Membership Site Models: 6 Types You Need To Know About

– So, the question is what are the different membership models and which ones should you pick? There are really six
different main membership models that I want to share with you here today. Yeah. Oh, sorry (laughing). So, the first one that I want to tell you about is
called the publisher model. Now, this is a lot like a magazine. You know how with a magazine subscription each month they publish a whole bunch of new articles? Well, that’s essentially a lot like a publisher model for a membership site. The only difference is
is that we’re publishing a whole bunch of content. Because within a membership site, less content is actually better. And I know that’s counterintuitive to what most of us are gonna thing. Most of think the more content we provide the better. But that’s not actually the case. More content actually
overwhelms your members and that leads to higher drop off and more people leaving the membership. The second membership model that I wanna tell you
about is the UPS model. Now, think of this like you’re delivering a package of content each and every month. And, so, this is a little bit different because it may not necessarily be teaching anybody anything new but it may be providing a package of content that’s gonna help somebody. The next one, model number three, is a coaching model. This is where you’re far more involved with your members in terms of helping them make progress. And a coaching model, it can work in terms of group coaching,
and it can also work in terms of one-on-one coaching. So, one of the things that you wanna be mindful here is that you establish a model that’s gonna help you and your members be able to grow together. Because you don’t wanna set up a model where you can’t scale it. Meaning that if you’re
offering one-on-one, what would happen if
you added 100 members, 500 members, or 1,000 members? Would you still be able to provide the experience in the same way? The fourth one is a community-based membership model. And this is really where
people are just paying month after month to be in a community with other like-minded individuals. So, again, depending on your market and depending on your niche people want to be with others who share the same passion. And, so, bringing those
people together creates a great, safe environment whereby you can continue
to serve those people by giving them the place to congregate and a place to come. But at the same time, they pay in order to have access to that community. Model number five is a drip membership. And a drip membership is
a little bit different in the sense that you have almost like a full curriculum of content that is planned out way in advance and it gets dripped to your members one day, one week, or one month at a time. Now, model number six is a combo. This is where you may have different parts of each of these different models. So, you may have a
little bit of publisher, you may have some coaching in there, you may have a little
bit of your community. But there are combinations of these different areas. Now, the good news is that if you do have combinations of this it actually increases your stick ratio and the whole experience as a whole goes up a notch. So, if you can combine
a few of these elements, it certainly works in your favor. (upbeat music)

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