Meet our Member Service Managers

My name is Shane Skeen from Club
Plus Super and I’ve been a Member Services Manager here for three years. Club Plus Super is an industry super fund
focused on supporting and enhancing the journey of our members to retire on their own terms. The majority of my time is spent out on the
road dedicated to servicing our members and employers and giving them that personal support
they need. I love my job at Club Plus Super because my
office changes every day. I get to meet members of all ages every day
in their workplace, and having a direct impact and a positive impact on their financial situation. It’s easy to say members come first, but at
Club Plus Super we live that in every aspect of the business. Working on the road can be challenging, but
it’s the support of my colleagues that makes my job so much more enjoyable. Coming from a team culture, I know how important
it is to work together to achieve our objectives and our goals. The club industry plays such an important
role in so many lives and I love seeing firsthand the support that they give to their respective
communities. We’ve spent the past 10 years
out on the road in clubs and working closely with our members. There are so many stories of when this type
of personal support and interaction has ensured that a member of ours, or their family, are
better off as a result. This is why the Member Service Manager is
so vital and its what drives everything we do at Club Plus Super, to ensure that everything
we do every day goes towards making our members better off. Look, I might be biased, but I believe we
employ wonderful people, but it’s so much more than that. They need to have empathy, walk in our members
shoes, and find solutions to make them really better off. The evolution of our member service offering
and the development of our member experience team is all dedicated to this goal.

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