Member: Adam Powell

Being a member of the IOP adds a variety to my life. It takes me away from having my head in a book twenty-four hours and really gives me a different perspective. My name is Adam Powell and I’m a physicist. I’ve just graduated with a first class MPhys from here at Swansea University. I didn’t do an A-level in maths. I took three sciences and was really focused on becoming a doctor and going into medicine. But I really started to question why I wanted to go down that route and I couldn’t come up with a good answer, so I started looking at what made work feel like pleasure. Which ended up being physics. During my first year on the BSc course I was full of doubt about my ability to keep up with my coursemates. This pressure inspired me to push myself out into the wider physics community. This led me to join the IOP and then also take up a role in Swansea University Physics Society as the president to really start forming a group which could share ideas. We became an IOP-affiliated society and started working across the UK with other groups and we were happily chosen as the student physics society of the year for 2017. I’ve worked for a number of years with IOP Wales as a volunteer. I did science storytelling at the National Museum for Wales and that really excited a crowd of people who don’t know that much about physics. I’ve moved on to the IOP Wales Committee now, offering funding for people to go off and work on outreach across Wales. That’s a really fantastic opportunity for me to give something back to my home country. Now that I’ve graduated I’m excited to move on to the Member grade of the IOP this will be invaluable when it comes to maintaining my roots here in the UK when I’m working at the ALPHA Experiment in CERN. I’ve always been one to take every opportunity that comes knocking. Ten years from now I could be absolutely anywhere, and that excites me more than anything.

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