Media Smart Influencer Marketing Campaign

hello my name is Luca forth i am a youtuber and film director and I've been doing YouTube for nine years I started YouTube because I felt a little bit lonely in school and in my personal and in my real life and YouTube and the general internet opened up this whole new world to me I'm Hannah snow and I am an online content creator as a content creator I've done a few different brand deals online and this is generally how most youtubers and Instagram people make a living out or career on social media everyone my name is camel influencer marketing is basically when an influencer takes a product or service and they advertise it in today's society on social media hey Arno Adams and I'm a youtuber that's youtubers are very lucky nowadays there are a lot of brands that want to work with us because obviously a lot of young people watch videos on YouTube I think nowadays there's probably more young people watching YouTube than there are young people watching TV when you're watching TV and you see an advert come up that's because the company is paid for that advert to be placed there and a brand deal is pretty much like a TV advert except this on YouTube so how do you spot an advert legally when you're taking a brand deal you have to follow certain regulation one regulation is that you have to make it obvious that what you're talking about is a brand deal there's ways that you can tell if a post or a video is an advert the obvious one being hashtag add airbrushing there are so many apps out there you can in extreme detail manipulate and change your body and how you look in photos it's really important to not compare yourself to the people that you may follow online I think it's always important to be critical of the content that we consume online but you can still enjoy it

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  1. Make it a habit to audit your influencers with tools such as *influencer auditor*before engaging to ensure legitimacy ~ it cant hurt to be too safe

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