s presented in a positive light nobody says anything
about you know we need to be careful about this you know because then you’re
vulnerable to being tracked everywhere in the world that’s exactly what they
want so you know they’re presenting it in a positive light and that’s what’s
gonna happen during the tribulation even the people that were chipped you know
we’re talking about you know what I don’t have to worry about carrying any
money with me you know because the candy machine the soda machine and the break
room at work has tied in with the chip I just wait my and make my selection and
whatever whatever it is I want is coming out so it’s all good it’s all positive
do you think that it’s likely that we will merge somehow or another with this
sort of technology and it’ll augment what we are now or do you think it will
replace us well that’s the snart the merge scenario
with AI is the one that seems like probably the best like for us yes like
if you if you can’t beat it join it RFID Chip (2018-2019) – 666 Mark of the Beast Microchipping Humans that’s yeah you know so from a long-term
existential standpoint that’s like the Antichrist Characteristics purpose of neuro-link is to create a
high bandwidth interface to the brain such that we can be somatic with AI
because we have a bandwidth problem you just can’t communicate through your
system and where’s neural link at right now I think we’ll have something
interesting to announce in a few months that’s at least an order of magnitude
better than anything else probably I think better than probably a few anyone
thinks as possible how much can talk about that right now I don’t jump the
gun on that but what’s like the ultimate what’s what’s the idea behind it like
what are you trying to accomplish with it
what would you like best-case scenario I think best-case scenario we effectively
merge with AI where we AIS serves as a tertiary cognition layer where we’ve got
the limbic system kind of the primitive brain essentially got the cortex so
you’re currently in a symbiotic relationship with your cortex and limbic
system are innocent Matic relationship and generally people like their cortex
and they like the Olympic system I haven’t met anyone who wants to delete
their limbic system or delete their cortex everybody seems sort of like both
and the cortex is mostly in service to the limbic system people may think that
that that there that the thinking part of themselves is in charge but it’s
mostly their limbic system that’s in charge and the cortex is trying to make
the limbic system happy that’s what most of that computing power is aren’t
towards how can I make the limbic system happy that’s what it’s trying to do now
if we do have a third layer which is the AI extension of yourself that is also
somatic and there’s enough bandwidth between the cortex and the AI extension
of yourself such that the AI doesn’t de facto separate then that could be a good
outcome that could be quite a positive outcome for the future so instead of
replacing us it will radically change our capabilities yes it will
enable anyone who wants to have super human cognition anyone who wants this is
not a matter of earning power because you’re earning power would be vastly
greater after you do it so it’s just like anyone who once can just do it and
dairy that’s the theory and and if that’s the case then and let’s say
billions of people do it then the outcome for Humanity will be the sum of
of human will the sum of billions of people’s desire for the future and let
the billions of people with enhanced cognitive ability rather clean hands yes
and that which would be it but how much different than people today look if you
if you had to explain it to a person who didn’t really not understand what you’re
saying how much different are you talking about when you say radically
improve like what do you mean you mean mine read wondering it will be difficult
to to really appreciate the difference it’s kind of how much smarter are you
with a phone or computer than without its you’re vastly smarter actually you
know you can answer any question to connect to the internet you can answer
any question pretty much instantly any calculation the your phone’s memory is
essentially perfect you can remember flawlessly go flip the
phone can remember videos pictures and everything perfectly
that’s the that your phone is already an extension of you you’re already a cyborg
you don’t even almost relearn rice there are already a slightly if that phone is
an extension of yourself it’s just that the data rate the rate at which of
communication rate between you and the cybernetic extension of yourself that is
your phone and computer is slow it’s very slow and and that that is like a
tiny stroll of information flow between group
biological cells and your digital self and we need to make that tiny stroll
like a giant river a huge high bandwidth interface it’s an interface problem data
rate problem so the data rate problem and I think I think we can hang on to
human-machine symbiosis through the long term and then people may decide that
they want to retain their biological self or not I think they’ll probably
choose to retain their volatile by electrical self versus some sort of Ray
Kurzweil scenario where they download themselves into a computer you will be
essentially snapshot it into the computer at any time if your biological
self dies you just probably just upload into a new unit literally down the
rabbit hole grab that sucker give me some of that this is too freaky you know
that kind of reminds me of what’s gonna happen in Revelation in chapter 6 and 9
it talks about calling to the mountains to hide them even though they know that
they’re experiencing the wrath of the Lamb or the him who sits on the throne
and the wrath of the Lamb and here they know that abstinence is the answer but
it’s not being shared out there we’re just letting things continue to rise and
I’m sorry Tom I don’t have time for you to comment but we’re down to three
minutes so take it away listen we need some good news I’m gonna comment anyways
because all of this all of this falls into the gospel what happened in the
book what happened what’s going to happen in the book of Revelation is what
pastor berry started to allude to where during the book of Revelation while the
people are in their sins and they know their be judged the Bible says they
still refuse to repent of their immorality and their ungodliness and
that is the problem that we have here’s that here’s the reality of it the truth
is the Bible tells us all of sin to fall short of the glory of God
that term sin it simply means to miss the mark to miss the mark of God’s holy
perfection and so God knew there we are a bunch of sinners so what
happens god senses his only begotten son into this world that whosoever would
believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life
the Lord Jesus Christ the perfect one the sinless one was sacrificed for our
sins so that anyone who believes in him would be forgiven of their sin here’s
how it works real simple the gospel Jesus died for your sins if you believe
in him if you trust in him if you’re a person that says yes Jesus forgive me of
my sins what you’re recognizing this Jesus suffered on the cross he is judged
for your sins so that you wouldn’t be judged for your sins and hence three
days later he was he raised from the dead and then he ascended into heaven so
that you could know if you trust Christ Antichrist Characteristics for the forgiveness of your sins if
you’re willing to repent of your sins then guess what that means not only or
will you live again you’ll die but you will live again not only that guess what
you’ll ascended to heaven because Jesus himself ascended in heaven and Jesus
himself even says I’m going to go and prepare a place for you also that where
I am you may be also if you want know Christ if you’re willing to repent of
your sin pray this with me dear Lord Jesus I recognize that I’m a sinner
right now a repent of my sin and RFID Chip (2018-2019) – 666 Mark of the Beast Microchipping Humans unbelief I surrender to you as Lord in
Jesus name I pray amen

28 thoughts on “Microchip Implant ⚠️ RFID Chip in Humans – 666 Mark of the Beast (7)

  1. My thoughts are with Jesus! He knows what I think and that's all that matters! Jesus Saves! My mind ! Soul and heart are God's property!

  2. Same here Vickie Henson. When the chip comes here to Norwich i am going to refuse the chip. I would rather die for Jesus Christ name, rather than take the chip.

  3. I believe the cognitive euphoria wont last long. It will just be a way for the beast to exterminate and or control those who have pledged their allegiance to him.

  4. We are sooo close for this to be ENFORCED! Now we take it or not… soon, it will be different. Lord, give us strength to ENDURE TIL THE END

  5. With God all things are possible! I didn't need a computer in the 60 s! And I can still live a good one that God intended me to live! Hell is getting bigger every day! Don't take this mark! He will take care of his people! Put your faith in him ! Jesus Saves!


  7. I didn't need this in the 80s, nor do i need it now. do you want the government to control you? God said not to take it, you will be condemned 4ever to hell. id rather have my head chopped off and then you will reign with God for a thousand years, then you will be taken w/out death.

  8. In a few months? Get ready ppl. China is persecuting christians right now. The devil is in the church, God told me to stay away from church. Get together w/other believers.

  9. Satan has no new tricks just opens up his shows behind different curtains… It's the same temptation he gave to Eve… To be all knowing and that is exactly the same snake hole the world is peeking into again… We are not God… We are not meant to merge with artificial intelligence and try to go against creation… This is why the world was flooded bc of contaminated blood lines of the nephilim. Angels stepping out of their ranks and defiling Gods creation. Satan always has a counterfeit. And when people take the mark of the beast in whatever form it comes… They will have sold their soul for a lie whispered across the lands by a serpent. There is nothing knew under the sun…. Satan will stop at nothing until he takes as many souls as he can down with him.

  10. Conciousness does not reside in the brain. It resides in the soul. If this were not so then we could not survive death. The brain and the mind are working together in life but in death they separate. The brain dies. The soul goes on.


  12. Elon Musk give your heart to Jesus ask him into your heart he is real do it before it is to late don't do this to yourself please

  13. so so sad man has listened to Satan's lies you will become like God you never can he made us we are man only he is God Satan's lie is always you will be god's we are born separated from God by sin only way to become I. mortal is to ask Jesus into your heart

  14. you can't play god I can't wait until god puts the devil in his place and that place is hell ✌ God bless the world

  15. I reside in Arkansas. I found out the hard way, this is an evil place. First of all, why are they even entertaining the idea of implantation in the right hand. Arkansas is supposed to be a bible-toting state. And now, Arkansas of all places, is he first state to regulate a bill requiring this? The bill is number 1177. It's here. It's coming to your state soon.

  16. Being a ex Soldier, now a follower of Jesus Christ, the only death we should worry about is the second death, Don t lose focus, Don t accept anything foreign in your body, this physical body go back to the dust.

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