Medium & Large Dog Breed Care : How to Care for an American Pit Bull Terrier

Hi, I’m Nancy Frensley with the Berkely East
Bay Humane Society, I’m the training manger. And this is my friend Lolly who is my dog,
she’s an Australian Shepard, and she’s going to help me today to talk about the American
Pit Bull Terrier. She has a lot of friends who are American Pit Bull Terriers, and they
have become one of the most popular breeds, simply by default, that we have in this country
today. And part of that is that they have a very sad heritage having come from the fighting
bids and been bred and bred and bred and bred until they’re so many of them, that if you
go into a municipal shelter in a city you’ll see mostly American Pit Bull Terriers. They
make really great pets with a couple of cautions. You couldn’t ask for a dog that would be better
with people, that would be better with you, with your family, but they have to be socialized
from a very early age, and from a very early age socialized with other dogs. Your American
Pit Bull Terrier might not, because of their heritage, be able to read the signals of other
dogs or know when to stop, and that’s when they’re playing with other dogs, when they
are inclined to get into trouble. So your American Pit Bull Terrier will need all the
standard things that you need to take care of a dog, veterinary care, they need good
coat care, they need a good diet, the need enough exercise to really wear them out a
bit, and they need good mental exercise to keep them inside themselves so to speak, because
they get excited really fast and could go out of control really fast. But if you start
from the very beginning with your American Pit Bull Terrier, putting boundaries on them,
letting them know how far they can go, stopping them when you’re ready to stop them, and always
rewarding them for the good things that they do, you’re going to have a great life with
your American Pit Bull Terrier.

3 thoughts on “Medium & Large Dog Breed Care : How to Care for an American Pit Bull Terrier

  1. The saddest part is that the people who need to watch this do not. You'll mostly get viewers who already agree with you.

    I am also a pit expert and spend at least 30 minutes a day posting constructive criticism on many irresponsible youtube pit videos.

  2. @TheJamari81 It's really good to find a person who agrees with me that discriminating against breeds of dogs is racism too. A breed is like a race – by saying that all of them are aggressive, you are being racist.

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