Michael Knowles: Trump Is the King of Culture. It’s How He’ll Win 2020 | Ep 413

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doing a Yap speech next week they just reinvigorate me and encouraged me there is something in particular about the conservatives of Gen that was a jay-z yeah these sewers they get it yeah they actually get it they are much less ideological than the Millennials or you know the boomers certainly and they're just kind in tune with political realities they're really thinking about politics in a new way and I think there's actually some tiny little sliver of an iota of hope for the future of the country you look at the polls and it shows that still a huge percentage of them are actually still in favor of socialism which I mean you know the but news though so unfortunately the majority of young Americans now identify as socialists or they favor socialism the good news is though only about 30 percent of them can define what socialism is so there's some room oh it sounds good and you know you tell them about the specific programs are you doing it free this we're gonna get free that and they say well that sounds good I want free stuff cuz who doesn't obviously I love free stuff now I have to say I'm a little resentful because you you wrote a few wrote a book you wrote a book with nothing in it reasons why you should vote for Democrats what was it was the actual types so the full title is reasons to vote for Democrats a comprehensive guide a ben shapiro blurbed it as thorough the president blurb did I think it's one of his favorite books as a great book for your reading enjoyment in my defense there is a very extensive bibliography in this book I researched this to the hilt and then I published 250 blank pages of nothing why didn't I think of that well I mean I would have you been sold ton of copies you know I just wish I thought it's it's an old idea there are a few books there's everything men know about women there's sex after 50 the wit and wisdom of the German people and the first one in American history was actually the 1880 presidential election the Republican ticket of James Garfield and Chester Arthur trolled their Democrat opponent they said the political achievements and statesmanship of my opponent five blank pages that's brilliant no I love it so I would say out of the people at the Daily wire you are probably the most Magga is that fair to say I think that's I mean I don't you know I I criticized the guy a fair bit but I do really like him you know I think he's impressed me I was a reluctant Trump voter and then day after day he's been more conservative he's been more effective really than I ever thought he would be and I think this actually speaks more to just my kind of conservative disposition because I have very low expectations or hoping they'll come through that's right but usually they never do he's out that he's complain about a Trump is complaining about FoxNews right now because of a poll that came out of Rita's tweet he wrote Fox News is at it again so different from what they used to be during the 2016 primaries and before proud warriors now new Fox polls which have always been terrible to me they had me losing big to crooked Hillary have me down to sleep eat Joe even considering the fact that I have gone through three-year vicious witch-hunt perpetrated by the lamestream media in collusion with crooked and the democrat party there can be no way with the greatest economy in US history that i can be losing to sleepy joe keep America great he says how can you not like that guy watching Fox and Friends and just calls them out for a pull but they have another Fox News poll I they haven't met fifty percent favorable when it comes to the economic numbers fifty percent of Americans actually according to the Fox News poll believe that the economy is doing well and that's going to of course inform their voting dad and then fifty to forty two percent excuse me forty two percent unfavorable so they are coming out with polls that are good for him but even if for instance he's losing to Joe Biden which I find that hard to believe and in Ohio they have him Joe Biden's the only candidate that's actually beating Trump in Ohio I don't see anyone else on the Democrat stage that even has a shot right this is the problem and also you know in defense of Fox for this poll early on these polls don't mean anything right I mean you have before a primary campaign all of these are just names and so the name you know is President Trump if he's got a negative news cycle that week or because of the mainstream media 92% of the time he's got a negative news cycle then you say okay maybe this other guys is fine but when that poll came out this was a couple months ago putting a head-to-head race between Cory Booker and Donald Trump and it had Booker up six or ten points I thought okay this is Booker isn't even gonna win all the votes in the book or household okay that's not gonna happen so I just think it's so early I agree with you Biden I guess is the one that poses some threat to him just because he's got high name ID he's got some moderate appeal but even then he gets on the debate stage and he chokes he falls apart Harris I mean that was I mean really that's and he's you know saying I'm gonna be more aggressive next time okay I mean it and there's what a couple hundred days left until the election that's a lifetime that's right in especially in today's world of college it's more than I mean it so I think at this point it's over four hundred right over four hundred days left till the election that is a lifetime I sort of think a Biden is gonna fall away I mean if his first debate performance is any indication Kamala Harris is a bulldog I mean as Willie Brown told us in San Francisco she'll do anything to get ahead anything anything I don't want to start any rumors because Willie Brown already did but you know she's obviously going for it pretty hard Elizabeth Warren seems to have a little daylight so maybe she can come ahead and the question you've got to ask yourself is regardless of what these polls say right now which of those people is gonna be Donald Trump in Michigan Wisconsin Ohio Florida Pennsylvania I just don't see it no III don't see it and even can you imagine President Elizabeth Warren you know what one thing I'm noticing is obviously on the left particularly Warren particularly Kamala Harris and some of these other candidates they're appealing to what would we we would traditionally call identity politics Trump himself is appealing to a very specific kind of identity politics which I think is the only acceptable identity politics in America that is to the American identity he holds a big fourth of July parade he supports the American flag hot dogs and baseball on the 4th of July I mean it's a very considered white supremacist now though they're now calling that white supremacist and he's managed to get his opponents to protest the American flag that when you put that on a debate stage and you've got these narrow interest groups and identity politics all opposing the flag and Donald Trump wrapping himself up like it's the 4th of July for a national campaign that seems to be the winning answer and you see how popular these guys of the squad are I mean you see there was that poll couple weeks ago maybe a week ago with Ilhan Omar at 9% 9% that wasn't a typo with with swing voters and then AOC is that 22% I mean these are not popular people these are not popular ideas that they're profiting you know what's amazing so President Trump he's a New York guy right he he donated a Democrat three years he's like not very ideological when he decides to identify as a Republican all of a sudden they call him a white supremacist a bigot all of you no evidence whatsoever he has repeatedly said racism is evil white nationalism is evil not neo-nazi all on and on and on does it three times a week Ilhan Omar is asked repeatedly you've said some sympathetic comments about Al Qaeda would you mind condemning al Qaeda she won't do it how hard is it I don't know how hard is it for her to say I condemn how kind of all she's always like that's a ridiculous question well of it so ridiculous just say no yes this is valid but easy we're not asking her because she's black Somalian Muslim we're not asking for any of those reasons we're asking because she giggles about al Qaeda on video she tries to get judges to give Isis terrorists lenient sentences she's constantly saying things 9/11 some people did something I mean that's the thing you know just like one time condemning she can't do it no she can't and and and that is I think what Americans see and what makes America I mean even if they're even if the president shouldn't have written in that tweet or said you know she needs they need to go back to where they came from the reason why that is resonating the reason why Trump's support among Republicans went up after that tweet is because I think it hits on something that a lot of Americans identify with which is that when you have people bash in the country when you have people who you don't know whether they have sympathies with terrorist organizations there's nothing mainstream about that and you know they painted it only in a racial way or in which was kind of funny because only one of them was actually an immigrant right right in this country but you could say the same comment to Bernie Sanders who's an old white man old Jewish man say go back to where you came from you'd be referring to the Soviet Union right because their ideas are anti-american ideas socialism this country is hopelessly bigoted we can't possibly all live together in harmony we all are simply separate interest groups based on our immutable innate characteristics those are anti-american ideas and Trump is identifying that they're anti-american and I think it's resonating with certainly with Republican voters yeah I think you're right and I think even though none of the members of the so-called squad are actually running for president their ideas are the ones that all of the presidential candidates are asked to respond to you know when they ask about health care for illegal immigrants that wasn't a mainstream idea but yet all the hands shoot up when they asked about that I mean that wasn't a mainstream media that wasn't a mainstream idea before you know a OC and the you know whatever they call themself Democratic Socialist became popular so the reason why I think Trump really has it in the bag already for 2020 is because these loony loony ideas are the ones on the Democrat stage right now and they they have become the face of the Democratic Party but do you I think he's got a couple vulnerabilities yeah so let me get your what what would you say your assessment of Trump overall is right now today so I think if the election were held today he would win all 57 states you know he would absolutely just delete invent new states I think he would absolutely win however he's got two major vulnerabilities which are the economy you know you the economy runs in cycles and if they're if the economy falters it's going to put him in a tough position and illegal immigration this was a central campaign issue you had that report come out from Customs and Border Protection the other day which showed that he has not built even one mile of new he's no he's look I understand why it's very difficult to get zoning permits to get environmental permits it's not what they did an independent group I don't remember the name but the independent group who built the wall on their own property and then government officials came in and they told him it's too tall they gave him all these reasons why they had to you know they had to leave a door open you have to leave a door open on your own property incredible so I understand it's difficult but I mean he has other options he's threatened a lot of stuff and that's what is somewhat frustrating is that he's he's threatened I'm going to shut down the border as the it is the executive he has the power 1122 F immigration Naturalization Act allows him the power to actually shut down the border completely he knows he said this power he's said that he's going to do it hasn't done it yet I mean that's what needs to be done until we get the wall I think that needs debt that needs to be done G to stop the flow because you know recently 61,000 migrant children are coming through their hundreds of thousands every month I mean this is a the numbers are worse than ever and this this is an issue that cuts across party lines there was that Gallup poll or it used to but I mean it still does amongst the actual American populace right that's right which is increasingly dubious but you know this Gallup poll came out it said the top issue was immigration and the wording here is important because people oppose illegal immigration broadly but there was a poll Harvard Harris came out a while ago that showed that the majority of Americans want to reduce even legal immigration because we're taking in so many people a year over a million people legally certainly over a million illegally and they are not assimilating actually the left in this country is discouraging assimilation and so this Korea I mean you pick up the phone any customer service and they ask you what language you want to speak that's right yeah I always want to speak Esperanto just to try them out a little bit no it's absolutely true and I think that the immigration issue for Trump I mean that's what he ran out that's the first words those were the first words out of his mouth that is an pull and pull and pull poll after poll after poll they say that's the most important issue for Americans so I agree with you on the economy I think that you know the economy is vulnerable he has done an outstanding job with the economy you know Obama's out there trying to take credit I did this but you even asked most economists and they say you know Trump's policies have absolutely contributed to the booming economy that we're seeing but the thing is that Americans you know Trump didn't run on saying I'm gonna make the economy great he or the economy was actually a very small portion of its platform so obviously I think it affects Americans everyday lives and when the economy is not doing well most Americans are going to notice it but the immigration thing is what he ran on it's what is most important to most people I don't think politicians in Washington understand that it's it affects everyone you know they're completely isolated from it but this is affecting their communities it's a disproportionately affecting communities of color because of jobs and the jobs that they are taking so I think that it's an issue that resonates with Americans for a reason it has nothing to do with race it's not we don't want brown people in the country it's because it comes down to jobs it comes down to values it comes down to do these people even know or value what makes the country great this is the issue and it's this dichotomy that you see in conservatives and Republicans between people who want to talk about the culture and people who don't want to talk about the culture so for instance if you flood the country with people who have no idea about our political traditions don't speak English don't know how our government works that's going to have an out sighs defect on the culture and even legally by the way and legally it will have an effect and you know there compared to Mitt Romney Mitt Romney ran in 2012 he said I'm not going to talk about any cultural issues I'm only gonna run on the economic misery of Barack Obama and what happened he got creamed Donald Trump is not that kind of bean-counting establishment figure he is a product of the culture he's a maker of the culture the king of reality TV for 15 years he's been in the tabloids since many years before I was born I mean this guy is a cultural figure he ran on this cultural issue of immigration of what the American nation is of whether we're allowed to protect our people protect our borders he was opposed by some people on the right and many people on the left he's got to run on that again if he doesn't run on that who is he why did we elect him in the first place no I think that's exactly right and you know that's it's a complaint from people on the right that he's so instinctual that you know he just you know whatever is on his mind but I think again you know he doesn't listen to people his advisers are always complaining you know he's and he doesn't take their advice he's not you know he's not a think-tank politician I mean that's why Hillary Clinton lots because she's a test-tube politician you know at you know what what what what do voters want me to say that's what I think you see with Joe Biden because he's completely flip-flopping on all of his positions and I think Trump won and Trump will win again because he is the exact opposite of that so I think that's exactly right I mean this is beta O'Rourke I don't know if you remember him he's this billionaire furry who was on Vanity Fair and he briefly was running for president and this guy when he went to Iowa he stood on a countertop one of many and he said I want you to shape me into the presidential candidate you want and he immediately collapse dropped drop who on earth wants to oh so you stand for nothing right you stand for nothing and you just want to pander to me so I give you my vote know that that's a disaster and I think that's what you're seeing with a lot of the I mean you see Pete Buddha judge people judge this is the same issue you know it's just it's embarrassing the cringe pandering that you see with these people where you know he's playing the piano and you know he's taking Pete Buddha's there's not a black kid that he didn't take a photo with to get votes talked to his black police officer back in South Bend or as then he might have a little easier time running for president if he could clean up his own town right I hope maybe he'll find he'll find a t-bone and maybe Booker can introduce him roam the streets of Newark where Michael knows thank you so much good to see you pleasure all right guys Michael knows everyone remember the White House brief is available as a podcast you can download it on iTunes Spotify google play wherever your podcast is available subscribe to it rate it review it so that it actually appears in the charts thanks for watching everyone we'll see you soon you

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  1. The way to prevent more illegal immigrants from coming to the USA, eliminate the available jobs…..If the business hires an illegal immigrant, the business receives a fine….and it has to be a big enough fine to prevent the business from hiring illegals in the future….If there are no jobs, the flood of immigrants will stop….

  2. Jon Miller, you're a fool. VPN doesn't protect the average Joe against information harwesting. If you are logged in at FB, Twitter, Youtube or whatever social media you like, you will carry with you cookies the main ads site can see. The main ads site will then pull the cookie strings together to follow you on every path you take on the web. The only solution to this problem is TOR or the likes.

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  5. Trump won because the country was seeing what was happening to the European Union during their immigration invasion. Increased criminal activity.

  6. Ask your parents what they think is best for this nation, our country. You will learn something to ask!!!!!!

  7. Are you saying that the youngest folks know more than I do being 59. Sorry, I have lived through more disasters, presidents, and wars than anyone who is younger than my kids. I say my kids, because we pass history to our children over time.

  8. Hey guys, we better not count our votes before the election. You know the demorats will cheat, steal, and do whatever they have to to win! The demorats are asshole.

  9. For millennials, Social media is Oxygen and the fucking morons, at least the majority, think that Socialism has something to do with that and so of course , they are all for it : waiting , yes, I've heard it said, for it to come to their iphones !

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  11. The Supreme Court just ruled yesterday that Trump can transfer 2.5 billion $$ from the military budget . Must have happened before you dropped this. Great news though !!!!

  12. DEMS
    all offer SOCIALISM.
    (Which is 1 step away from Communism.)
    They want to change the CONSTITUTION,
    (Truth..do your own research).
    They want to make it all SHARIA LAW …a law of the land. Where women are a sub class. Female mutilation is demanded. Where you are TOLD what you wear, who you can/can't associate with and when, you will have no rights at all. (Women who say it's "wonderful" will get
    beat up/hurt/or killed if they say otherwise.
    (Truth. Do your own research)
    Dems want to take away YOUR FREEDOM of speech, because they know that once AMERICA becomes socialist, they don't want you protesting against them. They won't want your opinion. And it's jail or "kill you" if you DO give your opinion.( TRUTH..do your own research)
    DEMS want to ban all weapons..the only free country in the world that allows people to have power over themselves. The reason Venazuala etc, can't fight back against their CORRUPT government, is because they banned all guns before so the CORRUPT government doesn't have to listen to the people. (Truth..do your own research.)
    Do we want that?? NO.
    Think about it…it may be "just socialism" with the new PITICULAR Democrat presidential hopeful.. , but what about the next and the next. They will all see power..and want more and more. Just like Venezuela right now. This is not what they voted for..it just got worse and worse. It's a slippery slope. GREED is all around you. Are you saying "that we will be different socialists, because ours is democratic socialism". No they all started out that way. Have pride in our country. In our UNIQUE way of governing our own country. We can fight censorship..(Facebook and Google are now showing us all about Censorship and GREED).
    But if we were socialists right now…we would just have to accept it. No matter what they wanted, or said, or how big they were, or the control they had over us, or how they could take all your info about you and sod whatever they wanted with it. Oh. Your 20lbs overweight, you can't have ins.anymore, your lower class because of that. Oh, you have this degree, it's worthless now..you have to do this business because we said so. And on and on…You want that for your kids?? Grandkids? Etc. I don't.

  13. The public doesn't realize that they (DEMs) are using Russian tactics and ideas, so who's being influenced by Russia? Some of us are old enough to remember.

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