Member’s Statement – BARBOUR, JANE: COM. SERV. – THANKS

The Honourable Member for Dartmouth South. Mr. Speaker, I beg leave to make an introduction. Permission granted.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I would draw the members’ attention to the gallery
opposite where we’re joined by Jane Barour, her son Ewan, and her
grandchildren Lina and Logan. They’re residents of Dartmouth South and I ask
the Members of the House to give them a warm welcome. (*Applause*) The Honourable Member for Dartmouth South. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize
Jane Barbour. Jane is a Dartmouth resident who takes on the role of community
builder wherever she goes. In the past year Jane founded a Birthday Club at
Alderney Manor in Dartmouth. A monthly celebration with coffee, tea, cake, and
sandwiches which drew building residents together to celebrate one another. In a
building with many seniors and socially isolated individuals, she also organized
a Health and Wellness Fair with nearly 30 vendors from Community Health
resources to HRM Transit to the public library. Neighbors were able to connect
with the resources they might not otherwise have had direct access to, and
the event was an unqualified success. I was happy to be a part of it. Creating
opportunity for a community to grow is challenging work but wherever she goes
activities and events follow. Please join me in thanking Jane for her dedication
to the Dartmouth community. you

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