Miami Dade College Awarded Prestigious 2019 Aspen Prize

– [Dr. Rodicio] The mission of Miami Dade
College has always been to change lives through the opportunity of education. The Aspen Prize really is the capstone of
almost a decade’s work that very intentionally looked at how to improve not
only student access to higher education, but student success. And in many ways, it’s the validation of
the great work that all our faculty and staff have undertaken in this endeavor. – [Angel] You know, it’s hard to imagine a
college that has had a greater impact on its community than Miami Dade. Graduation and transfer rates are not only
above the national average, but Miami Dade student success metrics
continue to improve every year. – One of the data points
that we are most proud of is that among non-selective institutions,
we are number one in the state and among the top four in the country in terms
of helping individuals advance their social and economic mobility. What you’re doing is you’re changing the
lives of that student and that family because you’re helping to break the cycle
of poverty. And that is what we’re most proud of, of
the work that we’ve done that has led to this recognition. – [Woman] Give me Amiodarone,
300 milligrams. – We were created as an open-access
institution, here to serve anyone who wanted an opportunity to achieve a higher
education credential. And I think this proves that we’re doing a
great job in that arena. And not only allowing individuals to
attain credentials, but in a very substantive way, changing the lives of
those students, their families, and the community that we serve. ♪ [music] ♪

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