Members Statement: Ride to Remember & This is Dementia

SPEAKER: The Member for Wednouree. Ms ADDISON: Thank you Speaker. I wish to congratulate Nick Locandro for his
outstanding charity work to raise money and awareness of dementia in Ballarat. Recently Nick, Jamie Huggett and Jeremy Cowan
rode the 1000km Mawson Trail in South Australia to raise money for dementia. This was a very challenging ride, but was
deliberately was chosen by Nick because individuals suffering with dementia face physical and
mental challenges every day. This is was the second Ride to Remember, after
Nick, Jamie and Jarrod King rode the 2300km from Uluru to Ballarat last year, and raised
close to $40,000. Equally importantly it raised awareness in
our community about young onset dementia. Nick chose Uluru as a place to start the 2018
Ride to Remember because it was where his family had their last holiday together with
his dad Sam, who died with early on-set dementia in 2017. All fundraising from the Ride to Remember
feeds directly into new Ballarat-based charity “This is Dementia”, a not-for-profit registered
charity formed with fellow young dementia champions Meg Curnow and Brittany Rose, which
focuses on raising awareness and increasing knowledge about dementia. “This is Dementia” is working to change
the stigma surrounding the disease and highlighting its far-reaching impacts on family and friends. I encourage members of the community to get
behind this important cause and congratulate everyone involved for their efforts.

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