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hi everyone welcome to another session of human manual today we’re going to talk about meditation we all want to be happy ultimate goal in life is to be happy we all do the things we do because ultimately we all want to be happy for optimal happiness there are three things that are basically required I mean we all look to be healthy wealthy and peace of mind and how do you get a peace of mind is through meditation between those three components I would say meditation and the peace of mind is the most important component you could probably do okay without money you could probably do okay you don’t have to be a super man health-wise but peace of mind is what will give you that happiness that we all looking to and unfortunately we are all focused on the wrong things you’re focusing on our money you’re focusing on the material things in this world those are not what’s going to give you the happiness it is the meditation is the calmness it is your peace of mind you know meditation in one phrase is the gap between two thoughts our mind is constantly bombarded with thoughts you know it’s before you and you complete one thought there’s always another one popping up an average person gets over 50,000 thoughts every day so between the bombardment of thoughts the gap between the two thoughts is what is meditation a lot of people are confused they feel prayers is meditation they feel doing yoga is meditation well prayers do bring you peace of mind Yoga does bring you peace of mind but meditation is really the gap between the thoughts the only way you can get peace of mind is try to build a gap between those thoughts it is the silence between the thoughts which gives you the calmness which gives you the peace it is that particular space in which you’re connecting with our overall universe we are part of the entire universe there are universal forces which we connect when we meditate meditate and the universe will reflect back to you meditation is a language which the universe understands meditation is a language through which you can communicate with the other forces of the universe during meditation you are in sync with the divine world you’re in sync with nature if you want to spend time with God hang on to the space in between those thoughts during prayers you’re talking to God and during meditation you’re listening to God during meditation God is communicating with you all the natural forces around the universe are communicating with you during meditation that’s why you feel such a peace that’s why you feel the calmness the calmness is where you’re able to assimilate the information that you get in the world you’re able to filter that information better but if you’re constantly thinking if your mind has constantly running like you know your thoughts keep coming again and again again I mean that’s where you really cannot make proper decisions in order to be able to solve some of the issues of your life you really need to understand each issues calmly and the calmness comes through meditation so the space in between the thoughts is meditation complete focus complete concentration in whatever you do is also meditation to some extent meditation does not really have to be mantras it doesn’t have to be chanting it does not have to be going to example the ringing those bells no meditation is the calmness so we have to learn to calm our mind in life is mystery of beauty, bliss and divinity meditation is an art to unfolding of life’s mystery meditation is painful in the beginning but it restores eternal bliss and supreme joy in the end all wrongdoings happen because of the mind if a man is transformed there you find we are a product of our thoughts our thoughts drive you to who you are when I meditate I am not a husband I am not a lover I’m not a businessman I’m not a stranger I’m not you know I am not connected with the world I am in my own different space I have just bestowed to the supernatural space and just taking a dip into that natural humanity and natural Universal space just taking that little dip and trying to get feel and sync with the outer space of the world so during meditation we let go of all the thoughts you let go of everything and you just communicate and you’re just in constant touch with God so that’s what meditation does to you the more you do it the more you realize the more peace of mind it gives you see if you all do things that bring us pleasure we all stay away from our pains we always try to do stay away anything which is painful in life so meditation or a period of time as you practice the more you do it the more you realize what a calmness it brings us you know you’ll immediately see the effects of it people really cannot change others unless you yourself imagine and understand that this is going to bring you happiness this is going to bring your benefits that’s the only way people change the more you meditate the more you feel peace the more you want to get there and all the period of time the gap between your two thoughts will widen how do you meditate how do you get to that space it’s easy to say yes now we understand what meditating is now let’s understand how do you meditate I think the best way to do is to find a very peaceful calm place around what brings you calmness all of us may be different I normally just go into my prayer room I close the door behind me as soon as I wake up in the morning that’s the time when I do it then again here some of you might not want to do it in the morning some of you might do it in the evening whatever suits us we all whatever makes us happy you have to find our own space so I normally when I wake up in the morning I go sit near God people generally pray I mean people do pray prayers is very important but in between I mean you know as you’re praying you could be meditating and praying I do my prayers at the same time as my meditation so what we need to learn and understand is we need to do two sessions of 20 minutes of meditation one preferably in the morning and one preferably in the evening or afternoon basically space out those two spaces between the day just so that you know what happens is when you do it your first session in the morning during the day then you go back to your worldly routines and you tend to go back you know you tend to forget about the space so just as a reminder if you break up those two different meditation sessions to morning and the evening so that’s the best way to do the reason I said 20-minute is because when you start to meditate I mean half of the time or probably 90% if you’re a beginner the thoughts will keep popping up so all you have to do is when a thought comes in you just have to pull yourself back to meditation you just have to try to pull yourself back to that space the gap and the best way to feel that gap is just watch your breath see breath is a connection breath is it’s like a it’s like a wire it’s like an invisible wire that’s connecting us to the outside universe so concentrating on our breath just watching our breath is what connects you to the outside just focusing and just paying attention to how you breathe seeing your body move seeing your diaphragm become bigger you don’t really have to breathe heavy by the way you don’t have to be ready you know you just normal breath as you take a breath just watch your breath first you can take a couple of deep breaths what I normally do is I start off by chanting the word Om three times Om…. Om….. Om…. so by doing that Om word it’s sort of disconnecting and telling my mind well now we’re in a different space we are in the meditation space and then after you chant then you just keep watching your breath you just keep observing your breath you will keep getting those thoughts you will get you know you’ll get one part then again you pull yourself back come back to your words come back to your breath so after a few breaths again you’ll have another thought that’ll pop in you come back to be fit come back to the breath you keep on doing that and that’s how you develop the space in between meditation is nothing but complete focus so here what you’re doing is you’re completely focusing on the breath our mind is only capable of simulating one thing our mind cannot focus on several things together if it’s focusing on one thing if you try to bring it another thing you let go of the first thing that you’re focusing on so basically meditation is just complete focus and the best way to focus and the easiest way to focus is focus on your breath take those heavy breaths take those deep breath feel the breath feel the air going in and out keep it going through your nostrils feel it going through your throat feel going through your lungs feel your lungs expanding feel your lungs feel it pumping out a air feel your lungs doing its job don’t have to have no thoughts you do not have to judge anything you just have to observe you just have to observe the minute you get into a judgement is where the thoughts occur the minute you observe that is meditation so observation of your breath is what is meditation I I have recently started the doing meditation over the last three years and I have noticed it it has transformed me a lot I’ve noticed it’s very healthy meditation helps you heal your body you know God has an own super natural ways of healing the soul always knows how to heal itself the challenge is the mind this continuous thoughts in your mind how to silence your mind is the key the soul will repair itself the soul will cure itself it is the silencing of your mind which comes through meditation if you want to get rid of the anxiety of your life meditate and the anxiety will disappear meditation is the best cure for your anxiety meditation is a spiritual practice that helps you transform your mind from the negatives to the positives self observation is the first step of knowing your inner self your own mind when you meditate automatically you start to see the world in a better light you start to see people in the better light you would notice through meditation the hatred or the ill will or the ill feeling that you have towards people starts to diminish you start to appreciate we are all part of this planet we all have an equal right over the planet we all are part of this existence God has put us all together and we all have equal share of whatever we have there’s absolutely no reason for us to be jealous of others there’s no reason for us to have hatred towards others when you start to listen to God that’s when you start to appreciate and that’s when you start to love we all can read each other we all you know without silence is a language by itself silence is a communication by itself you know people who have hatred people who have ill will negativity may not really say it I mean they may be carrying it within themselves that they may realize that people are not noticing it but there is a form of communication which is silenced communication which is the facial communication our body communication that the other person easily recognizes so meditation basically communicates to the other person listen you have equal right I have equal right whatever you’re doing you know god bless you I wish you the best may you you know may you thrive in whatever you’re doing similarly I have my own space you know we are all moving towards our own different goals we all have our own issues we all have our own problems so we all need to balance our lives there are many benefits of meditation there are health benefits which I just told you about you know you start to develop discipline now one of the other benefits of meditation is you start to see yourself you see what happens is you know when you have this continuous bombardment of thoughts you have very little time to understand and to see yourself to learn who you are as an individual to learn who you are as a person and we need to see what’s wrong with us we need to see what’s right with us too I mean we all have our own faults we all have a good point and our bad points with the work and the stress load and the kind of information and the world today is completely different than what it was many years ago how our forefathers lived we’re bombarded with information you know we try to multi facet try to do too many things at one time so not realizing when you get all that bombardment when you get several thoughts and you know at a time and you’re trying to just like kind of juggle between those thoughts and try to find answers between the thoughts confusing yourself so this is where meditation comes in and plays a part this is where meditation you know just kind of tells you hey listen calm down you know you know the world is not going anywhere things are not going anyway when the time comes you will be able to solve the problems that you have meditation brings you to live in the present as you all know you can only realize happiness and contentment by living in the present we are either living in our past or we are living in our future meditation brings you to live in the present I remember I used to be always worried about the next thing about the next thing will I be able to reach this goal will I be able to make the date you know I have to deliver so many things that businessman you know we all in our profession as doctors engineers you know we all have our own goal we all have our own life we all have too many things that we try to achieve and we are always taking away our present happy moments by worrying about the future or thinking about the past these are the only two things you see if you notice our mind is always either living in the past or thinking about the future and we never really get to enjoy what the present is we are so lucky we are so fortunate to be living in this present world we are the luckiest being in this entire universe three leads do not let life just pass us by we need to understand whenever the time comes my brain and my intelligence has given me enough that I’ll be able to deal with the problems when the problem arises I’m sure I have my mind can deal with the problem when it arrives most of the things that you think are going to happen 99% of what you fear does not even come to pass fear is one of our biggest enemies the more you bombard yourself with thoughts the more you get into this material wealth and material world the more your life will be unhappy the more you’ll develop fear so meditation gives you the calmness meditation tells you hey listen things are not going away things are not going to run away and it also lets you forget the past it also tells you listen what’s bygones are bygones there’s not much you can do to change what has already happened there’s not much you can do listen we all make mistakes in life right so fine if I’ve made a mistake I’ve made a mistake but at least let’s move on I mean you know mistakes is what is part of life let’s not punish ourselves because we’re done something the past we did what we thought was right at that time not necessarily does it all work out at that time you know our thoughts are what create you our thoughts are one that destroy you your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thought meditation I would say is probably one of the most important thing that you can do during your day take your time out I know most of us have busy schedules but please take the time for meditating and you realize that’ll be the best time well-spent throughout your day those 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening and let’s start that from today let’s meditate from today thank you all for spending your time with us I hope you liked our today’s session about meditation I hope it’s going to help you I look forward to seeing you in another session thank you

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