Meet the Sisters on the Fly

WOMAN: This is
going to be so fun. WOMAN: There’s nothing better
than the open road and freedom. WOMAN: Lot of fellowship. WOMAN: Stories. Laughter. Just fun. WOMAN: It’s our tribe. Boys aren’t allowed. [laughter] [music playing] I’m Becky, Sister number two. My name is Sharon. I’m sister 508. I’m sister number 5267. 8834. – And we are Sisters–
– Sisters– Sisters– Sisters on the Fly. Sisters on the Fly. And we are Sisters on the Fly. [music playing] THE JUNK GYPSIES: They are
like the largest women’s outdoors group in the country. There are over 10,000 of them. And, I mean, it’s
like, they’re ballsy. WOMAN: It started off
as a fly-fishing group. We invited eight girl
friends to come to Idaho and go into the back
country and go fly fishing. WOMAN: And you said, I
wish all of our girlfriends could be doing this with us. Why don’t we start a group? It became a big deal
with the trailers, and camping, and just
getting women outdoors. [music playing] WOMAN: When I first heard
about Sisters on the Fly, I was actually
living in Australia and I was about the
only woman I knew that was doing this on my own. Everybody else was in couples. And I found this group of
women, and they were all doing it all by themselves as well. And I was like, I have
to join these girls. WOMAN: I joined Sisters
on the Fly to fly fish, and I stayed for
the camaraderie. It’s brought me
back to being a girl. You know, you have
the life going on. But when you’re out
here with your sisters, I’m me, who I really am. WOMAN: It just means that
moms, and wives, and mothers, and sisters, and
daughters get to take that hat off and be girls. We get to leave all those
responsibilities from home and unwind. We get to be like
little girls at camp. WOMAN: All you have to do
is take care of yourself here in this group,
which is pretty neat. WOMAN: For once, it doesn’t
have to be about everybody else. It can be about me. WOMAN: I know the rules. The rules are be– [laughter] Be nice. What are our rules? No husbands. No kids. No dogs. Your mama’s little
trailer buddy. [barks] But sometimes– Be nice. And have more fun than anyone. [cheering] WOMAN: You don’t
have to be special. Just come.
We’ll teach you. WOMAN: You don’t have to
have your ducks in a row. You don’t have to
have a trailer. You just have to be nice. You just have to be kind
and be up for adventure. And no husbands, no
husbands, no husbands. WOMAN: My trailer’s
name is Goldie. My trailer’s
name is Cloud Nine. It’s a 1956 Flying
Cloud, and every cloud has a silver lining. WOMAN: Well, this
is my 1962 Shasta. Her name is Ellie, and
she has been redone in vintage Hawaiian style. WOMAN: My camper is actually
a 1963 Shasta compact. Her name is Ruby. She has a happy spirit. She is everything to me. WOMAN: You’ve got
to look at this. I said, look. You can chop carrots and go
to the john at the same time. So if I say, knock,
knock, knock, and you say, chopping carrots, don’t come in. WOMAN: My trailer
is a 1949 Crown. Her name is Rosie. So I kind of got inspired by
that Rosie the Riveter poster, and my whole interior design
has been based around her. She’s kind of like a symbol
of female empowerment and strength. Women are doers. WOMAN: I carry tools, and
I can fix your toilet. Or if I can’t fix
it, I could always just beat it with a hammer. You know, I mean– WOMAN: One of my trailers
is Amazing Maise, and she is named after our
mother who passed away. She was almost 95, and she
fished with us all these years. It makes me cry. That’s her. My aunt, and my mom, and my
grandma created this legacy. I joined because I just
wanted to go camping, but it wasn’t really
about camping. WOMAN: Seeing everybody’s
campers, which are just adorable
and all so individual and so reflect each
other’s personalities, and that just shows what
women are out there. Everybody has a story to
tell, just like every painting has a story to tell. WOMAN: I think it’s
what women needed, and I think it continues
to be what women need. Right. WOMAN: Is to get
together and have people to talk to, and have
people to care about, and have people to
do adventures with. WOMAN: I want to see
you fishing at 95. I will be. [laughter] [cheering] WOMAN: Adventure is
out there, always.

26 thoughts on “Meet the Sisters on the Fly

  1. I am going to do this. It may take awhile to find the trailer and get it done but this is so inspiring I just can't take it. This is for me.

  2. I've narrated two fab audio books on the topic, TIME TRAVEL TRAILER, and TRAILER ON THE FLY by Karen Musser Nortman for AUDIBLE. If anyone would like a free copy, contact me!

  3. Wonder if there is a fee to join this group? Many ladies I know just may be interested in joining y'all.. This is a very awesome idea ladies. Have fun!! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  4. Oh my gosh. Aren't those trailers just fabulous, cute, amazing.. you all look like you were having a great time. Sister on! Good Times.😎

  5. Planning on moving to Idaho, just gotta get there. Then I can have room for an Airstream. Still in California 😐 No husband, or kids.

  6. I've been looking for a small camper 1500 pounds max because that's all I can tow with my Honda CR-V. Talk about hard to find! Been looking for 2 years. Love these ladies and wish I could be part of them!

  7. Gotta say I'm really rather sick and tired of the "girl power" stuff. I'm a 50+yr. old independent woman, who had the absolute best father and mother in the world. They were both superb role models for my siblings and I. So the thought of marginalizing or excluding a particular gender for whatever reason seems silly to me. No gender is better or worse than the other. Just different. The world would be a very happy place if the men and women, who populated it, got along like my beautiful mother and father did.

  8. I saw SOTF for a few years, long after I saw 'the article' in Country Living Magazine, I think it was, and I thought, how nice for them. I'm now a member with my own trailer. You don't have to buy a vintage one, you can fix up/leave original a new trailer. It's all about going out and having fun. Don't be held back by the thought you need a vintage trailer, or even a trailer, some ladies camp in a tent, their car, or a van. Just do it!

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