mercer county animal shelter has dog walking event

The Mercer County Animal Shelter reaches full capacity with many animals in need of new homes. 59 News Reporter Katie Forcade has more about a volunteer dog walking event they held to make people in the community more aware of the animals in need. Every dog has its day. NAT SOUND POP OF DOG VO And the Mercer County Animal Shelter is trying to make sure every one of their dogs receives the love each one deserves. The shelter worked with representatives from the Mercer County Humane Society to hold a dog walking event Tuesday morning. People from the community came in to walk the furry four-legged friends who don’t have a permanent home right now. SOT DEVIN TOTTEN/RISING FIFTH GRADER “I came with my Bluefield Parks and Recreation Center group to walk dogs. : and how fun was it walking the dogs?DEVIN: “It was really fun.” VO The animal shelter has taken in an abundance of animals, including dogs, putting the shelter at a minimum of full capacity at the moment. That’s why the Mercer County Humane Society is working with the shelter to make sure these dogs aren’t left behind. SOT MICHELLE COLE “In the summer, there’s a tremendous rise in intakes with the dogs. People are on vacation, they have other things on their mind, and with so many animals being placed at the animal shelter, it places a huge burden on the staff here at the shelter. Volunteers are needed to provide stimulation, both mentally and physically to the animals that are housed here at the shelter until they find their forever home.” VO Animal Shelter Director Stacey Harman says these animals will need to find a forever home. The shelter has discounted adoption fees to encourage people to adopt, but sometimes simply volunteering to walk the dogs or pet the cats helps someone take home a new best friend. SOT STACEY HARMAN/MERCE R COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER DIRECTOR “We’ve had a lot of people come in before and just walk dogs and end up taking them home, so it’s always a possibility to find one that you wind up falling in love with.” VO Reporting in Mercer County, Katie Forcade, 59 News. Heidi And I’ll have a full check of our forecast coming up, so please stay with us. HEIDI FULL WEATHER:

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