Message of Empowerment for 2020

hello lovely love beams my name is Elise and my website is called golden activations calm I wanted to make a video today sharing the energies at the moment and to explain it a little bit more about what is happening to many of us at this current time but also in preparation for 2020 and beyond so the frequencies at the moment are considerably high the clearings that are happening on a collective level and on an individual level is happening on a quantum level these clearings are happening really fast now because we calling from within ourselves and are being called on a much grander scale to step up into a new level of being which calls for us to embody more of our inner power and to become more aligned with our true sovereign nature so over the past few months what this looks like to many of us it's going to be different it's going to be quite challenging possibly for many distressing or difficult because the changes that are happening very deep changes because we are releasing old programs old belief systems things that were playing out of lack of this empowerment and everything that was the complete opposite of us stepping into our sovereignty as sovereign powerful beings from within so many of us as Souls have chosen to experience these difficult and complicated realities so that we could come into this now moment in these new months now that are getting us prepared energetically for 2020 because 2020 is a new cycle it is a shining new inspirational place that we are all being made to come into alignment ready for this next step because everything from 2020 is going to be about stepping into your inner power with balance having been able to bring into balance the divine feminine and the divine masculine that's you are able to step in perfect balance with integrity and purpose to create from this amazing new place of being where you have reached energetically so the creations from this new space that we are stepping into now ready for 2020 are going to be incredible new creations holding new frequencies that do not allow or stand for this empowerment what victimhood frequencies anymore those those experiences those realities are done we've played those out we've experienced enough of that now it's truly feel from within we've we've had enough of that we're not going through any more of that and this is the joy of 2020 and beyond and the frequencies that are coming through now through the Sun and that hour that are penetrating us and our cells and a calling for each cell to raise its frequencies so that we can emanate this amazing beautiful new and higher and faster frequencies of empowerment sovereignty alignments from within and it is truly an exciting time because we are the bringers of the new into these realities that we have created for ourselves for 2020 we are letting go of the old now all the old experiences where we were playing out different scenarios in order to gain an understanding remnants of balance whatever needed to come into balance from within us we are now allowing those frequencies and realities to come at be released and to go because they do not have a place to play out in these new higher amazing frequencies that are coming in and as we are creating from within us to be reflected without s in the new timelines that are coming in for 2020 so I wanted to create this video as a positive reminder that there is a huge golden light at the end of this tunnel and that these coming months all there to prepare us for this new amazing cycle that we are coming into and even if this changes even if they look difficult or complicated or hold sadness I know for us as a family we have spent two wonderful incredible years here in Chile and we've experienced so much mass and so many wonderful beings that there is sadness that we are leaving so many incredible people behind and moving on but there's also and completes knowing and understanding that those connections will always be there and that we are stepping into all new realities again now ready for 2020 that we also be moved to prepare for this new chapter in our lives so you are never alone these changes are happening to everybody in different ways depending on where we are energetically vibrationally what we wanted to experience as a soul you know how much density we held within us and so how much heavy duty clearing we have to do one to experience in these coming months to be able to get to where we want to get in 2020 so we are all on this journey although it presents itself in a different way to get into this new exciting alignment of inner sovereignty and inner power for 2020 and I have to share that from within me and feeling a greater strength and power emanating from within me and it is it isn't a source of a dominant dominance frequency it's just really freeing this power that's just beginning to emanate out and I know that there's just more and more to come again so it is an extremely auspicious and exciting time for all of us and that there is a beautiful golden Gate's way of lights waiting for us at the end of this tunnel of change and for you to keep your hearts fully and wide open and understand that these changes are happening on a soul level for each of you because you chose these different experiences to understand or to balance from within whatever that needed to be experienced for you as a as a soul but these are all coming into alignment now for 2020 so I hope that this is an inspiration to you in some way and that it is a message of excitement joy and love to look forward to our new and powered creations for 2020

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