MEZMERIZING Opera Duo leave the coaches SPEECHLESS in The Voice | Journey #42

Every week you come out
and you just amaze me. And I really want to see
you guys out there… …doing what you’re doing
and have huge success… …because you deserve it,
it’s just so good. Wow. What’s your guys’ names? I’m Emily and this is Sophie. Hello and we’re ‘Belle Voci’. What does that mean in Italian? Beautiful voices. I’m Emily Burnett, I’m 25
and I live in London. I’m Sophie Rohan and I’m 26
and I live in Chester. I was working as a chef,
about three years ago. And the chefs always used to
get really angry with me… …because I was singing
all the time. And Sophie was also
a waitress in the same pub. And she walks into the kitchen… …she’s like: “Oh my God,
I hear a singer…” “…I am a singer”. And then we said:
“why don’t we sing together?” Singing was what made us friends. We weren’t friends before that. And I don’t think we would
have been friends before. I think at school…
– In a nice way. We’re very different. I was like a nerd and
she was the cool one. Yeah, but you’ve come on since then.
– Have I? Oh good. I wear ripped jeans these days,
I never used to do that. She used to wear pearls. We were not gonna
say that on TV. Oh my God. I thought we were friends. We are!
– You are so mean! The dream, a record deal,
would be unreal. I can’t even…
that’s too big… …for my brain to
get my head around really. Just tot sing all the time,
go on tour… Be on a stage, as a job. It will be amazing. You guys sounded flawless. Flawless! Flawless, I swear to you… I felt like buckling my seatbelt… …and I’m getting ready to take off
from British Airways… …because that’s the British Airways song! It is! This is what… …a show called The Voice is
supposed to be about. I don’t care what genre it is,
talent is talent. Hey ladies.
– Hello What’s your big dream together? Like, where do you
want to take this? It sounds really cheesy… …but we’re really,
we’re obviously really love opera. And we think that it needs
a bit of a refresh. Yeah, but you guys
with the look you have… …and the sound you have… No one singing opera
looking like this. But also, the charts
are always changing. But your style of
music is just there. It’s never gonna change. It’s incredible.
– I’m so in love with it. Thank you very much.
– Welcome to The Voice, guys! These are The Battles,
y’all ready to battle? First up it’s gonna be… …Scarlett. You will have
to battle against… …Belle Voci! First of all, I’m so excited,
just to have opera in the house. I want to tell you the song… …that I picked for you girls. It’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana. Okay.
– Okay. Have you heard it?
– No. No?! It’s a rock song. It’s gonna be great. I’m a bit anxious. Yeah?
– Yeah. So different to
what we would ever do. It’s like: “We were expecting opera”. But uh-uh, here at JHud productions
we like a challenge. It’s such a famous song… We feel worried about
how it’s gonna be received. But we are just gonna sing it. Yeah, it’s what we do. Okay Jennifer, it’s almost time
to make your decision. This is so tough. Basing it off of who is
ready in the situation… …it’s Bella Voci. I hugged Leona Lewis. I think I got
lip gloss in her hair. Hi, nice to meet you! It’s like… Anyway. Do you guys go
around a lot together? Well actually, I’ve moved
to London so… …we’re actually apart. Well when do you
rehearse then? By Whatsapp. I live in Chester,
Emily lives in London. So that’s always
a bit tricky. But we’ve got
our system that works. FaceTime rehearsals. We do lots of voice notes. We sing in the car quite a lot. On the way to gigs. We just have
a ‘LOL’ all the time. I can’t believe I just said ‘LOL’.
– Oh God. They take you on
a journey with their voices. I love their passion to
bring opera to the masses. A risk with this song is
that it is in Italian… …so I think we’ve got
to work really hard… …to make sure
that we can get… …the beautiful message of it
across to the audience… …and make sure that they are moved
by it as much as we are. I’m gonna say mesmerizing. I was enjoying
every second of it. I just love you guys. I think it’s so fresh to hear
that on this show… …it’s just great. I love it. I love, love, love, love, love it. So Jennifer it’s your last spot
in the semi-final. How hard is this one? It’s very hard,
because it’s the last spot. But it is time for you to
make your knockout decision. Already?
– Yeah. I’m gonna have to go with… …Belle Voci. Live shows. Both our dads came to
watch us at the Knockouts. And they’ve become
really good pals. It was absolutely incredible. And when they got through… I nearly ended up
on JHuds knee. And mine as well, my God. When the girls walk on the stage
at The Semi-finals… …it’s going to be
absolutely incredible… …but I know I’ve got a key buddy
on my right-hand side… …feeling exactly the same way
that I’m feeling. The public vote is
so important to us. If they don’t vote,
his is all over. And we are not ready to go home. Well done. I couldn’t have done it
without you. Aw, that’s very nice. Well, it’s true. We’re a duo,
it would be tricky. After a really busy week
we got to go home… …and see our family. Hello everybody! To go back and
see family and friends… …it’s like a big cuddle. It’s nice. Our families are so excited. I would say that they’re maybe
more excited than we are. The final will be
just unbelievable for us. Exactly.
– And the girls. Yeah.
– For us especially. We are the proudest parents
you can imagine. We’re absolutely on cloud 10. We also went back to where
we did our first ever gig. It was just amazing. People asking for selfies and
wanting to take our picture. And they made a sign. Emily look! It was really lovely. Going home has really
given us that extra boost. We know that we’ve got so many
people at home supporting us. And we really really want
to do them proud. Phenomenal. Honestly, you… I love you,
you’re brilliant. I’m lost for words… because every week… Every week you come out and
you just amaze me. And I I really want to see you
guys out there doing what you do. And have huge success,
because you deserve it. It’s just so good And it’s time to find out which
two acts have the most votes… …and will have the chance
to sing one last time… …to become your winner. In no particular order… I can reveal the first act to
perform a game is… …Donel! The second and final act
to sing again is… …Ruti! Ladies… Is there anything you’d
like to say to Jen? We love you. And thank you again… …for giving us the platform
that opera, I think, needs. So, thank you so much. Thank you so much…

100 thoughts on “MEZMERIZING Opera Duo leave the coaches SPEECHLESS in The Voice | Journey #42

  1. Beautiful voices, gorgeous ladies. Carmina Burana (Orff) is such a powerful opera– they just murdered it!!

  2. My Heart Will Go On? Seriously? That song robbed them. They should've done Queen – "Who Wants to Live Forever" and it would've been incredible.

  3. The Flower Duet by Leo Delibes is my all-time favorite opera piece, and they nailed it in their audition. I love opera. I wish it was more popular.

  4. Their voices are absolutely GORGEOUS….BUT that nirvana performance was an absolute travesty 😖 like nails on a chalk board..

  5. The ladies should have won: no contest!
    Their voices are of higher calibre than many of the judges I've seen on these shows. I wouldnt be surprised if that was a factor in their 2nd place finish.
    I wish them great success in the future. They are truly a delight for the ears & have managed to do something no other opera singer Ive liked has pulled off: put an operatic twist on popular music & make it sound marvelous, & Im almost 60!
    There is an unquantifiable "something" created when their voices work together…..a tone, an harmonic…..I dont know what to call it, that goes straight to the heart & creates joy.
    I hope I get to see them live one day, definitely on my bucket list!

  6. Ficaram todos sem chão com essas vozes. Os treinadores perplexos com a inesperada surpresa. Todos aprenderam muito com essa experiência inesquecível. Parabéns.

  7. these girls in the voice italy would have been in great hands, cause christina scabbia is not only trained for coaching singers like them, but know a lot of people and songs that could have made these girls dream of "bringing opera to wider public" come true. that said, i'm glad it was j-hud who step in the challenge, and i love j-hud came out of her confort zone to even try opera singing herself in the final performance, now i'm just wishing to hear more of them in the future, i have a few symphonic metal bands in mind that could really use their tallent.

  8. What in the world was JHud on when she thought Nirvana would sound OK on their voices? Don't get me wrong, It was not bad, but there are much better choices of rock music for opera voices…

  9. I've watched many of these and the one thing I've learned is that most of these coaches never turn for Opera singers, personally I think they're either afraid of them or just don't know how to coach them, but Jennifer said what I've been thinking for year's, if you go on a show called The Voice, it shouldn't matter what genre you are, if you got the talent.

  10. Not only are they pitch perfect they are incredible and beautiful…. Girls if you are interested I am single! I loved your performance.

  11. I think the battle song song was a great way to challenge their versatility. They should have shown that they can sing different genres though their preference is Opera.

  12. what a terrible song to give to the 3 of the girls at 5:22 , it sucked for them , and I really felt bad for those girls to have to do such a song , they sounded terrible on that . I dont get why they do such dumb song choices unless they want to get rid of someone . I am a rocker and have that song on my mp3 player but no way should those girls be given that to do ! next she will give them a rap song to a country singer . it is called "the voice " , not "how bad can you sound on a rock song . "

  13. These girls were awesome but why would you give them a song from Nirvana?
    That's just dumb. ..didn't even sound good but you can tell they tried their best

  14. their 3rd song is the problem with opera^^ Its italian mostly, i dont get how ppl can enough music that PURELY lyrics, when they understand nothing… If Opera would be english (or for me some other languages, sadly not italian 😀 ) AND with more modern music and not piano and violin all over with the same 4 sounds..that would be so amazing

  15. The last performance with JHud was beautiful 👌🏼
    Belle Voci are pretty and amazing ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

  16. The judges and most of the audience had NO clue. The singers talents went OVER the heads of 90% of the audience. They were magnificent, but the wrong genre. The voice is for alternatives.

  17. I love these girls because they have these beautiful voices and opera is something that is so classic and it’s equated with panache and class and a richness in many senses of the word but then there’s these two beautiful women and you get to see these down to earth lovely personalities and it makes them relatable and I love that it brings opera to a wider variety of people I think it’s just wonderful and I love them

  18. These ladies WILL get work. Musical theatre NEEDS voices like these to continue. And London has lots of musical theatre.

  19. Songs like they did on the final is when I get opera.
    Powerful, majestic.
    The rest is just dull to me (do appreciate the skill) .. each their own.

  20. What beautiful voices they have! I always listen to opera with my nonna so I appreciate JHud not shying away from them just because they arent singing mainstream music. Brava!

  21. Nirvana-massive fail
    O Fortuna- massive success
    The right material was needed to pair with their talent. I think overall Jen did a good job but she was out of her comfort zone for sure with those two. They're great. They'll make it.

  22. Well if Curt Cobain were alive to hear that I think he'd have been willing to put off the end a little longer. Who knew how far and wide his music, lyrics and overall impression would continue to reach, grow and inspire. Nirvana fan for life. 💯🔥

  23. Only Jennifer could perform with two accomplished opera singers, she's actually in their range. They sound phenomenal especially in the songs suited for their voices, love them in a duo as well.

  24. #1 They are both SO beautiful.
    #3 They deserve to WIN the voice.
    #4 Even though they did not win, they still just opened A MILLION doors for their talent to be shared.

    smdh I sing opera and that last note was just so pleasant and round. God, what a treat to listen to.

  26. Amazing voices! Opera is the new sexy! These girls did so well and I kept getting shivers all over, mostly with the Italian song, I think it was the third one. Awesome job, no wonder their parents are proud of them. I hope they get a recording deal, I'll be in line to buy their music.

  27. In the Heart will go on Jennifer should not have tried to over power them. I love her voice. But the finals is about the contestants not the judges.

  28. You could tell the solo singer during the nirvana duet was so pissed she didn’t stand a chance because she was forced to go into an opera vibe on a song that didn’t go over well. I felt bad for her.

  29. Jennifer was in pain. The girls were of perfection but nobody dared to turn at first because for one to be able to coach classical, he/she must be absolutely knowledgable technically. But jennifer had to press the button and take the responsibility or else the girls would go to waste.

  30. These "coaches" need to do the right thing and RETIRE in the face of such excellence. They should SHUT THEIR IGNORANT MOUTHS and leave the stage.

  31. I got to serve with some very talented young people. We all used to get together and have a few drinks and play on instruments. My wife sings very much like a Disney duet of sorts. I had a younger troop come out and they had a great vocal pairing. They both trained since a young age and it made me mad they sounded so good. He got to perform in the Air Force Tops In Blue, and later started became a sound tech. It’s been a decade since those nights. We had people playing all kinds of instruments from hard rock to Country. It was a fun time, I just wish we save a few bucks instead of partying so hard. Lots of money….

  32. Its nice when 5 star "no namer" operatic voice(s) get thru; its ususlly outside the realm of these coaches. The end was nice. They nailed it with O'Fortuna. Would've liked to hear their voices in
    • Dont Cry for Me Argentina
    • Lucia di Lammimoor
    With their voices the list can go on n on n on

  33. I don't understand opera. They don't sing in the key of E, for English. Thumbs up, bravo, bravo. Love how it sounds. Oh no, hear we go now, how you going to pull that off. Should of got them to sing, Smooth Opera-ator. Lol.

  34. No I just may not be some dumb idiot but Jennifer Hudson you know nothing I want somebody that knows how to sing you're a hack from Detroit

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