Melody Accuses the Group of Being a Bad Influence on Martell | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

MAN: I think it’d be really
hard for Martell and Marsau to move forward without the most
important person in their life also moving forward. I think for Tisha
and I, our discussion went left very, very quickly. For me, I felt like my
character was being attacked. You have a son by a
daddy you really don’t even recognize or know anymore. You don’t get my personality. You have a slick, sly
way of saying your words. You know you, so you was comin’
for us on certain statements that you made. I didn’t like that, either. Your husband has made these
false statements about Marsau. How do you know they’re false? Are they real? Figure it out on your own. I just not care anymore. And I’m not saying
it in a mean way. I just don’t want
the bad energy. I don’t want the negativity. I just want to move forward. I’m over it. We don’t– it can be
what it is at this point. You know what, LaTisha,
obviously, it’s easier for you to call me fake versus listening
to what I’m trying to tell you. So girl, why don’t you
just go get a dictionary and look up the word denial? How about that? Since we are talking
about the infidelity issue that we went through, this
didn’t come to my knowledge, or had I experienced it
before with him in my marriage till we all started hanging out. I’m like– What’s the implication
of that statement? Well, what I’m
saying is, period. Like, we didn’t experience
infidelity in our marriage or with each other
or whatever until we all started hanging out. MAN: Are we saying
causation or correlation? Who knows? You don’t ever know. That’s fair, but
what do you think? What I’m saying is, for
me, I started thinking, OK, is there other influence? You know, we started hanging. He felt like– he would
see Tisha and Kimmi, you know, doing more with you
in terms of fixing your plates and doing all the other
extras things, right? That I had been doing for
him, and he hadn’t had a problem with me not doing it. But then when he
saw Bill doing it, he was feeling
like, well, shoot. Everything that I do, helping
with the kids, helping keep the house clean,
blah, blah, blah, you should be doing this for me. Well, I think there’s
degrees to influence. It’s one thing to say, hey,
Adira, Kimmi cooks a lot. Which you say. It’s another
thing to say, hey, I think because you hung
around these guys, you’re going to have
sex with another woman. I think that– believe it or not– while you were somewhere
else maybe praying to God, saying, hey, what’s going on? Ashley had some people
talking to Martell about what’s going on. The man trying to
figure it through. I like that
statement, we’re men trying to figure it through. Cheers to that.

79 thoughts on “Melody Accuses the Group of Being a Bad Influence on Martell | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

  1. I'm so over Melody and her BS… girl, your man cheating has nothing to do with the group… maybe you should get the dictionary and look up the word denial

  2. If your husband can't remain faithful to you no matter who's he's hanging out with you have a bigger problem than you think babygirl! Make your husband accountable for his infidelity. And if the other husbands are cheating it will come to the light. I hate when a friend is going through and hates on others because they're unhappy! Holts y'all wrong!

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  4. Melanie is nuts. Your man been a cheater before you became friends with ppl in the group. Martell is responsible for his actions, not everyone else.

  5. I hate that melody is experiencing this. They have children and she's stuck for whatever reason. She said they had a good relationship while he was cheating. She gonna have to learn to accept that he cheated and let it go or not.

  6. Melody and her husband were born with narcissistic personalities. Marcel's cheating has nothing to do with any friendship. However that is not the most stupidest thing Melody has ever said. The stupidest thing Melody ever said was ,"I do" to man who is incapable of loving anyone except Marcel.

  7. Another thing that has caused Martell to feel as though he’s invincible in terms of his cheating, Melody CHOSE TO PUT UP WITH IT. You cannot give someone room to feel comfortable disrespecting you. Then get mad when it continues. She did it to herself. #LAMH

  8. they knew her husband was cheating so that's why she dislikes the group. they are also pretending as if they have perfect marriages.

  9. She is trying to say birds of a feather flock together… however "friends" only can talk you into cheating if you are stupid enough to cheat…🤔😒 Some people do take bad advice…

  10. The other women need to get off their high horses. Most men cheat. It’s only a matter of time before theirs get caught up.

  11. I thought she had more brains that this….he is a CHEATER! A REPEAT OFFENDER! Nothing she says or does will change him. And she’s having another child with him?!?! I’m sorry but he’s not worth the headache or drama to keep in life. Sometimes I wonder since she has such an issue facing that he has a cheating problem…has she stepped out herself??? 👀

  12. Melody and Martell show bad character. They look like two broken people trying to tare their friends down because they are falling apart. They could just admit and ask their friends for support.

  13. The only way he would learn is if she cheats on him. A man that looks better and with mo money. He would be devastated.

  14. That's a conversation Melody should've had with Martell alone.Marsau does seem to be the leader of the Pack. What does that say about Martell if he's following the leader?

  15. The Holts Hopes whatever their name is, are deflecting, but let's not overlook the real scumb bag here, Latisha's cheating husband, and her stupidity in believing he has not been involved with 20 +. She is so sad, wanting Montel to appolgize for what she knows is true, so she can feel better. The come back group really, how about the 20+ Club. Latisha watch all the episodes and study your husband's eyes closely, he looks like a scared rabit.

  16. Basically, Mel believes that Tisha and Kimmie are inferior to her as women, lol. That’s what it comes down to. Instead of using the moment to progress, she uses it to shade the dynamic of the other couples’ relationships. Everyone’s always talking about how “bad” Mel is but 🥴 yikes.

  17. Poor Kimmy, I like her, but her husband is clueless, or is he? Making decisions all on his own, like he's flying solo. Total disrespect to her. He not only invited the ex without a conversation with her. He made a big financial decision as well, ex can live rent and mortgage free. I applaud him for that, but not without his wife's consent. He is alot like his brother, but his selfishness is just in a different lane. Both disrespect women, but in different ways.

  18. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice. Shame on me. My ex cheated on me for three months. When I discovered the affair I confronted her and the other person. I gave her a second chance on the basis that neither party would ever communicate with the other again. Both agreed. A year later, I suspected my wife was cheating again and noticed her attitude change towards me and throwing tantrums over every little things and not to forget the late nights. All these were enough to raise suspicion but I had to be more careful and have proof, tho I was sure she was, I needed proof. My worst fears were confirmed when I contacted Total Hackers land. I found Total Hackers on here who gave me all the proof I needed. Had her phone cloned and I found out they were still in contact with one another, so I ended the relationship immediately. Ironically they are not together now. It's one thing to give someone a second chance, but don't ever allow them a third chance to take advantage of you. Life is short. Walk away.. I'm putting this out for anyone in a similar situation, you can get all the help you need. You can E-mail- [email protected] or call or text +1 (510) 322 3526 or WhatsApp on +1(510)458-2710. Thank you so much THL. I can finalize my divorce now and start a new phase in my life.

  19. I feel like Marsau is guilty as sin. He keeps sidestepping to avoid light on him. He has yet to say, no, I have never cheated on you. He’s trying not to be dragged into Martells dirt.

  20. Melody has a few screws loose. Her husband was cheating waaaaaay before hanging with the group.

    I would not be able to hang with her or her own Husband.

  21. Hard to believe Melody was saying Latisha should get a dictionary and look up the word "denial" when she is the one who is clearly in denial.

    She's in denial about Martell's cheating and is looking for a way to give him an excuse. She wants to blame others so she can stay with him, instead of holding him accountable. Martell knows she won't leave so he'll continue to disrespect her.

  22. Members of the group clearly state they has Mattel's back. Melody is wrong to accuse the other males for his cheating on her but the Males are a cesspool of upholding him with his deception boys will be boys …

  23. I'm over it …forgive or move on….girl Latisha u know your husband cheated….also we not paying no Ren for baby mom's

  24. Your husband been stepping out on her! Melody it’s just that you just now finding out about it smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ melody it’s not anyone fault but your Husband Martel ✌🏽✌🏽

  25. Is she saying that their friendship shone a light on what she used to do for him? Did it make him question his contributions and a lack of recognition which led to him cheating?

  26. She's book smart. But common sense stupid. She's in serious denial. That man is doing exactly what he WANTS to do. The group doesn't rule his heart & mind. Nor what he thinks.
    She's fishing for a reason to justify staying with him. When yhe total blame is him & her. If they moved to another state. He'll cheat there too.

  27. Melody really needs counseling about self help. She really had the audacity to accuse the group of influencing her husband’s infidelity? That would explain that chip on her shoulder towards the others. They didn’t make him cheat. That was his choice.

  28. Mel please accept this fact Martell cheated because he wanted to cheat. No one can make anyone step out on their wife. Please stop blaming others for your man actions! That does not look good on you

  29. Melody sounds stupid and dont need to be coming for nobody about their relationship. They need to name the show "Desperate Wives."

  30. No wonder Martel cheats, his crazy wife has a room full of excuses for him. These two fools surely belong together.

  31. Notice how her husband is SILENT…that speaks volumes. I don't even watch the show, just watch the clips on YouTube and even I can see that the both of them are a hot mess…

  32. Kimmy husband is not thinking clearly. There is no way if she did what he is trying to do he would be okay with it. It amazing what mean will do because most women will go along with it.

  33. So if Melanie truly feels that's why her husband stepped out, then shouldn't she bare some responsibility for his infidelity too? I mean after all he was the perfect man to you according to her statement she wasn't treating him like it. I'm just saying, seems she is to blame as well by her logic.

  34. I feel bad for Melody. She’s with him for what they have acquired together and trying to justify why he had a three year love affair. He’s not a one woman man and will never be. Who has a love affair for three years and throws another narcissistic man under the bus.

    She’s not going anywhere period.

  35. Melody need to take this foolishness elsewhere. Martell chose to be unfaithful and carry on an affair the group had nothing to do with it.

  36. I think Mel wasn't really blaming the other guys but merely pointing out that other men were cheating in the group.

  37. GURL BYE, can’t nobody make YOUR HUSBAND stick his DICK nowhere BUT HIM, by the way THE SIDE CHICK is BEAUTIFUL!

  38. Bottom line there are two reasons why a person cheats. 1. Because they want to. 2. Because they can.
    End of story!

  39. The dumbest excuse I have ever heard to deflect off of YOUR HUSBAND CHEATING and even if he is round cheaters that was HIS DECISION to do it and CONTINUE IT

  40. I could careless about what anyone else says, but Mel is actually a smart, intelligent non delusional woman. All of you in the comments that is coming for my girl Mel, really do have a serious problem. All of the other girls men are cheating on them too. It is not Mels fault that she is more confident than all of the girls are. The girls are the one begging to hang with Mel, better yet get mad wheno good is happening for Mel. F out of here. I LOVE YOUR STYLE/PERSONALITY/HAIR DO MEL!!

  41. i can kinda understand where melody is coming from. but i truly feel like she isnt putting all the blame on the other couples. i just hate how she comes of sometimes.

  42. she in denial, she dont know what she want. until she figures that out she aint going nowhere, in turn martel gone do whatever he want until he get tired

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