MCWV Member of the Month Jan 2018 KHickey

My name is Kasha Hickey. I’m an in-home pet sitter. I own Paws on the Go and home pet sitting service. I have been a member
with Members Choice since I was 16 years old. I joined the credit union under my
mother who was also a member for the last 40 years. My mother learned way back at a young age that credit unions were more personal. She was able to always get in
contact with a person and speak to a live person, and she liked credit unions
because they were able to answer her questions right when she wanted to.
Becoming a member of a credit union at 16 was one thing that really just pushed me
into getting ready for college, getting ready for that adult step that you take. Everybody has to do it, there’s no way out of it. So I felt like having
the credit union so friendly and so able to answer my questions even though
I was young helped me better prepare for when I wanted to step out or maybe get a
loan or something a little more grown. So my experience with the credit union is
awesome. I love the friendly faces, everyone knows me by name and I always
get answers. I utilize the NTouch24 everyday on a daily basis, multiple times
a day. I also use the Bill Pay online. I had someone who took a copy of my card
from Subway and they called me as soon as they saw transactions that were not
mine. So they caught it and everything was refunded. Being a member of Members
Choice has really helped my business grow. Members Choice is a very well-known
trustworthy credit union and people have no problem with writing personal checks
when they know it’s going to such an awesome business.
Yes, I would 100% recommend people to a Federal Credit Union. I just want to say
that I have been a member at a bank versus a credit union and the people
that I meet at a credit union and the smiles that come at me as soon as I
walk into the door is so much different than a bank. I feel more welcomed, I feel
more part of a team here at a Federal Credit Union. My credit union in one
word would be “amazing”.

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