Meet the HPE Developer Community: Team Members, Part 4

Hi, I’m Blaine Southam. Um, I am part of the CDO
organization where we enable developers across the spectrum to create fun, exciting
and useful applications that solve customer problems. I’m involved
on the technology side of things, the architect that help connect these great
UIs that we create in the organization with the technology problems
that they are trying to solve. Hi, my name is Michael Mattson.
I’m a Principle Tech Marketing Engineer. I work with HPE DEV from a
Nimble Storage perspective. I manage the community for all the open
source SDKs and integrations that we have into OpenStack, Kubernetes and the SDKs we have on cloud volumes and
some of the Ansible stuff that we have with Nimble Storage as well. So, all of integration
and a lot of open source projects that I helped our community with, to use the HPE products in an open source-centric world.

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