Member Secure Messaging (Rev. Oct 2019)

Hello, I’m a Benefit Advisor Here at the Arizona State Retirement System. I’d like to talk to you today about secure
messaging. Secure messages provide members a fast, Convenient and secure method of communication and should be the primary tool You use to communicate with the ASRS. Use it for questions on any ASRS topic And to submit documents. The ASRS will also use Secure Messaging To communicate directly with you. Here is how it works: Sending Secure Messages Step 1: To send a secure message to the ASRS Log in to your secure myASRS account From the ASRS website. Step 2: From the Member Home page, Select “Secure Messages” On the left navigation menu Under “Communication and Education.” Step 3: You’ll see the Secure Messages screen. Click the button labeled “Create A New Thread” to start a message. Step 4: Select a subject in the first text field. Enter your message in the larger text field. You have the formatting options to Bold, underline, italicize, And add headers as you wish. Step 5: If you want to attach a file Click the button below the message text field. Depending on your browser, The button may display different text. For Internet Explorer users, The button is labeled “Browse.” For Google Chrome users, The button is labeled “Choose File.” A window appears “Choose File to Upload” in Internet Explorer “Open” in Chrome. Double click on the file you want to attach Or select the file and click the “Open” button. The maximum file size is 10 megabits. Once you are finished, Click “Send” and you will return to the Secure Messages page. You can only add one attachment to each secure
message. If you need to send multiple files, Depending on what type of files they are, You may combine them into one attachment. Alternatively, you can send one attachment, Then click on the active thread, Enter a comment such as “See attachment,” Attach the next file, and send. Repeat for as many separate attachments You have for the same thread. Step 6: After creating or editing a secure message, The message is shown in the list On the Secure Messages page as either “Active” or “Completed.” Active messages will remain active Until an ASRS Benefit Advisor completes the
thread. While a thread is still active, You may open it, add an attachment, Or add a response. Completed messages can be viewed but not reactivated. You will receive an immediate notification When the ASRS responds to or creates a secure
message addressed to you. If you have unread secure messages at the
end of the business day, You will receive an email alerting you of
unread secure messages. Another alert will be emailed if messages
continue to be unread after three business days. To stop the alerts, you just need to read
your messages. Secure messages can be filtered on any text
on the Secure Messages page. This may be useful to locate a particular
thread Or group of threads based on particular text. Simply type the text into the “Filter By”
under the “Create a new thread” button. If you haven’t already, give secure messaging
with the ASRS a try. I know you’ll be plesantly suprised by what
a great communication tool it is.

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