Medieval Madness 2018 Weekly Wrap-Up The Finals

Well folks, it has been quite a journey these past few weeks. Now we come to the bitter-sweet end of Medieval Madness 2018 Before we reveal our winners, I just want to thank everyone that participated in this year’s tournament. You all did a great job and thanks to your participation and feedback we can make the next tournament even better. Enough waiting. Let’s get to the results! In our pride match which was Merlin against Miyamoto Musashi. Our winner was Merlin earning 73% of 170 votes. The final battle came down to Gandalf the White against Darth Maul. And after earning 80% of 173 votes The winner of Medieval Madness is— Gandalf the White! Well done Mithrandir, well done. That means that our top three winners are Gandalf the White in first place, Darth Maul in second place, and Merlin in third. Oh! I’ve just received word that this victory has For the moment united the world like like never before imagined. [crowd screaming] Oh, just look at all these Gandalf fans brought together in camaraderie. You know this right here. This is why I got into fantasy tournament reporting. Alright, so now that we have our final numbers we can calculate the top three brackets that were submitted before voting began. Our third place bracket the winner of our $100 gift card with 156 points is… Gandalf is the Winner Our second place bracket, the winner of our $250 gift card with 161 points is… Lord of the Stars Finally, our first place bracket the winner of our $500 gift card with a whopping 164 points is… You Shall Not Pass Congratulations to all three of you! We will be contacting you soon so that you can claim your prize. Alright, that’s a wrap folks! I want to not only thank those who submitted brackets and voted but also the incomparable team here at Medieval Collectibles that worked so hard during this tournament and made my job reporting that much easier. So, for one last time, this is Bruce Ripple signing off. And, I’ll see you on the battlefield.

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